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This page contains the list of notable projects that have taken place over 2b2t's history.

Projects on this list are defined as community or spawn based, not individual bases. ( They should be able to be measured in blocks )

Accomplishments should be novel, aka don't repeat "world border highway for X+, X-, Z+, Z-"

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

2b2t Projects
Name StartDate EndDate Blocks Group/Player Description
X+ World Border Highway 2016-12-14 2017-3-26 7,320,000 X+ Digging group The X+ Highway competition to the overworld world border. First time a world border had been accessible by road.
X+ Z+ World Border Corner Highway 2017-5-20 2017-8-8 7,500,000 X+ Digging group The splinter project of the world border was to reach the corner, being completed months after the main highway.
Nether Spawn Excavation 2017 2020-12-19 300,000,000 Nether Roof Freedom Group, many others A multi-year project that consisted of clearing out the spawn region of the nether to enable foot travel to any spot in the 10k radius
Overworld lava wall 2018-9-21 2020-7-6 24,000,000 7th Incursion, Infinity Incursion The largest lava wall in the spawn region.

Originally constructed by the 7th Incursion, it was later repaired and enlarged by the Infinity Incursion in September 2020. It is 6-8 blocks thick and is 4000 x 4000. It was significantly repaired again in January of 2021

Watercube 2018 2018 2,500,000 SkullerG, Gsmack a 100x100 watercube at the centre of spawn, completed over a few weeks. It was heavily griefed over its 2 years of existence
THE WALL 2018-4-3 2018-4-24 1,000,000 6th Incursion Largest community build effort at the time, a 1k*1k obsidian wall around spawn
The Masonic Eclipse 2019-12-17 2019-12-25 28,000,000 SpawnMasons The largest spawn roof symbol on the server, made in 8 days with dozens of bots
Watercube 2020-9-1 2020-9-26 250,000,000 Infinity Incursion A 1000x1000 Watercube at spawn, the largest single project in 2b2t history. Completed in 3 weeks by several dozen people, along with forced labor.
Obsidian roof 2020-4-29 2020-5-31 4,202,500 Infinity Incursion The reasoning behind the obsidian sky was the make spawn dark to make it harder to see for new players. Additionally, mobs would spawn, making it harder for new players to escape.
The Bakery 2020-4-7 2020-4-21 ~1,300,000 Brownmen,

Infinity Incursion

many others

A large community project consisting of building chunk bans at spawn areas and mass banning new players. 2 chunk bans were built per day for 15 straight days, each consisting of 44,000 furnaces
Enchanting Table Floor 2020-10-13 2020-10-24 230,000 10th Incursion A large mass of enchanting tables on the Nether Floor meant to disable Crystal PvP, and to lag both the server tps and the fps of players in the area.
Linked Horizon Wall 2021-1-4 2021-5-12 8,260,000 OMEGAO000 and the Linked Horizon Group A large 3 block thick obsidian wall, built from bedrock to build limit, with a radius of 2048 blocks.
The 1st Eclipse 2022-4-19 2022-5-11 ~2,400,000 oofplux, yfua, IronException Routing all new players that went through a portal within the Linked Horizon Wall to 4 Nether Portals, where they were then either boatbanned or killed.
Project Bricked 2022-1-18 2022-3-5 3,000,000 Fuzzy_Russian A community project that consisted of filling up Nether Spawn with Obsidian and Enderchests, to trap players and cause fps lag.