Team Aurora

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Team Aurora
FoundedEarly September 2016
MembersNedaT (Leader), PandaMC, Faroaman, OblivionMidNight, Chloe2k15, PvP_Comboz, Brayin, Jonpue
Three Way Conflict

Team Aurora was a group founded by NedaT in early September 2016, following her being kicked from the Resistance. During the Rusher War, The group mainly focused on killing Rushers at spawn and pvping with other groups. They later feuded with the 4th Reich and the Peacekeepers, during the Three Way Conflict, until eventually becoming dormant causing most of the still active members to transition to Team Rainbow.


NedaT founded Team Aurora in early September 2016 after being kicked from the Resistance. She began recruiting people such as Faroaman, Chloe2k15, and PandaMC, who was kicked out of the Peacekeepers. Later inviting her Resistance comrade PvP_Comboz, as well as Brayin. The group mainly focused on killing newfags at spawn as well as pvping with other groups, resulting in NedaT having multiple video appearances with Fit. The group was initially close to TheJadhya, due to his and NedaT’s friendship, but later distanced themselves from him and the Guardian Rusher following criticism.


During the last days of the Rusher War, Team Aurora began to focus their attention on the 4th Reich due to a grudge NedaT had against them during her time with the Resistance. The two groups began griefing each other, resulting in a fight taking place at Fit’s Post War party event. The groups continued this, eventually dragging the Peacekeepers in, resulting in the Three Way Conflict that lasted until the end of the Fifth Incursion.

Team Rainbow

In August of 2017, Brayin alongside his friend, Da99thWolf created Team Rainbow after Team Aurora had slowly become dormant. Most of the still active members would transition over to the group.