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The Valley of Wheat.
The NFE.

Sanctuaries were what many rusher-era players called farms in and around spawn. The term was popularized and likely created by TheCampingRusher, who used it to describe these farms. The usage of the term 'Sanctuary' did not last long-term, although the sort of structure it represented existed completely independently of the term itself.


The term 'sanctuary' was a term for spawn farms that was popularized and possibly originated by TheCampingRusher, who used it to describe these farms. As such, spawn farms that existed during the Rusher War were sometimes called sanctuaries. Sanctuaries tended to be low-security spawn structures with farms designed to assist in escaping spawn. While the term 'sanctuary' was only used for a relatively brief period, the structures that term represented existed long before its usage, and have continued to exist since. They sometimes have players residing there, but they oftentimes have been more akin to a rest-stop meant to be occupied for a short period.

Sanctuaries used in the Rusher War

One of the most commonly referred to sanctuaries at the time was Jaang's Valley of Wheat. It was heavily griefed in 2016, followed by numerous re-build attempts, before a successful rebuild started by Jadestrouble and completed by the Luminous Sandclave in 2022. Another example was Tugboat Base, which was continued by Joey_Coconut, and operated as a sanctuary throughout August 2016. The NFE was also sometimes called a sanctuary, although that particular iteration of NFE did not last long amidst the rusher influx.

Countless other locations (both nameless and not) were referred to or operated as sanctuaries in and around spawn. They tended to feature melon farms, and were constructed oftentimes by pre-june-2016 players who were often in spawn before TheCampingRusher joined, including players such as UBERSLUGCAKE.

Use for group recruitment

Example of a Spawn Sanctuary built by a group for recruitment purposes.
Example of a Spawn Sanctuary built by a group for recruitment purposes.

A group recruitment method used sometimes in the Rusher War was to use sanctuaries as a sort of recruitment depot for the groups constructing them, such as HolyBruhBrine's sanctuaries built to recruit for the Vortex Coalition. These featured information on how to join the respective group that constructed the sanctuary, in addition to the various farms and structures that generally made up all sanctuaries.