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InhabitantsAnimeTiddie, Breithan, CamiiMC, _chiekn_, cpybara, DanDucky, Dawnfall_, Dekto, EnigmA_008, eternal02, Fresh_Herbs, _Genetics_, HURTLOCKERBECK, Joey_Coconut, Mr123456, Labr1qu, LegendBake, metalbunny, MrSourKiwi, Nasder, Negative_Entropy, OffsetPanda701, Osmobyte, Phosph0lipid, PoisonVenom, postto, Quadrim, Raaanch, Ranlen, RICELAND1, Robijntj3, RulesOff, minecraft_simon, Snippykeegan_, TheSpire, Universin, Vbence1, Warske, xrayessay, YoMoBoYo, HareHareYukai, z6lock
Location-400, -400
StartedMarch 10, 2023
FinishedMarch 28, 2023
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The SpawnQuarium was a community event hosted by The Ancients through the Spawn Migrators. The event was held in the Spawn Watercube with an "Aquarium" theme. The event lasted for almost a month, with many players contributing to the event, and many different groups such as Astral Brotherhood, SpawnMasons, Spawn Builders Association, Bookhood, and The Last Templar also taking part.



The idea behind SpawnQuarium first came up after YoMoBoYo helped construct a large anglerfish inside the Watercube at Spawn in 2022. He had a vision of the watercube being filled with lots of different builds, ranging from different types of fish to underwater ships. After consulting with his group, the Ancients, they decided to do an entire underwater aquarium base. With the help of Joey_Coconut and the Spawn Migrators, they brought together a ton of builders from all different groups, and started slowly announcing the idea and the plan.


Building started 10th of March, centered around the obsidian anglerfish several of the Ancients had constructed the previous year. The base progressed quickly, with over 50 fish and underwater structures being built in the first 4 days alone. RulesOff created a website which contained a webmap of the water cube, and all the builds that built throughout the project, which he periodically updated until the end of construction at the location. [1]. The building materials for the event were laregely funded by the Ancients, specifically RulesOff and _chiekn_.

The event concluded with a spleef event hosted by xrayessay and YoMoBoYo. After two weeks of building, over 100 builds were constructed by 42 different builders. A final video showcasing all the builds was also released at that time. [2]Even though the event ended, builders continued to build fish in the area in the following days.


Owing to the base's placement underwater, with all builds also being filled with water, it was not griefed by any players and continues to stand well after the event almost untouched beyond minimal wither damage.


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