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Edit Warring

An edit war of sorts has been occurring on this page since the 26th of August, 2021. It is between @An1metiddie and @JayEss. I'd like the two to discuss their changes and why they were made. Also keep that shit out of discord trashmins ; ) -ElliotRodger523 (talk) 17:36, 27 August 2021 (UTC)

@ElliotRodger523 there is some drama about whether or not the page should be locked/deleted because Jake is complaining about it. Also, I am back around ; ) DarkAnnihilator (talk) 00:39, 28 August 2021 (UTC)
@DarkAnnihilator Oh so it was just Jake being mad? If he continues acting like this, lock the page. Or we could wait for him to get Everflame'd, but that's immoral. I believe he'll stop editing though. -ElliotRodger523 (talk) 08:03, 28 August 2021 (UTC)
@ElliotRodger523 yes he was banned from both here and the discord after baby raging in both me and joey's dms trying to guilt trip, threaten, and bribe us. As well as blanking and vandalizing the page like 3-4 times. Such as this lovely edit here: -LordGalvatronMC (talk) 15:19, 28 August 2021 (UTC)
@LordGalvatronMC Threatening suicide should be an instant ban. No one who does that can be taken in good faith. -ElliotRodger523 (talk) 20:35, 28 August 2021 (UTC)
He has been banned for repeatedly blanking the page after I warned him and directed him here on his talk page. —  Melofors  TC  00:50, 28 August 2021 (UTC)

Please just delete the page I don’t play 2b2t anymore and I don’t want my dox connected to this thanks. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Crudelion1 (talkcontribs) 11:50, 28 August 2021