Team Rusher

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Team Rusher
The banner of Team Rusher
FoundedJune 1st, 2016 (Ended around September 2016)
MembersAround 2000
BasesSeveral bases close to spawn
Rusher Flag

Team Rusher was a large group on 2b2t. It was largely decentralized, but TheCampingRusher was generally recognized as their leader. Their main goal was to defeat Team Veteran and earn their spot on the server, but they wished to do so without destroying any of the server's monuments. Team Rusher was one of the main groups during The Rusher War. Some regulars of the server referred to those that joined during this period as Junefags.


Team Rusher was established when hundreds of people attempted to join 2b2t after TheCampingRusher released his first 2b2t video on June 1st, 2016. Several Veterans tried to stop the new players from escaping spawn by killing them and building obstacles. Despite the efforts of pre-June players, a few Rushers escaped spawn and began fighting back. Even though TheCampingRusher remained hesitant to grief, many Rushers who escaped spawn began griefing famous monuments, much to the frustration of the Veterans.

TheCampingRusher, noticing the Veterans' frustration towards his fans, declared war on them. This declaration began what is now called The Rusher War, a fight between Team Rusher and groups comprised of older members such as Team Veteran. Early in the war, Team Rusher failed to repel Veterans from spawn. The Resistance was formed in June 22nd, separately from Team Rusher, to oppose Team Veteran. The relationship between Team Rusher and Team Veteran was shaky with the groups being allied, neutral and at some points hostile. On July 24th, the 4th Incursion was announced, causing more Rusher casualties. Few Rushers had the materials or capability to fight back against the Veterans. A commonly given end date for the war is October 9th, 2016, the date when Fit declared the war over, but the exact date is still controversial.

Guardian Rushers

The Guardian Rushers were a sub group of Team Rusher composed of more experienced Junefags, created by TheJadyha . It was supposed to act as the "elite" Rusher sub group. The group's goal was to help their fellow newfags escape spawn, create sanctuaries, honor and protect monuments, and to kill Veterans . It also unintentionally acted as a diplomatic group as they have interacted with several other groups such as the Vortex Coalition and the Resistance.


The group was started by TheJadyha, a Rusher, on July 19th, 2016, when he posted a Rusher propaganda video. He made the group after he tried several times to get TheCampingRusher's attention (who did not pay much attention to him). The creation of the Guardian Rushers group was probably just another attempt to get his attention. The group succeeded in several of their goals during the Rusher War as they have helped several Rushers escape spawn and created sanctuaries.

Towards the end of the War, when NedaT was kicked out of the Resistance, the group began getting criticism as TheJadyha had been friends with Neda and still is. When NedaT created Team Aurora, a Pro-Veteran group, TheJadyha had still interacted with her, which made several Rushers mad with TheJadyha as he was aiding the enemy. Eventually, he made a video about the criticism and stated that the Guardian Rushers would remain neutral with Team Aurora and that if they attack Rushers, then they would be attacked by the Guardian Rushers. During the Rusher's first departure period, TheJadyha began to claim that he was taking leadership of the Rushers. However, he was denied this by the rest of the Rushers.

During the Rusher Era's last 5 days, TheJadyha eventually left Team Rusher on October 17th, 2016, in order to create his own group, disbanding the group with his departure. This was due to his fans telling him to leave Team Rusher and to create his own group and that he was getting too much criticism from his interactions with NedaT.


