Team ElRichMC was a Spanish team, created by Sanfrancisco11 on June 20th, 2019. The group was created to capitalize on the influx of Spanish-speaking players from ElRichMC's YouTube series.

Team ElRichMC
FoundedJune 20th, 2019
DisbandmentNovember 2nd, 2019
Bases~1 (Toledum)


Sanfrancisco had attempted to create a 2b2t Spanish community group several times, for example, he made groups "Disappear" and "Folcado" that did not take off. During the taco invasion caused by ElRichMC, he tried again with the hashtag #TeamElRichMC. In the first days, he spammed his discord server under this name and in only 4 days, more than 35 Spanish players joined the Discord. This group eventually faded out along with many after ElRichMC had ended his initial.

Notable Members