Spawn Train

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Spawn Train
InhabitantsNegative_Entropy (Leader of the Base) Guntherrr, Nekramite, SlavPlaysGames, k3ys3r_S0z3, WarLordNik, Nemac, Amin0Acid, LuzyBel, digandbuilder, jumboman32, Wailn, Todarac, BottleCapBrony, SpeedDemon0, Mr_Pint, Hypoxed, Overfloyd, Raaanch, Appendix, ufocrossing, Cloverfrost, Terbin, Entropy_AnnDroid, OhmsLaw2015, IronException, LordNo, dekrom, FutureClient, Forceken, costello22, _Henry_, Elaphant, Rathause, GuD, iPixisu, I_tri, raze97, BachiBachBach, jared2013, y_a_t_a, Dekto, FamilyPumpkin6
LocationX:-17800, Z:-9400
StartedJune 26, 2020 (four years ago)
GriefersNegative_Entropy, Dekrom, OhmsLaw2015, jared2013
World download
LinkNot Available

The Spawn Train was a spawn base created by Negative_Entropy on the 26th of June of 2020. The exact location was not given out directly. Instead, players were given coordinates to a puzzle that had to be solved with the use of binary redstone mechanics.


This build was the endgoal of the Coordinate Quest Negative_Entropy and co. had made. Upon completing the Coordinate Quest and associated challenges, the final step yielded the base coordinates. After arriving at the base, players were encouraged to build their own personalized train cars behind the train. The main building was based on the former Taichung Railway Station.[1] Over fifty players showed up to the base to build. Most of these players were invited, but a many stumbled upon the track (as it reached over 1000 blocks long),[2] or were otherwise leaked the coordinates by players already at the Spawn Train.


The timetable inside of the train station
Train Track (render by Negative_Entropy)