Stone Brick Sanctuary

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Stone Brick Sanctuary
InhabitantsBerkoes, Katzeflocken, BasedDust, Suyeonchan, Jazz63540, Glitchpug, Ceilinglover56, Dom1405, Osmobyte, Phyxics, _chiekn_, Durkaaqt, Beardler
Location(-405729, -291661)
StartedNovember 2nd, 2021
AbandonedOctober 18, 2022
GriefedNovember 20th, 2022
GriefersDima788 and EXM1LITARY
World download
LinkHosted on the Archive

Stone Brick Sanctuary (SBS) was a group base founded by Berkoes in late 2021.



Stone Brick Sanctuary was founded November 2nd, 2021 by Berkoes. She founded the base after the destruction of her solo base. SBS was originally intended to be a small group base with Berkoes, Suyeonchan and Jazz63540. The base stayed small and unnamed for several months until Jazz63540 suggested the name Stone Brick Sanctuary. After this, the base grew to host about about a dozen members at its peak.


The majority of major builds at SBS were constructed by Berkoes and Katzeflocken. Berkoes built large-scale industrial looking buildings, while Katzeflocken provided more intricate nature-based builds around the base. The block palette prominently used stone and stone bricks, hence the name of the base.


On September 3rd, 2022, the base was discovered by nutinurmacaroni and the stash was stolen. Not long before that, blocks were modified around the base (such as a bed) that were confirmed to not have been done by base members. With the base assumed to be compromised, and possibly by multiple different people, Berkoes leaked the base on Reddit.[1] Dima788 and EXM1LITARY griefed the base on November 20th, 2022.