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Not biased, informed. I was directly involved in everything going on at that point, and most events that people still talk about during that period were staged for shock value (with the exception of Sengorn_Leopard banning everyone on the server).

Oreo and I pretended to have a falling out and start a "civil war" in VoCo, some members joined Oreo's side, and some mine. Oreo got HermeticLock to put a DonFeur meme on our website which confused people even more. This fake scandal caused a pretty big stir in the community, and got lots of people talking about VoCo. I then began the whole religion meme, and some people actually thought I was serious, which caused some to leave VoCo or, in Sengorn's case, ban everyone.

When I realized Sengorn banned everyone, I decided to take advantage of the situation and instead of simply inviting everyone back to the server, I deleted it and posted an "official disbandment" on reddit, gaining tons of attention, then I started "VoCo II" and that discord server got over 200 members (more than our original one),  Then I "sold" the server to HermeticLock as another meme (he never actually got control of the server I just set him as Supreme Leader).

Not sure if you were there or not, but it was a pretty crazy time and makes for some great history on this wiki. There was a lot of misinformation being thrown around, like Don Feur claiming responsibility for the "disbandment" (lol), and people saying HermeticLock hacked the website (when in reality he made the website and had edit access).