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Spawn Infrastructure Group
“If you can’t move forward, dig forward.”
SIG Logo
FoundedNovember 18, 2017
DisbandmentMarch 10, 2021

SIG banner
Aquote1.png Underneath that blanket there is technically a disorganized group of neutral people who avoid PvP and provide humanitarian services. These Neutral players are the ones that plant and maintain melon farms for starving players. They also can be seen around spawn trying to restore resources to the wasteland. Aquote2.png

Spawn Infrastructure Group (SIG) was a highway and infrastructure group of over 70 members that built and repaired the highways of 2b2t and Constantiam, aiming to "make the player base's lives of these servers easier." Members of SIG created new highways as well as repairing old ones and also created an awareness of the state of the highways. In addition to nether highways, SIG also worked on overworld infrastructure that was not specifically made for travel, for example, outposts that players can rest at near spawn. A notable overworld structure that SIG maintained was The Southern Canal, a public canal that runs along the +Z axis and colludes with the Overworld +Z Axis Highway.

All 2b2t and Constantiam players, new and old, were welcome to apply to become a member of SIG which offered an opportunity for all to learn about the ways of the highways and how to maintain them. In December 2017, The Vortex Coalition (VoCo) acquired SIG. This meant that SIG became a subgroup of VoCo, although both groups had their own discord servers and had different ranks. Members of VoCo would have been able to join SIG automatically and by taking an active role in SIG, they would have been able to earn VoCoin by undertaking highway work.

On March 10, 2021, Coltsnid posted a statement on the VoCo subreddit announcing that The Vortex Coalition was being disbanded. As a sub-group of VoCo, the SIG discord was deleted shortly after this announcement.
SIG is known for spamming captioned images of maintain work on the 2b2t subreddit

Ranks and Leadership

The current ranks in SIG are as follows:









This was the main chain of progression, players would have become an initiate by filling out an application and would have purchased higher ranks using VoCoin. By having a higher rank, it would have accounted to having more trust in the group, as well as gaining a higher daily VoCoin reward by using the >daily command. Members would have checked the cost of each rank by using the >ranks command in the SIG discord.

The staff ranks in the group are as follows:

Owner - The Owner or The Supreme Leader of the group who made all the final decisions. As SIG was a subgroup of VoCo, Coltsnid was The Supreme Leader of both groups.

Sr Management - Each member of Senior Management had an equal amount of power and control over SIG.

Management - Management was just below Sr Management and members acted as a stand-in to Sr Management.

Project Managers - Project Managers managed all of the project and building operations.

Moderators - Moderators kept the discord running smoothly by managing chats and keeping them clean and tidy. They were separate to the SIG staff team and had influence in private and public SIG matters.


SIG was a neutral group and thus didn't get involved in political 2b2t issues. The group had one goal, to make 2b2t highway travel, spawn travel, and survival for all players easier. As SIG was a subgroup of VoCo, certain rules in VoCo applied in SIG. One of these rules related to conduct regarding Enemies of VoCo (EOVs), any EOVs were also considered enemies of SIG.


SIG Creation: November 2017 - November 2019

SIG was created on November, 18th 2017. Its original purpose was to serve as an information hub and the same day, there was a post made on the 2b2t subreddit. Over the next few days, SIG organised multiple spawn meetups that kickstarted the rapid growth of the group. SIG continued to monitor operations and created big projects on the server, the most notable being the 12.5k nether ring.

During the month of December, SIG started posting "12 days of SIG memes" on the 2b2t subreddit in order to gain attention and members. These posts were on top of the subreddit over the first few days until the moderators removed SIG memes from the subreddit.

Activity continued for a while but it started to die down. On December 28th, 2017, VoCo acquired SIG and took over executive operations from that point onwards. There was a short-lasting burst of activity but it started to degrade again. On February 2nd, 2018, Casterly took a three month break from 2b2t. and in order to keep the group running, he passed discord ownership to Coltsnid and gave the Operational Manager rank (the person who ran the group) to Adriano1804.

On November 24th 2019, the SIG discord was nuked by its Operational Manager, Adriano1804, causing all channels and roles to be removed and leading to all members to be banned from the discord.

SIG Chapter II: December 2019 - 2021

On December 7th, 2019, the SIG discord was restructured and revitalized with new roles, management and staff, beginning a new chapter in the group.

The group's focus began to move away from 2b2t and SIG started building and maintaining highways on other anarchy servers such as Constantiam and 9b9t. As of the end of VoCo's Phase VI, no SIG members were building or maintaining highways under its banner on 2b2t. This deemed the group inactive on 2b2t.

SIG Disbandment: March 2021

On March 10, 2021, Coltsnid posted a statement on the VoCo subreddit announcing that The Vortex Coalition was being disbanded. Shortly after this statement was released, the SIG discord server along with the VoCo discord server was either deleted or made private. SIG was never mentioned in Coltsnid's leaving statement, however with VoCo management and operations being disbanded, SIG would inevitably be lost that day too.