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I personally think that this page is pretty accurate for the most part (except the hate bit because it seems that everyone comes to vandalize this page). The general history though seems accurate enough. Now I'm not saying I agree with either side but I feel like the reason people don't believe VoCo is because of the past where people like Sato and stuff put it in peoples minds that VoCo was just a shit group with two retards and that they really werent influential back then. But from what this page says, it is actually believable to see that they no longer are that shit group because Rusher brought thousands of fans and others, making it possible for VoCo to get these numbers, plus the 2 dupes which aided aswell. In terms of members, I believe it, Ive seen them active, ive talked to a few (ie MischievousMoo, TheJrock_ on 3b3t (i didnt even know he was voco), and househousehouse1) so that is accurate. 397 bases is possible if colt is counting little irrelevant bases, but if they are all big bases, its a bit of a stretch.