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 Spawn Incursions
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Incursion Information
Incursion Policies
First Incursion
Second Incursion
Third Incursion
Fourth Incursion
Fifth Incursion
Sixth Incursion
Seventh Incursion
Eight Incursion(s)
The Purge
Tenth Incursion

An image created after the original 3 Valkyrian occupations had closed.

Spawn Incursions, also known as Incursions, Spawn Occupations, or Spawn Invasions, are invasions of spawn, initially proposed by hinderjd, by a community based group in which the group attempts to hold spawn for a period of time, slaughter enemies, kill newfags, and mostly get attention and fame (AKA clout). Currently, there has been 10 incursions of spawn. The first three incursions were all started by Valkyria, while the 4th and the 5th were started by jared2013, the 6th was started by Sato86, the 7th was started by _Henry_, the 8th Incursions were started by various players (with the most notable one being Armorsmith's and jared2013's Incursion), the 9th (The Purge) started by policemike55, and the 10th started by Joey_Coconut. It should be mentioned that there isn't consensus in the general 2b2t community about the the legitimacy of the 8th and 10th incursions, respectively.

Note: The information of the first three incursions is from Sato86 on

Incursion Groups & Policies

Incursion groups are meant to be separate entities from any other group. Since Incursions are considered to be community events and are meant to unite the community, members tend to ignore any hostile relations that their groups may have with others to work together for a common goal. While it may cause infighting, the incursions with several large groups involved have mostly been able to cooperate, at least until a certain period of time passed.

Forward Operation Bases

Forward Operation Bases (FOB for short) are bases built by members of the incursion as foothold bases around spawn during an incursion. These bases are mainly used by the players in order to rest, repair armor, set spawn points, re-stack on food and gear, etc. They can vary from being small bases made of cobble to large monster bases made of rare and luxurious blocks. Currently, FOB's are usually being made out of pure obsidian following the construction of Wrath Outpost. Doing this is supposed to make FOB's look intimidating and sustain structure over long periods of time to act as "permanent marks" on the server due to obsidian being able to sustain a lot of damage.

Notable FOB's


fastvincent1's Interview with Sato about the Third Incursion