Space Valkyria 2

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style= World download available.

Someone took their sweet time to save it for posterity.

Space Valkyria 2
StartedJuly-October 2015
X:2000 Z:2500
Approx. GriefedApril 2016
GriefersiTristan, taylo112 and jared2013 (Nerds Inc
World Download
World Download

Space Valkyria 2 was a base created by Jacktherippa after the destruction of the original Space Valkyria.


After the original Space Valkyria was griefed by taylo112, popbob and jared2013, Jack traveled about 2000 blocks away and started building another base. This may not seem like very far, but the End was nothing but an empty void at this time so after Jack destroyed his bridge that he used to travel to this new site, there was no real way of knowing where he was. To make sure no one could find this base, Jack griefed every known End portal on the server a month after starting work on Space Valkyria 2, cutting off access to the End for the rest of 2015. jared2013 and the rest of Nerds Inc knew that Jack was still in the End, but they couldn’t get to him.

Space Valkyria 2 consisted of two builds; the main build and Space Valkyria Island. Space Valkyria Island, also known as The Island of the End, was a large floating island covered in grass. Topping it off was a building containing storage, farms, passive mobs, and even villagers. An enderman farm was also built nearby. The main build was a massive structure made almost entirely out of quartz and obsidian, instead of quartz and stone brick. This gave Space Valkyria 2 an even more futuristic aesthetic than the original.


Shortly after the 1.9 update, Nerds Inc used an unnaturally-spawned End portal to travel to Space Valkyria 2 and grief it during their Week of Destruction. To add insult to injury, they re-griefed the original Space Valkyria on the way there. Since Jack’s stash that he got from duping infinite blocks was at Space Valkyria 2, he was unable to just go out farther and rebuild like he had done after the original Space Valkyria was griefed. However, after the 11/11 dupe, Jack would finally be able to start on arguably The End's greatest build; Space Valkyria 3.



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