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"Additional Information" is useless, I've never seen a discord posted in this entire wiki to a specific person. Most of this information is extremely and unnecessarily elaborated on, with pointless subsections that could just be compiled, and puts a lot of detail into what could just be summarized (example "On his way to Invictus II, Coconut ran into the entirety of the base group on the highway, themselves on their way back from their recent raid on La Rosa.") which isn't fit for an article that has information hard to navigate and read. Some stuff feels like a narrative story, like "An active player once more" and "The Germ of the Idea" that is not fit in an encyclopedia. That subsection could also be combined with New Groups. There is also no point to have two subsections to his wiki story. Fredmodulars (talk) 17:42, 15 July 2020 (UTC)