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Team Uberslugcake was a group created by Uberslugcake with the goal of repairing spawn and was one of the more successful groups to do so. They recruited new players to help them in exchange for food. They also were also known to heavily use their motto "DEDICATION MOTIVATION ACCELERATION."

FoundedJanuary 5th, 2014
DisbandmentApril 2016
BasesSeveral spawn bases (Uber Bases) and a headquarters


UberSlugCake joined 2b2t in mid-2013. When he saw the desolate condition of spawn, he decided that he would attempt to fix it. Following his escape from the spawn wasteland, he would found the first "UBER BASEā„¢"

UberSlugCake soon established himself and began to recruit newfags. It wasn't long before the group grew to a considerable amount and UberSlugCake began to dispatch members to go to spawn and make their own Uber Bases. Team UBERSLUGCAKE was then established officially on January 5th, 2014. The motto "DEDICATION MOTIVATION ACCELERATION" was also created throughout this period.

UberSlugCake began to make a de facto base far out from spawn. His members continued to gather resources while UberSlugCake established the "headquarters" of the group. It is reported around 10-15 members were working at this point.

Later, the official hub of Uber Bases was established by UberSlugCake. UberSlugCake's project went into initiation when the group went back to spawn and spent months destroying lavacasts and building farms. While their project was underway and in full swing, Uber and his followers were highly dedicated to the cause, believing they couldn't be stopped by anyone and that their group would prevail in their efforts.

Throughout the 3rd backdoor of early 2016, "THE BACKDOOR CREW" had discovered all of the Uber Bases via exploit. The group departed from the server, with UberSlugCake promising to "DEFEAT THE BACKDOOR CREW". However, the group has never reassembled to this day.

Uber Bases

"Uber Bases" were spawn bases made by Team Uberslugcake in order to assist on their attempts to fix spawn . Many, if not all bases, were griefed due to their proximity to spawn and due to the backdoor of April, 2016.

Notable Members