  • Team Veteran - Team Veteran was the sworn enemy of Team Rusher as the Veterans of the server did not like the massive popularity the server was receiving.
  • Resistance - The relation with Team Resistance throughout the war was very "shaky" between the two according to Rusher. The teams would flip flop between being allies, to neutral, to even enemies during the Largest Battle of Spawn.
  • Peacekeepers (Previously known as Team Equinox) - The relation between Team Rusher and Peacekeepers was very strong. The main reason for this is because Rusher's friend and factions rival, Napkin0fTruth, joined the Peacekeepers. Napkin has claimed that the good relation of the group with Team Veteran and Team Rusher was 90% with Team Rusher and 10% with Team Veteran, which technically made it a Rusher sub group, despite its original idea of stopping the fighting between the two major groups.
  • Guardian Rushers - the Guardian Rushers were a sub group of Team Rusher lead by TheJadhya, acting as sort of a diplomatic group, composed of stronger Team Rusher members which aided the much weaker ones at spawn. Despite TheJadhya's attempts to call Rusher's attention, Team Rusher as a whole did not really care about the Guardian Rushers although TheJadhya worked with WildX and LandonMC.
  • Team Aurora - The two groups were technically enemies since Team Aurora was Pro-Veteran. Since the group formed at the end of the war, the only real conflict between the two groups was the Largest Battle of Spawn where Neda T tried to kill Rusher herself.
  • The Vortex Coalition - At first The Vortex Coalition stood with the old players as The Rusher War began, but later they declared themselves neutral and began accepting new players into their ranks.
  • The 4th Reich - Despite The 4th Reich being comprised of new players who joined after TheCampingRusher, they were enemies of Team Rusher and multiple members worked with Team Veteran in several Anti-Rusher operations. They were present in many of the major battles during the war and contributed to the Rusher Massacre of Spawn and the 4th Incursion.


When the Rusher War began to slow down at the end of the summer of 2016, Rusher left for about a month without any activity on the server which lead FitMC to declare the war over on October 9th, 2016. TheJadyha began to claim that he was taking Rusher's place as leader of Team Rusher. However, many were not happy with this, especially because of his interactions with Team Aurora, who were friendly with members of Team Veteran. TheJadyha stepped down and decided to leave the group in order to create his own, however, never did. Rusher would return and began posting videos once again, however he kept telling his viewers that these videos could be the last. His final video was on October 22nd, 2016, which marks the official end of the Rusher Period. Team Rusher is still somewhat present as Rushers still roam the server however it is highly unorganized and more of a classification rather than an actual group. Many Rushers have moved on to become much more powerful players on the server and are now scattered throughout.

Over time, the queue decreased from its all-time high of several thousands of players. However, the very existence of a queue is an example of the continuing impact of TheCampingRusher's players on the server, as Pre-Rusher server numbers were only around 80. Several Rushers either joined other groups or made a name for themselves and totally moved on from the Rusher fiasco.

Rusher's Brief Return and the Rusher Resistance

On May 30th, 2019, Rusher made a brief return to 2b2t. This caused some commotion among the community, with several players that joined during the war willing to give support to Rusher. This prompted the player, cityboss1, to create a group known as the Rusher Resistance, as a spiritual successor to Team Rusher, that would support and protect him. However, this would not last long as Rusher would soon leave two weeks later, causing the lifespan of the group to be cut short and disband.

Notable Members

  • TheCampingRusher (Team Rusher leader and founder)
  • MrMitch361 (Co-founder)
  • UnstoppableRageTrain
  • BenMascott
  • NobleThread
  • Graser10
  • TheJadyha
  • Napkin0fTruth (speculative)
  • iTzFreezy__
  • LandonMC
  • NoBoom
  • WildX
  • CurtPvP
  • KingPenguin
  • Beddybedbed
  • FormidableSheep

The exact number of Rushers is unknown, but is likely in the hundreds.


  • The term "Rusher" is similar to the term "Facepuncher" used during the 4chan-Facepunch War, because it was used to generalize a group of players and not necessarily mean they were close to Rusher, but just to refer to them that they came from TheCampingRusher. It is also often misused, since some newfags during this time were led to 2b2t by FitMC and not Rusher.
  • During the early days of the war, some Rushers were called Mookiefags as "the Mookies" are fans of MrMitch361. This term was eventually no longer used as the Mookies were infused in the Rusher population and were simply considered Rushers.
  • "Rusher" is sometimes used as a generic term for all new players by the Veterans, but many intended to remain neutral or join other groups.
  • Many “factions” were created by the members of Team Rusher due to the heavy influence of faction server mentality, provided by Rusher’s Minecraft YouTube background