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Team Pepsi
Team Pepsi's Logo
FoundedDecember 2016

Team Pepsi is a team of players whose goals are to meme and conquer 2b2t. A common tell of their allegiance are the Team Pepsi capes and nametags, visible in Impact client and Team Pepsi's custom fork of the client (Pepsimod). 2pork2bot, Team Pepsi's chat bot, once spammed 2b2t's chat with Team Pepsi slogans but has since gone defunct, presumably shut off by its creator.


  • Team Mentos - Team Pepsi is enemies with Team Mentos.
  • Team Coca-Cola - Team Pepsi is archenemies with Team Coca Cola.

The Team Pepsi banner design is a complex one using all six available layers on a blue background. It is obviously meant to represent the Pepsi logo. There are two official variants, one in white, the other in black.

Team Pepsi's creation


Sometime in December 2016, some the founders of Team Pepsi created a Discord under the name #teampepsi, which slowly expanded until it became one of the most active 2b2t discords in 2016. After a lot of turmoil, arguments and several doxxes, the original Discord was deleted on 1/5/17. A number of smaller new Discords have been created since.

Founding Members


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