Team Imperia was a small rather neutral group that has had roots since early June though has only become more known by its players in October and November 2016. The group's founders and leaders were TheDeathDoctrine and niftyrobo.

Team Imperia
Team Imperia Banner
FoundedOctober 2016
DisbandmentDecember 12th, 2016
LeaderTheDeathDoctrine, NiftyRobo
Bases4 (PRAWN, KRAKEN, URCHIN, Area 69)


Team Imperia officially began in October 2016 when TheDeathDoctrine's team, The Anarchists, and niftyrobo's team, The Inalegie, merged together to form Imperia.

Not much is currently known about the Anarchists, but the other half, the Inalegie, originally started in September 2016 when a newfag named niftyrobo started a team called "The Epists". The Epists started a base in spawn, but was later abandoned to form a base called PRAWN base. niftyrobo met TheDeathDoctrine when he bought a map from him, starting the friendship. The Epists went on to rename themselves "The Inalegie", and let in more members like Crystallising, DemonCrown, and Nourdica. PRAWN base was griefed by AutismBot in late October when PeterRichards gave him the coords after finding the base by chance.

A coup occurred within the group in December 2016, which began because of disputes over a toxic member. This resulted in numerous members leaving and creating Team Malaria. The coup was spearheaded by players Crystallising and Flyinqq. Due to this coup and heavy loss in members, TheDeathDoctrine and Niftyrobo officially met to discuss the future of the group and chose to discontinue it. Imperia would later disband on December 12th, 2016, with a failed attempt at revival two weeks later.


  • The 4th Reich: Imperia was enemies with The 4th Reich for griefing Wrath Outpost and "being a bunch of edgelords".
  • The Vortex Coalition: Imperia were enemies with The Vortex Coalition
  • The Blind Eye Clan: Imperia attempted to ally the Blind Eye Clan, but failed due to the group disbanding
  • Yamerockers: Imperia was allied with the Yamerockers
  • The Peacekeepers: Imperia was allied with The Peacekeepers, but hate their banner
  • Team Aurora: Imperia was highly annoyed by Team Aurora for "being a bunch of violent faggots".

Notable Members

  • TheDeathDoctrine (Founder) (Leader)
  • Niftyrobo (Founder) (Leader)
  • Crystallising (Defected) (Member of coup)
  • DemonCrown
  • Nourdica
  • Flyinqq (Defected) (Member of coup)
  • Several others