Team Galactic

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Team Galactic
FoundedAugust 31st, 2019
DisbandmentSummer 2020
Bases5 (Gallia, Gallia 1.5, Solaria, Four Corners, Galaxia)

Team Galactic, also known as the Galactic Empire, was a group of people that came together to make 2b2t a fun, memorable experience. It was formed by VillagerFilms, a player who joined in 2017. They spent most of their time at their main base, however they planned on making more bases and having fun spawn events for the group, such as tournaments, concentration camps, building challenges, etc.


VillagerFilms, ever since he joined, had always wanted to create a group of his own. He joined the Infinity Incursion, as he was a part of the previous "8th incursion" run by jared2013 as well as jared2013's 7th incursion. He was inspired by the fact that there were so many groups he hadn't heard of, and decided to create his own.

He started advertising in chat, and quickly people began joining. First member was CambionJudgement, followed by Chris_Cola and his friend, Mcry. The group began to take shape, and VillagerFilms and the group quickly began work on a new base named Gallia. It grew from there. However, Gallia was griefed quickly due to an autist leaking their coordinates. The base was griefed by 5K5K. Fortunately, VillagerFilms managed to heal relations with IIS (the group 5K5K was a part of.) They began a new base, labelled Gallia 1.5. However, due to it being too close to the portal and being close to the highway, that was also griefed pretty quickly. VillagerFilms called the first spawn event to get everyone together again on September 13th. It was successful, most participants enjoyed it. However, due to VillagerFilms' discord account getting deleted, the group fell into decay and ended.

In November 2019, VillagerFilms got his account back and started to revive Team Galactic. He set up a base called "Solaria". The timing was perfect, as many bases had just fallen, meaning that many people were looking for a new base - Solaria would work for many homeless Infinity Incursion members. The group is currently working on reviving to its former numbers, and some original members returned as well, although will most likely not be as active. Eventually, Solaria was griefed. Soon after, VillagerFilms gave admin permissions to a player named Ar3s so he could help with the server in VillagerFilms' occasional absence. Ar3s would form Four Corners, the next Team Galactic Base that, so far, is one of the largest ones yet. Four Corners was their farthest base yet, so many had high hopes for it. Those hopes were accurate, as it grew very large, however out of nowhere it was griefed. No one knows who griefed it.

After a few bases, a user by the name of xZEFx joined the group. With money to spend and a commitment to the group, he started to pay many people to advertise the server. Around this time also, the current members got a sudden interest in the group again and became active. As a result of ZEF's payments, Team Galactic had a sudden boom in new people joining the discord server. A large amount of them applied, and the member count of the Team Galactic spiked. Also around this time, the leaders decided to change the theme of the group because the current theme was rather generic. They decided to go with a Star Wars theme, as that fit the "Team Galactic" name. As a result, they renamed to the Galactic Empire and changed the role names to fit the theme, making the leader "Sith Lord", the co-leader "Darth", etc. A few bases went by, while the group kept growing and growing. Also, ties with Infinity Incursion were tightened further due to a Galactic-Infinity joint base.

The Galactic Empire occasionally has spawn events for the members of the group to keep people interested and together. They had 1 spawn event, which did really well and most participants enjoyed it. Another one is being planned. This group would eventually disband in summer of 2020.

  • Infinity Incursion - Allied