Team Malaria

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Team Malaria
FoundedDecember 2016
DisbandmentFebruary 2017
LeaderSextinq, Crystallising, Flyinq


Team Malaria was a group whose goal was to be feared at spawn. The group split from Team Imperia in late 2016.


Team Malaria started when members of Team Imperia, Flyinqq , Sextinq , and Crystalinqq , split off due to arguments with Imperia hierarchy some time in December, 2016. The group moved on to attack anyone at spawn. The group decided to attack VoCo's Gamma Base when they managed to inside the base thanks to the help of CokeQueen360 . Luckily, all valuables were retrieved before the grief. In retaliation, VoCo sent one of their members, Salamander , to pose as an insider and give coordinates to CokeQueen's dupe stash to members of Malaria. Salamander posed the coords as actual VoCo bases and so Team Malaria ended up griefing their own team member's base.

Eventually, stability in the group did not last long as Flyinqq and Crystalinqq had an argument with Sextinq and split off to create Team Coca Cola . Sextinq continued to lead the group until they were insided by RusherIsAutistic and a lot of their items were lost. The group eventually withered away as former members got bored, lost hope, and/or joined other teams and eventually disbanded sometime in February of 2017.


  • Team Malaria was a democratized group where no action was taken without proper agreement between all the leaders and the highly ranked members.
  • Team Malaria was also known as Team Disease, or Team Herpes for various reasons.


  • Team Aurora - Team Aurora are enemies with Team Malaria.
  • Team Pepsi - The relation with Team Pepsi is undecided.

Notable Members

  • Sextinq (Founder) (Leader)
  • Crystanlinqq (Founder) (Defector)
  • Flyinq (Founder) (Defector)
  • thesheergenius
  • Mauiboydmc (Defector)
  • uglykids
  • CokeQueen360
  • RusherIsAutistic (Traitor)
  • GlowskiBroski
  • irongolem43
  • Ebola__Chan
  • __MrGnome__
  • FlabMuncher
  • L33T
  • SmokingSenpai
  • Pinkstonjb