Swastika Base

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Swastika Base
"I have played on 2b2t. I know exactly what a city run by /v/irgins would look like." -Anon on /v/, 2012-04-15 20:52.
Griefed Swastika.jpg
Partially-griefed Swastika Base sometime from May 31 – June 30, 2011
StartedPre-Facepunch 2011
/v/irgins (4channers); later assassin_raptor; repaired by Diagoporotin
X:7000 Z:-6100
Approx. GriefedApril 2011 (ten years ago) [1]
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Swastika Base is the name given to an unnamed 4channer base built in the first few months of 2b2t. The base is notable for being the only known semi-large pre-Facepunch base, symbolic of early 2b2t's 4chan-derived culture. It was built by users from the /v/idya board of 4chan and is claimed to have been griefed by April 2011 (unknown if it was griefed by Facepunchers). Its ruins are located at 7000, -6100. The base was made out of many swastikas and nether portals, with the centerpiece being two pyramids, one inverted, that touched at their tops. Many of the swastikas were made out of unusual materials, such as diamond blocks, and lava encased in glass. There was also wool pixel art at the base.


Rare pre-grief screenshot from February 23 – March 31, 2011 taken by BennyGun. A second swastika can be seen in the background, although it is extremely faint. See an uncompressed version here.

The base was originally founded by 4channers from the /v/ board. Very little is known about the base. u/CatWhisperer420 and BennyGun have visited (or lived at) the base, due to evidence from u/CatWhisperer420's Reddit account and screenshots from BennyGun at the base. The inverted cobblestone pyramids were added onto the base later on, as early screenshots excluded the pyramids. u/cenotaph69 claimed to have built them, though there is no proof.[1]

The base is known to have been griefed during or before April 2011, according to Offtopia.[1] It is unknown if this was a result of the Facepunchers.

"/v/idya base from 4chan. was already griefed in april 2011. i used the portal there all the time."
―Offtopia, 12/17/16[1]

After it was griefed, assassin_raptor built a temporary base over it, which was in turn griefed.

In August 2017, the base was repaired by a player named Diagoporotin, and was in turn griefed by Armorsmith.[2]

"Its was my pleasure to fix this base. After looking at your post about this base, I went to visit the base for the 5th time since 2016. I used old screenshots from CatWhisperer420 and other screenshots of the base in order to get a general idea of how to repair it."
―Diagoporotin, 8/21/17[2]


Some of the following screenshots use versions to approximate their date: