Space Valkyria 3 V2

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Space Valkyria 3 V2
InhabitantsJacktherippa, AlphaComputer, HermeticLock, Kinorana, monaxide, Parthicus, SilverKrownKing, xarviar, and xcc2
LocationX:76890 Z:-112104
StartedEarly April 2018
Griefed9 May, 2019
GriefersBabbaj, fr1kin, iTristan, jared2013
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Space Valkyria 3 V2 is a large End base founded by Jacktherippa in early April 2018.


Following the supposed leak of Space Valkyria 3, Jacktherippa brought AlphaComputer, HermeticLock, Kinorana, monaxide, Parthicus, SilverKrownKing, xarviar, and xcc2 to Space Valkyria 3 V2. Construction at the location was significantly sped up by the Chunk dupe. Jacktherippa’s construction continued without incident thereafter. AlphaComputer left the base in early June 2018 to participate in the grief of Purgatory 2 with the Shortbus Caliphate in revenge for Beardler’s grief of Boedecken. The base was actually found using Nocom, however, the fake explanation to cover-up for that was that when AlphaComputer intended to return to the base, he was followed out of Spawn by fr1kin, supposedly using a Invisibility godmode exploit, and when AlphaComputer’s pearl was loaded, fr1kin supposedly Pearltp coordinate exploited AlphaComputer, yielding the coordinates to Space Valkyria 3 V2. This is a very impractical and silly cover-up but everyone believed it. On 9 May, 2019, Babbaj, fr1kin, iTristan, and jared2013 griefed the base.[1] Following the destruction of Space Valkyria 3 V2, Jacktherippa and co. returned to Space Valkyria 3.


Space Valkyria 3 V2 is a large build modeled off of Space Valkyria 1, and Deep Space 9. It is built predominantly out of quartz, obsidian, and glass of various colors. The main core of the station is a round tower of various diameters containing small ‘mimics’ of some biomes, as well as various crop farms, and a room filled with paintings. It also contains a housing area, enchantment altar, and storage rooms. At the top of the tower, there is the disc park: a great room with trees, grass, plants, and flowers. It also formerly contained pig spawners player heads, including those of popbob, Hausemaster, iTristan, CytotoxicTcell, and Jacktherippa. Centered around an end gateway, the main tower is surrounded by a gigantic torus of quartz and obsidian with various modules, 4 towers with elevators, and 4 observation towers. Inside the ring is a rainbow road made of stained glass. Beyond the torus, there are five levels of rings mainly made of quartz and obsidian. On the rings and under them are a sparse placement of builds.



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