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By the way you fucked up your posting. Let me correct some things and explain :)

GolbMC - An autistic 25 year old manchild that thinks his group, Reign of Asgard (also know as Snow Phenoix) 
will become the strongest and largest group on 2b2t. 
The members in his group are “private” (non-existstant) and claims his group has taken over the entire spawnZ

1. Not a group. Its a Nation.

2. Snow Phoenix was made up to test VoCo group and see how they would react.

3. Never said strongest or largest group on 2b2t. Jonathan putting words into peoples mouths.

4. There are reasons my members are private. It is so VoCo or anyone else tries to take them out.

5. The whole concept of your idea that claiming I said my nation has taken over the entire spawnZ. 
That is the most stupidest thing I've seen. I stated my nation had evaded the spawn. You misunderstood and thought I said invated.

Get your shit straight before failing to add a professional to the wiki.