Why are you (Billison) reverting edits to this page?

Billison, could you explain why you are reverting edits to this page? The revert you have conducted does not add any non-fluff content back that directly relates to Carezo, and additionally results in factual inaccuracies being on the wiki. To elaborate further: -Carezo hacking on Hypixel does not materially relate to 2b2t in any way - that comprises almost the entire 'Beginnings' section

-The DonFuer 20 grief section barely talks about Carezo in the edit you are reverting to. It does not have any bearing on the article that Carezo informed his friends it might be leaked if they never actually went to the base. I also talked to Quackitiy as I was a member of Don20 and did not remember them griefing - they had not. Elaboration about what is built at the base belongs on the base's page.

-The 'Watchmen Conflict' section is very iffy as well - it barely talks about Carezo - even though it claims he held an important role in the events detailed.

-The 'NonBozos' section, again, is barely about Carezo, and is instead about a group that Carezo led. Most of the contents that deal with that group specifically are superfluous, such as listing out guests in the discord server, or listing stashes that the group griefed.

The edit I performed on this page that you have reverted brings the page into focus on its subject, removes superfluous information, and corrects outright inaccuracies. Frankly this page only passed the draft review process because of my recent edit.

To repeat my initial question, could you please explain why you are reverting this edit? --Joey Coconut1 (talk) 22:46, 19 March 2023 (UTC)

Unsure why this is up for deletion

Not 100% sure why my page is up for deletion, I am fine with you guys tweaking it to your liking but unsure why it is being taken down, inform me further, thanks.

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