Space Valkyria 3

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style= World download available.

Someone took their sweet time to save it for posterity.

Space Valkyria 3
Space valkyria III.png
StartedEarly 2017
X:76890 Z:-112104
Approx. GriefedEarly-Mid 2019
GriefersNerds Inc
World Download
World Download

Space Valkyria 3 is a large-scale End base made by Jacktherippa. Its design is based on the original Space Valkyria that was made in 2015.


After the destruction of Space Valkyria 2, Jacktherippa decided to start work on a new project in early 2017. Jacktherippa was not alone, as he had basemates, including SilverKrownKing, AlphaComputer, and HermeticLock. Space Valkyria 3 was built further away than any of Jacktherippa's previous End bases. To more quickly get back to End spawn, he had an End gateway near the base. To get all the necessary materials for the builds, a gigantic dupe stash was built under the base and a dupe device was been set up.

The exact date of the destruction of Space Valkyria 3 is uncertain, it probably takes place at the beginning/middle of 2019. The base was not fully finished when it was griefed, as the rings were still incomplete. A world download of Space Valkyria 3 was released on Reddit after its destruction.

The state of Space Valkyria 3 in 2020


Space Valkyria 3 is a gigantic space station mostly built out of quartz, obsidian, and glass of various colors. The main core of the station is a round tower of various diameters containing replicas of some biomes, various crop farms, and a room filled with paintings. It also contains a housing area, enchantment altar, and storage rooms. At the top of the tower, there is the "main biome", a great room with trees, grass, plants, flowers, and pig spawners. It also contains player heads, including those of popbob, Hausemaster, iTristan, CytotoxicTcell, and Jacktherippa himself.

The main tower is surrounded by a gigantic torus of quartz and obsidian with various modules, 4 towers with elevators, and 4 observation towers. Inside the ring is a rainbow road made of stained glass. Beyond the torus, there are five levels of rings mainly made of quartz and obsidian.


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