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JoinedDecember 2019
BasesFunbase, The Calculator 2, The Calculator, NFE 2020 Rebuild, Fort Joe, Adamantium, The Homeland, The Crypt, Mithril, Camp Spooky Home away from Homeland, Vega, Menegroth, Astralia, Santiago, Halicarnassus, Gaza, Rat House, Okab, DonFuer 22, The Stables, 2b2t SMP Skybase, Christmas 2021 Party Base, Nautilus, Poppy Town, Capybara Castle, New Lugdunum, SBA 35, SBA 38, Skylight Haven
TypeBuilder, Historian, Base Hunter, Griefer
Alternative AccountsMassGen0cide, 1ceWall0wCome
CurrentThe Backstreet Boys
PastDonfuer, Infinity Incursion, Astral Brotherhood, Guardsmen, Spawn Repair Group, 2b2t Party Committee and Shortbus Caliphate

Steampunkjax is a builder who has been involved in many projects and groups over his time playing 2b2t.


Early History

Steampunkjax joined 2b2t for the first time in December of 2019. He played very infrequently on and off for the next 8 months, during this time he would stash hunt and start small bases and outposts while he geared himself. In Mid 2020, Steampunkjax joined the Infinity Incursion and Fight Club discords and participated in those respective groups' activities. When the Tenth Incursion started, Steampunkjax joined and helped place enchantment tables at nether spawn to the end of the incursion.


After the incursion ended, Steampunkjax would join the Shortbus Caliphate. While in SBC, Steampunkjax would build at The Calculator, The Calculator 2, Halicarnassus and Gaza. While at Halicarnassus, Steampunk built a large Neo classical temple to be used as the stash storage. Over the Next Month, was invited by bread_loafs to join the Rebuild project where he helped the 2b2t Chronicles members restore the NFE which would start Steampunk's original interest in 2b2t history and the collection of artifacts.


Steampunkjax was invited to Adamantium by Joey_Coconut in early January 2021. While there he built SBC hill and his Redstone House. After the fall of Adamantium, Steampunkjax became an active participant in a string of Guardsmen SBC collaborative bases before taking a break from 2b for a couple months. After he returned, he continued to participate in these projects. Steampunkjax was initiated into the Guardsmen in September of 2021 at Menegroth. In Early October, the majority of the SBC dual-members exited Guardsmen as a result of internal issues. Steampunkjax was made a Distinguished Guardsmen a few days prior to this so he decided to stay and attempt to keep the group active. Steampunkjax started a few shortlived bases, and initiated a few members. Some members of the group were unhappy with his position and created a private groupchat to complain about, speak ill of, and plan to remove him from his position in the group. When the chatlogs were leaked to him, he leaked the logs to the entire group, and exited the Guardsmen.

Astral Brotherhood, Donfuer and the 2b2t Party Commitee

In August of 2021 Steampunkjax was invited by Joey_Coconut to the nascent Astral Brotherhood along with a variety of other players. Steampunkjax became an active member and went to every base since its foundation. He also helped self-grief Astralia when it was leaked to the Fifth Column. Around the same time Steampunkjax was also invited to join DonFuer and to build at DonFuer 22. Steampunkjax built at DonFuer 22 until its grief in December of 2021. He Would also be invited to build with the 2b2t Party Committee at the Christmas 2021 Party Base where he would help design the event. at the event he would build his Snow Monster and add to the general atmosphere of the base adding environmental elements. Steampunkjax would then proceed to go to Poppy Town, Nautilus, Okab and would found Capybara Castle. He would take a step back from Astral Brotherhood in the coming months to focus on some Personal Projects, Base Hunting and Historical Exploration.

Personal Projects

Steampunkjax starting in March of 2022, he would focus more on his personal projects on 2b and help and interact more with the discord administration side of his groups. He would spend his time traveling around the server visiting and researching old locations and interviewing players on their knowledge of the server. Steampunkjax would also play a heavy role during this time with the discord revamp of Donfuer. His plan for how to gain new members and update the discords Management and Role system would be implemented by the Donfuer Leadership Committee and would end up doubling the member counts of both the Donfuer Public Discord and the Donfuer Rangers in mere months. Steampunkjax would re-join the Guardsmen in July of 2022 and would stay in the group until its Conclusion on August 2nd 2022.


Steampunkjax originally joined The Backstreet Boys discord in October of 2020 and became friends with some members, however he would float in and out of the discord until December of 2021. Shortly after he would start regularly joining vc’s and would rank up. This would continue throughout the upcoming months, however during this time, Steampunkjax was not happy where he was in the 2b2t community and some of the people that he surrounded himself with. On April 2nd 2022 became a secret BSB member and over the next 5 months would leak, grief and steal from 29 bases across many different groups, In total he leaked 19 Donfuer bases, 3 Astral Brotherhood bases, 4 SBA bases and 3 other non group bases. On August 23rd 2022, he was found out and went public as a Member of The Backstreet Boys, and would receive the rank “Main G” in the group.