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t gang
T gangg.png
FoundedSeptember 10, 2020
Members10 (after restructuring)
BasesWaterchunk Island, Camp Lighthouse, The Oil Rig, Mapopoly

t gang is a group founded in September 2020, initially devoted solely to spam "t" in chat. The group now focuses on building large builds and projects at their bases.



t gang was founded by a group of four friends, Dawnfall_, theduckynerd, Chan34, and an unknown player. The group was originally devoted to spamming "t" in the chat, which became quite a popular phenomenon around October 2020 when the so-called t chains went on for hours at a time. This was because the founders who were also in real life friends used to spam "t" in each other's direct messages before they joined 2b2t. Three of the four founders became inactive quickly while Dawnfall_ continued to lead the group. Later on, the group became more focused on building and events on the server, though the t chains are still done sometimes to remember the past.

Waterchunk Island

Waterchunk, October 19, 2020

While in a voice call, theduckynerd streamed himself going on a highway as far as he could. He then proceeded to exit a Nether portal into an ocean, swimming until he hit land. He found an island with a chunk error near the beach, leading to the name Waterchunk Island, and beginning the base of the same name. They decided to build around the natural chunk of water in the middle of the island, yet the base was still mostly underground. Gent_2, who was found by Chan34 and Dawnfall_ on the highway, started following the two and messaged them. This led to him being invited to the base, and he built a series of halls and rooms underground called "The Studio". Dawnfall_ also met a player named MarlonTT in the chat who showed Dawnfall_ a cool lavacast build. Marlon then gathered a lot of obsidian and designed and built a mini replica of the bedrock comet out of obsidian at the base. theduckynerd found a small stash a couple hundred blocks from the base. This was used to give gear for the members using the new dupe that had been released to the public. The group received building materials from Mr_Douchebag from the group TSA so that they could dupe them. Wither kits were among those that were duped at the base. Members of the group created withers under highways nametagged with the t gang's Discord link. One of those withers was featured in a YouTube video in late November 2020 garnering a lot of attention, resulting in many people joining.[1] Dawnfall_ built quartz walls and a gold beacon bridge at the base around November as well. The basemates also had a habit of AFK fishing together before they duped any items. Many of the members joined from members simply being friendly in-game, in chat, etc. One day, many lowercase t structures were blown up and/or turned into uppercase Ts. Many things in the following weeks were slowly getting found and destroyed due to the base's proximity to spawn. Eventually, Jude1331 convinced the rest of the group to take their kits to an area far away from spawn to dupe them, so the high-ranked members moved to a new base. Waterchunk Island was officially abandoned in December but was never completely griefed. Members occasionally visit the base to check out passing players and see the status of the grief.

Camp Lighthouse

Lighthouse (v1) before and after grief

In December 2020, following the abandonment of Waterchunk Island, and after learning about HermeticLock's World Famous Spawn Base, Dawnfall_ founded Camp Lighthouse at X:6100 Z:-10100 with a similar concept of rebuilding after griefs. With the help of some new players he found at Spawn, he built his lighthouse on a hilled island. He invited t gang members to the lighthouse, and later on, the leaders and members of The Lost Nomads. One day, Dawnfall_ and a new player, spencetrooper, were working on the lighthouse when Dawnfall_ got disconnected. As he was offline, spencetrooper blew up the lighthouse with a TNT shulker that was at the base. Dawnfall_ posted the coordinates on the subreddit, receiving 2k upvotes for his work.[2]

After the grief of Camp Lighthouse v1, Dawnfall_ would invite __Omni, a leader of The Lost Nomads to help lead the efforts to build a redesigned version of the spawnbase at the same location. The two would have new players and builders of the first version of the spawnbase (such as CodeTitan, bulbasaur07, and others) assist them. They posted the coordinates in chat many times and had people pass by and visit while they built. One day when v2 was almost finished, xeqoi, kouncil, and 30000000 (Benji) griefed the base. Small additions since then were made, such as the pool below the lighthouse. On July 11th, 2022, after the completion of Operation Vacuum, oofplux led a rebuilding effort for the completion party of the project. The lighthouse was quickly constructed with multiple builds being added for a building competition. After the party was over, coordinates were spammed in chat leading to multiple new players, PvPers, and experienced players alike showing up to the Camp, such as BachiBachBach, waizy, SyndicateNA, and _Smokescreen_.


3rd Largest Mapart on 2b2t, 1.98M+ blocks

In May of 2021, one of the group's members, oofplux, found a carpet duper near Block Game Mecca's ruins. He took the carpet for the group, and using that carpet, Dawnfall_ began planning the largest mapart on 2b2t at the time. He decided it would be Monopoly themed after taking some inspiration from the Smibopoly board at Smibville. After moving to a new site, the group started construction in Late July of 2021. Construction was finished in March of 2022, and the project was released to the public in a reddit post. [3] The mapart would've been nearly quadruple the next biggest mapart on 2b2t at the time of construction, and ended up the 3rd largest mapart at the time of completion, behind KevinKC2014's Angel's Mirror and rebane2001's No Comment maparts. [4]


In February 2022, near completion of Mapopoly, the group would go under restructuring, including removing all members under the main rank. Following the restructuring, the amount of members would be only 10.



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