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JoinedJanuary 2020
TypeMapart Maker, Developer
Alternative AccountsJustNotAPotHead, 6GS, 2b2tMapArt, ttRMS
CurrentTEA, ttRMS

THCFree is a map art maker, developer, and notable player on 2b2t.


THCFree learned about 2b2t through BarrenDome's videos on the server. He joined the server in January of 2020. In the beginning of his time on 2b2t, he immediately got into Zispanos and got duped kits and elytras from them. He used Fira client to fly around with his newfound elytras and made a few dungeon stashes. He started using pork2b2tbot to wait through queue and duped with Zispanos when they were duping at End Spawn while fighting Emperium in the End. He was kicked out of Zispanos for blowing up 3 stashes of a fellow member who betrayed him. Later on, during October 2020, he used the Pyro dupe to amass massive amounts of wealth and started making map arts.


Map Art made by THC

THC soon got into making maparts and became quite proficient in the art of making them. He soon became friends with people in the mapart group TEA, like rebane2001 and IronException. This resulted in his induction into the group and he is still in it to this day, making extraordinary maparts. He is also known for resetting all maps around December 2020 with Amin0Acid, a fellow collector/map artist.

Other Projects

THCFree is the co-founder and co-developer of ttRMS, a one of a kind 2b2t proxy service that is extremely popular among players. He also owns a shop that he supplied using materials he duped during the Pyro Dupe while Pyro was private. He had access to Pyro Beta and so received the autoduper in the client before it went public, allowing him to dupe more items.

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