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It wasnt a rusher victory, it wasnt a veteran victory, it was nobody's victory. It was a victory for father time and the server if anything. The veterans goal was to kick rusher out but they never succeeded in doing so. Rusher left because he decided to leave, not because of the veterans who were supposed to do this. Rusher even said it himself that the veterans were the reason he kept playing and that school and boredom shut down his love for the server, so the veterans achieved the opposite, they fueled rushers presence. Lag machines? Rusher lived with it. Being relentlessly hunted? Rusher lived with it. Not being able to build a base? Rusher lived with it. In fact Rusher's purpose on the server was not to build a base or lead a giant army or even start the war but rather explore 2b's history and great builds and ruins so he couldn't care less if he was being hunted down as long as he was able to tour the server. Even with his departure from the server, the rusherfags still kept flooding the server with the wait times still being 4 hours+.

As I said, father time won because it was only a matter of time before Rusher and his fans got bored and left. It is because of father time that the queue is getting lower today and Rushers and even some vets are leaving the server for good.  


Thanks for adding the word stalemate in their kek i couldnt put my finger on the word at the time xD.