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As the real Oremonger I find this acount of myself to be biased and inaccurate. I will update with corrections later.. But lets be clear on a few things, the majority of users who didn't like me were racist kiddies. There were two years were I was very vocal in public chat with my anti bigotry and anti racism, which brought about with it all the hate these type of people have. If you Must have the words "wife beater" in this, at least be factual, it is PURE SLANDER. Popbob started a rumor with zero proof that I beat my wife. This of course was one of many things Popbob did to harrass me. Which is mostly because I didn't take any of his crap and was a vocal opponent to him in public chat.

Once again you are being a bigot and a troll with this "anti bigotry" nonsense while dead naming a known trans woman in the same paragraph. Disgraceful.
For real