The SpawnMasons is a group founded by HermeticLock in February 2017. It lasted until August 6th of 2017, then was brought back and has been active since early September 2017 to the present day. It is one of the more secretive groups on 2b2t, and does not often interact with the majority of the server's community.

"The Spawnmasons own 2b2t!"
The logo of the SpawnMasons
FoundedMid January, 2017
BasesSpacejam, Vulcatavio, Australia, COVID-2147, The Spawn Train, Smibville, Photosynthesis, Chunk Haven, Sky Masons, and over 300 lodges.

As the name suggests, the SpawnMasons often build close to spawn and embrace the risk of being found by travellers. The group takes turns to build temporary lodges for weekly meetings, participates in long-term group bases and oversees other spawn projects. The group makes efforts to accumulates older, capable, or influential players while staying small enough to be a close brotherhood.[1]



The SpawnMasons were created by HermeticLock and a friend, and the group imitates its real-life counterpart, the Freemasons. The SpawnMasons conduct an initiation ritual and, like the Freemasons, hold meetings to discuss group business.

First degree

In May 2017, the group was at its highest member count. In a single night, it had initiated players Sato86, jared2013, and Fit, solidifying its position as the most elite group on 2b2t. At its height, a weekly meeting could have more than thirty-five SpawnMasons in a voice chat at once. The SpawnMasons cemented their reputation as builders and often stayed out of conflicts between other groups. During this time, the SpawnMasons constructed a series of bases that include Spacejam, Vulcatavio and a fortified skybase during July's temporary map. The quality of lodges also improved after Negative Entropy decided to create something a bit more unique, leading to the abolition of the SpawnMasons' tendency to destroy every lodge after hosting a meeting there. Some memorable lodges are the first lodge, the Tropical Island and Ain's Airship.

After Fit released his video of the destruction of Summermelon, the SpawnMasons were faced with the issue of whether to allow Fit and AlphaComputer to remain within the group. AlphaComputer and Fit had broken the SpawnMasons' code by destroying a base that housed other SpawnMasons and killing Krobar01, who was a fellow member. AlphaComputer was voted to be kicked from the group, and Fit barely got enough votes to stay in. Shortly after this controversy, HermeticLock decided to take a break from 2b2t and resigned as leader of the SpawnMasons. An official SpawnMason disbandment reddit post was made, and a brief intermission ensued where the SpawnMasons were nonexistent.

Second degree

Greek Temple lodge, built by l_amp

In August 2017, Henry and Vel re-established the SpawnMasons, giving previously Worshipful-ranked players their ranks back, and reconstructing the group similarly as HermeticLock had previously established. Henry came to act as the unofficial leader of the SpawnMasons in HermeticLock's absence. The group continued its course and bases were founded, like Boghdad and the skybase of April's temporary map. Lodges included dr_frankfurt's Flashback, Negative_Entropy's Western Air Temple, Krobar01's Kang and Kodos and l_amp's Greek Temple. Overall there was decreasing interest in 2b2t and lodges started happening only monthly.

Third degree

Smibville base

In the beginning of 2019, HermeticLock wanted to revive the groups activity and suggested some changes. As a result, Ain and Henry implemented a degree system, in order to promote player activity. Since this moment, the group has been consistently active and not a single weekly lodge has been missed. Around this time, the SpawnMasons became the first group to grab the URL. They were able to do this because they were one of the first servers in the community that had boost capabilities. The Masons capitalized on this and made the discord public for a few weeks in order to grab over 50 boosts. This experiment ended when more servers started getting boost capabilities.[2]

Concluded bases during this era are Club-33, Autistralia, Smibville, Photosynthesis and COVID-2147. The most significant among these was Smibville, which was founded by ufocrossing and had nearly all active members building there.[3] Spawn projects included Cloud Club, The Masonic Eclipse, led by leijurv and HermeticLock in late 2019, and the Transmutation Circle, led by Negative_Entropy in early 2020. The SpawnMasons are also intertwined with the 2b2t Party Committee and helped out for construction of Halloween and Christmas villages. Memorable lodges are BoomerangVillage's Loo Lodge, Negative_Entropy's Northern Air Temple, Scribblefox's Courthouse, BottleCapBrony's Cloudsdale PVP arena, and Jordanl666's Initiative Testing.

Fourth degree

Sky Masons render by xrayessay

In August 2020, a collaborative event called The Spawn Train was put into motion by Negative_Entropy as a ceremonial start of the next degree of SpawnMasonry. The fourth degree was home to two major bases. The first was Chunk Haven, which was started from a replica of the pack.png terrain. The second was Sky Masons, a huge terraformed hole that housed many floating islands and allowed guest builders to join through a proxy, oblivious to the real location of the base. These projects were made possible by the extensive stash stealing operations towards the end of the Nocom exploit. Some special lodges from this period are Leijurv's build at The Autumn Drain, The Christmas Party base of 2020, Smibby Land by Todarac, Rathause's Rat House, Breithan's Cat Flushed Angler Fish, and countless lodges at Sky Masons.

The fourth degree was planned to end at the fall of Sky Masons, dubbed ‘Skyfall’ [4][5]. The base fell on October 6th at the hands of the Fifth Column. In the weeks before the grief, the Fifth Column and other community members had launched a campaign against the SpawnMasons, criticizing its members and leadership for allowing a meetup to occur two years prior between three members, one of which being a minor. Afterward, the Fifth Column released a video containing recordings of conversations about the incident with members of the SpawnMasons and footage of the grief. The group also claimed the incident had resulted in the base getting leaked.[6][7] In response, kinorana and Negative_Entropy released their own commentaries. [8]

Fifth degree

The fifth degree started in November 2022 and is ongoing.


SpawnMason banner

The SpawnMasons gather weekly on Saturday to conduct a meeting. Most meetings are held in-game in a lodge — a space created to host a meeting — but some are held in well-known locations. These lodges are often destroyed after use. The destruction of lodges is symbolic and honours the Builder's Dilemma.


The SpawnMasons have no official stance on any group; they largely operate independently of other groups.