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TEA (The Escape Artists)
“lesson learned: no cat girls” - Noah3j
TEA Logo
FoundedEarly 2020
MembersTHCFree, Noah3j, HighAtWork, Forceken, rebane2001, 0EggOnTop_, InvisibleXD, IronException, jkascpkmc, and Neraki
Mapart Museum (April 2021)

TEA is a map art group founded by Noah3j in early 2020.


TEA was created in early 2020 to facilitate the spread of maparts throughout 2b2t. To better accomplish this, TEA has reset maps several times throughout its lifespan in order to collect all map IDs. Following their map resets, TEA holds meetings in which the maparts they have gained possession of are shared among the members. TEA has had multiple meetings around 0,0 in all three dimensions at various points throughout its lifespan. Well known members such as rebane2001 (Creator of Mapartcraft) and THCFree joined the group for the purpose of preserving and collecting maparts while others such as InvisibleXD and HighAtWork joined to create and share map art.

The group meets up occasionally and creates builds/events such as their Mapart Museum in early 2021.