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#TeamNoTrees banner
Sato86's opinion on #teamnotrees


The idea of #TeamNoTrees started when SoiledCold was at spawn on 2b and he was following a new player. SoiledCold noticed that this new player was able to escape spawn with ease. SoiledCold then came up with the idea to remove all trees from 0,0 to 10k in every direction to make it harder for new players to survive. He proposed the idea to the SGA (Small Group Alliance) and they approved. A discord server was created for the group, named TeamNoTrees in reference to Mr. Beast's Team Trees campaign. By the end of the day, 105 users had joined the discord.


Destroy all trees from 0,0 to 10K in every direction. Destroy mostly all dirt from 0,0 to 10K in every direction.

How will this be accomplished?

The player base of 2b2t is amazing and if dedicated to a common goal they can achieve greatness. #TeamNoTrees will be divided up into 3 phases. Simply it can be summed up as:

Phase 1 - Advertise #TeamNoTrees

       November 27, 2019 by SoiledCold, "Phase 1 lasted from November 23 to November 27 and we have gained 190 people on our discord and 50 members. We have finished the plans on November 26 and released it on November 27 ( We are currently ready for Phase 2 of #TeamNoTrees."

Phase 2 - Start to destroy Phase 3 - Clean up any spots that were left ungriefed.

Who will lead?

Not to spread ourselves too thin, we have given certain responsible to responsible people in our discord. The leaders are:

Ground Bombing : SoiledCold Plane Bombing : Hausevult Stash Operations : Steve3 Verification : Cold



Small Group Alliance (SGA)

Every SGA group

The Gulag

The Black Cross

glass client

Resistance Reborn


FitFam (lots of normies)


The Imperial Empire

The Book club

The Brown men




The Backstreet Boys

Pretty much every other group not listed in allies/enemies


TeamTrees (likely now inactive)

MrCK10 and his goons



Founder - SoiledCold

Operation Managers - Hausevult, seve3, cold

Council - PrThomas,paralusion, Ethan5914, househousehouse1, monsterkarate, c0mmie

Verified - Elijahd1, Cuffling, cykacat2016, yarnamite, xxNotorious, megyn, AnzeBlaBla, Cody, Vikinq, 4Pilot, 0Nebulast122201, Goujon_, monsterkarate, LastExceed, Charley, BGP, Vexxer232, jom, Edgy Memes For Edgy Teens, instinct, Migmoty, BachiBachiBach, VOOTERAIN, oofbyte, greenkeep, glizzy, v9, _xpanda_, Toxic9, mahan, 465__

LumberJack/Bomber - Pretty much everyone else