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Render of the 2b2t Spawn
Render of the 2b2t Spawn

The Spawn Sky Symbols are a form of art or advertising common at 2b2t's Spawn. They are made facing upwards at the height limit (Y:256) in order to be viewed by Spawn renders, in which they appear prominently. Conveniently, as blocks cannot be placed above Y:256 to cover the art or spawn Withers, these builds are very resistant to griefers. The only way they can be griefed is by manually breaking the obsidian blocks or adding more blocks to the logo to alter the drawing.

The concept was invented in 2018 by Armorsmith shortly after the end of the 6th Incursion, in order to advertise his group in spawn renders made by the community. It has since been used by groups such as the Spawn Masons, Emperium, Vortex Coalition, Infinity Incursion, Book Club, and many others. The largest Spawn Sky Symbol in history was constructed by the Spawn Masons in the end of 2019 using Baritone bots, and was named "The Masonic Eclipse". After the construction of the Masonic Eclipse, most of the other symbols were griefed.


Large Hammer And Sickle

The first Obsidian sky logo was built by Armorsmith's Followers. Their goal was to further advertise their group by making its hammer and sickle symbol visible to anyone walking down the -Z Highway or any player who world downloaded or viewed renders of Spawn. For the longest time, the hammer and sickle was the only sky logo at Spawn, and is clearly visible in the 2018 100k Spawn Download map by the SpawnMasons.

Render of the symbols by Emperium and the Infinity Incursion.
Render of the symbols by Emperium and the Infinity Incursion.

The construction of the logo marked the beginning of a new trend on the server, and it was designed by the player HaxxorElite. It was built completely by hand unlike many other future Obsidian Sky Symbols. The logo went public on July 19th, 2018. Over the years, the logo would be the target of attacks by griefers from the Spawn Masons and the Emperium.

SpawnMasons Square And Compass

The second Obsidian Sky Logo was constructed by the SpawnMasons. The Square And Compass was also constructed at the northen Spawn.

Emperium Omega Symbols

The 2b2t faction Emperium decided to create 4 different Omega symbols at Spawn, rather than creating a large single logo. They built them about 2000 blocks away from 0,0 on each Axis Highway in the overworld. The Omega sections of these symbols were later filled in with obsidian in an operation by the The Followers of the Crafting Table

The Infinity Incursion Symbol

The Infinity Incursion Symbol was created in November of 2019, southeast of spawn, and it was one of the largest obsidian structures on the server at the time. As of the 11th October 2019, the infinity symbol was the largest symbol at the time.

The Vortex Coalition built their original Sky Logo on the Minecraft server Constantiam. A flat version of the groups signature vortex scaled with each cube being 100 by 100 blocks. Two were built and both were at least partially covered up by The Masonic Eclipse.


A swastika, one of the most recognizable symbols of the server, was also seen being built as a Sky Logo at Spawn.

Book Club Symbol

The Book Club also attempted to create a symbol at the sky but it was griefed fairly quickly.

The Masonic Eclipse

The Masonic Eclipse is the largest Spawn Sky Symbol on 2b2t and the largest non infrastructural structure on the server. It cuts through many existing Spawn Sky Logos. Over 23 people helped to finish the building. Automated Bots were programmed to create the logo.

Fun facts by the builder leijurv:

  • From the first block of obsidian placed to the last, this project took exactly 8 days, 2 hours, 46 minutes, and 33 seconds
  • Finished Christmas eve (Christmas day for European time zones)
  • 28,154,762 obsidian
  • Averaged 40.15 obsidian placed per second, continuously, for the entire duration
  • Averaged 14.83 accounts placing at any given time
  • 61 unique Minecraft accounts placed at least 1 section
  • 1 section = 144 by 144 blocks (slightly larger than a map art) = 20736 blocks
  • There were 1,901 sections (not all were full)
  • Highest observed peak was 32 accounts placing simultaneously (real max could be higher though)
  • 160x more obsidian than the original spawnmason logo
  • Mined over 3.5 million echests, which is more than 46% of the netherrack mined for a 1x2 tunnel to the world border
  • In the peak single hour, which was very close to the end, 307,939 blocks of obsidian were placed. That’s over 85 per second.
  • To mine all the obsidian in this logo with Efficiency V picks, it would take 17,597 hours
    • At 8 hours a day, with perfect TPS, that’s over six years
  • Over two thousand empty shulkers (previously full of echests) have been left behind on the underside of the logo

Insignia Symbol

The group Insignia made the symbol on the first day of the group's creation for a clout grab. c0mmie_ then covered it all by himself

OWO Symbol

Massive "OWO" built northwest of Spawn. Second largest symbol.


Timelapse of Masonic Eclipse Construction -