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"we are not naming the base Ghost Mafia Town" - LightningB0lt44
Render of the spawnbase by An1imeTiddie
LocationX:-5844, Z:-3821
StartedAugust 14, 2021 (1 year ago)
FinishedAugust 21, 2021 (1 year ago)
GriefedAugust 21, 2021 (1 year ago)
GriefersZetrax and Drathader
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SpergClub was a spawn base created by digandbuilder and LightningB0lt44 on August 14, 2021.


This base was created by The Backstreet Boys and was started with the sole purpose of being a big beautiful spawnbase within 10k of spawn. Players were encouraged to build their own personalized sections on the mountain, leading a diverse collection of buildings and decorations. The base didn't have a theme and featured several 'meme' builds referring to Jakethasnake52 and BachiBachBach, both of whom were involved in drama during the construction of the base. The main area was called "sign board square" due to it having multiple sign boards filled with 'real' and obviously fake signs, supposedly written by Joe Biden, Hank Schrader, Water White, Donald Trump, Fit, Jeffrey Epstein, Fastvincent1, Bill Cosby, EtikaWNetwork, George Floyd, BachiBachBach and many other celebrities inside and outside of the server. The location was given out in batches, first to the most trusted and then the slightly less trusted and so on and so fourth. Over time more than fifty players showed up at the base to visit it or build, including invited players from Infinity Incursion, the Guardsmen, the SpawnMasons, Pitfight, and multiple players that were not invited. The base lasted for 7 days until it was griefed by Zetrax and Drathader.


  1. AnimeTiddie
  2. Baily
  3. Banana
  4. Bard
  5. basementbob
  6. Be4no
    Final render of the base (render by An1meTiddie)
    Islamic Shrine The Dome Of the Rock (by Franknificant)
    Clock Tower (by HighAtWork)
    A group of day 1 members by the pool
    Original sign board on day 7
  7. BlockmanCoxlong
  8. Buckle87
  9. Dokimin
  10. Digandbuilder
  11. ExtremeBleach
  12. FamilyFriendlyFrog
  13. Forceken
  14. Franknificant
  15. FreeLees
  16. Freezy
  17. frencheagle
  18. FuzzyRussian
  19. Gravixous
  20. Helpmop
  21. HighAtWork
  22. hloopDoop
  23. Hyperlith
  24. iMems
  25. ImSwordQueen
  26. KBGaming
  27. kekkekkek1
  28. Kit_Nightingale
  29. Kokainer (CatgirlLizzy)
  30. LarryTheAbsoluteUnit
  31. lazarus
  32. LightningB0lt44
  33. Memele
  34. mikimoo
  35. MrGarm
  36. Negative_Entropy
  37. OliverIGuess
  38. Opo
  39. orsond
  40. paralusion
  41. preb2
  42. pyruuuu
  43. quackk
  44. Redstoner2b2t
  45. RLbob
  46. Scottexx
  47. Socks
  48. Smind
  49. Sven_Sven
  50. Waltss
  51. WarLordN1k
  52. windowsxp4971
  53. Wumbos
  54. Zeenyo