Team Coca Cola

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Team Coca Cola
FoundedJanuary 3, 2017
Members~40 at its peak
LeaderCrystallising, Flyinqq, 0nger
Bases~10 (Shelter 404)

Team Coca-Cola was a group initially created in early 2017 after two members of Team Malaria left due to group disputes. The two members followed to create the team, and in 2017 the team amassed 40 active players. They had over ten active stashes, bases, or both in each quadrant of the map at their peak. The team consisted of three foremost ranks; Member, Trusted, and Elite; Elite was the most novel while Member was for new recruits. Team Coca-Cola recruited notable players on an invite-only basis.  


The group was founded in early 2017 by Crystallising and Flyinqq, both former leaders of Team Malaria, who had a power dispute with the third leader, and subsequently decided to branch off. The two former leaders, along with a player known as 0nger (TeamCocaCola), founded the group on January 4th, 2017.

The group first began as a spawn-fighting group joining forces with past enemies to gain power; the team amassed many known players by February of 2017. Team Coca-Cola continued to recruit, proliferating. The team then progressed to abandon its spawn fighting origins to change focus on settling down across the map to create their many bases & dupe stashes.

The Team Coca-Cola banner was designed by Mauiboydmc and became the team's official banner. Before the creation of the banner, Team Coca-Cola only used Coca-Cola's logo.

The group claims to be one of the first groups to utilize and release the Donkey Dupe to the general public (they also showed an ender chest dupe in a video that worked for a short amount of time but never gained much momentum as it was patched after release).


  • Team Pepsi – Just like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are rivals in real life, Team Coca-Cola and Team Pepsi were not very fond of each other.
  • The Emperium – Allied.
  • Other Groups – Team Coca-Cola were neutral with all other groups unless negative interactions took place.

The Team Coca-Cola banner is a fairly complex one, requiring five layers. It is meant to resemble the classic Coca-Cola bottle. Designed by Mauiboydmc, the banner originally had a brown liquid, but was quickly changed to black. Making the banner requires one White Banner, ten Ink Sacs, eight Bone Meals, and six Red Dye. The recipe is displayed below.


  • The name of Team Coca-Cola was influenced by Team Pepsi. At first, the two did not have any relations but are now not particularly fond of each other, mirroring the real-world rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
  • BarrenDome, a famous 2b2t YouTuber, was also part of Team Coca-Cola, and made several videos related to Team Coca-Cola

Notable members