Space Valkyria 4

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Space Valkyria 4
InhabitantsJacktherippa, AlphaComputer, HermeticLock, Llane
StartedMay 2020
GriefedMarch 25, 2023
GriefersSelf-grief (Joey_Coconut, smcz19)
World download
LinkNot Available

Space Valkyria 4 (aka Space Valk 4) was the 5th and final Space Valkyria base. It was constructed by Jacktherippa in late 2020 and lay dormant from then to early 2023 when it was griefed.


Move From Space Valkyria 3

Space Valkyria 4 was founded by Jacktherippa in May 2020, shortly after Dogucanadal found Space Valkyria 3. The relocation efforts to Space Valkyria 4 were conducted quickly and without incident, although the majority of the members of SV3 were inactive, and so only Jacktherippa, AlphaComputer, HermeticLock, and Llane came to SV4.


Jack was the sole contributor to the base, building intermittently in 2020. While there, Jack built the beginnings of the main build at the base - a futuristic quartz structure. He also built a floating terracotta villa nearby, and planned to shift his usual palette to include terracotta in the major builds at the base. However, Jack quit 2b2t in late 2020 after becoming disillusioned with the server and instead began streaming the continued construction of Space Valkyria 3 in a creative world. This caused the rest of the basemates to either abandon the base, or quit 2b2t altogether as well. Excepting momentary visits to the base by AndrewMC12 and HermeticLock in 2022, the base was totally dormant from late 2020 to early 2023.

Discovery & Self-grief

On March 21, 2023, the base was found by _xque while base hunting in the End. He immediately contacted Jacktherippa for information on the base. Afterwards, he moved the stash. After moving most of the stash over the next 4 days, he shared coordinate-less screenshots of the base publicly, which alerted the public to Space Valkyria 4's existence. This resulted in one of Jack's longtime live-stream moderators, Universin, asking for stash in the hopes that it had not yet been moved. After Jack gave Universin the stash, they both gave base coordinates to Joey_Coconut, who traveled to the base with smcz19 to move the stash and also self-grief following further discussion with Jack. They arrived and found most of the stash had already been moved. They completed the stash move and self-griefed the base on March 25, 2023.