Team Sexy

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Team Sexy was a small PvP group and eventual griefing group founded by Mc_Ren.

Team Sexy
Team Sexy Banner
FoundedLate 2018
DisbandmentSummer 2021
BasesUnknown, mostly stashes
Highway griefing, Anti-Bedrock Society


Team Sexy was mostly active from late 2018 to mid 2019. The group mostly had run-ins with Cydonia, Infrared, Highland, and other common spawnfags during its early PvP encounters. It would go inactive until the 25th of November, 2019. Later, it would begin to gain recognition server-wide when Mc_Ren used a program to fill in highways during Spring of 2020 and came into conflict with highway repair groups such as IIS. The group would also participate in the Anti-Bedrock Society. In the summer of 2021, Mc_Ren left the server, resulting in the group being disbanded.


  • Team Sexy was mostly hostile towards several spawnfags and spawn PvP groups including Cydonia, Infrared and Highland
  • IIS and other highway groups - Enemies
  • Armorsmith's Followers/Anti-Bedrock Society - Allied
  • Team WAO - Allied

Notable Members

  • Mc_Ren
  • one__
  • Boofer
  • Finn_Fry
  • bard