Team Nethertea

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Team Nethertea

Team Nethertea
Team Nethertea Logo
FoundedApril 17th, 2018
DisbandmentSometime in 2020
LeaderFloatTea (Original), WitBlue

Team Nethertea was a group of players dedicated to tracking down and killing FitMC. The group was founded on April 17th, 2018, by FloatTea. Leadership was passed on to WitBlue on January 23rd, 2019.


Phase 1:

FloatTea joined 2b2t shortly after AntVenom's video on the server, so she could be considered an ant. She then made her famous video where she declared war to Fit and started Team Nethertea. It took her a few months, but she managed to track Fit down on stream and come face to face with him in the middle of the 7th Incursion. OPWolfy and digandbuilder were getting ready to help FloatTea kill Fit, as he had let them join him in his spawn patrol stream thinking they were there to help. However, digandbuilder sent coords to Armorsmith for no reason at all, causing him to show up and making Fit leave and stop the stream out of fear of getting killed live by him again (Armorsmith had made Fit log during the 6th Incursion). FloatTea left the server and her YouTube channel shortly after to focus on real life.

Phase 2:

After obtaining the FloatTea account on December 11th, 2018, WitBlue told FloatTea he would take on the task of killing Fit himself, to which she approved. This lead to Team Nethertea being brought back by WitBlue on January 23rd, 2019. The group managed to kill Fit during a livestream on February 24th, 2020. The group would go inactive shortly after and disband, reforming into a meme group known as Team Furry in the summer of 2020.

Notable Members

  • FloatTea (Founder) (First Leader)
  • WitBlue (Second Leader)
  • OPWolfy
  • digandbuilder
  • Few others