Space Valkyria 3

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Space Valkyria 3
InhabitantsJacktherippa, AlphaComputer, HermeticLock, Kinorana, Llane, monaxide, Parthicus, SilverKrownKing, and xarviar
StartedFebruary 2017
Griefed14 February, 2021
GriefersAmin0Acid, Pyruuuu, digandbuilder, and smind
World download
LinkNot Available

Space Valkyria 3 was a large End base founded by Jacktherippa in February 2017.



Following the destruction of Space Valkyria 2 as a result of the Third Backdoor, Jacktherippa created a new base, which he titled Space Valkyria 3. He quickly invited AlphaComputer to contribute to the project. Initially, the two tried to mine all the materials for the base by hand, although the materials list proved too lengthy to properly fill without a dupe. Fortunately, in November of that same year, the 11/11 Dupe was discovered. After the 11/11 dupe was patched, a location was selected for the base, and Kinorana, monaxide, Parthicus, SilverKrownKing, and xarviar were also invited to the group. Before actual construction of the base began, monoxide ran a potentially-backdoored client at the planned base location. The group simply moved 1k away and started construction there instead.

Initial construction

After moving to the new location, construction on Space Valkyria began. It progressed for months without incident, until a misalignment was noticed on the so-called ‘rainbow road’ torus, which wrapped around the central area of the base. Jacktherippa took a break from 2b2t for several months; construction on the base halted.

Jacktherippa's concept art for Space Valkyria 3

Potential leak

Upon returning, Jacktherippa was informed that Llane had gotten a screenshot of the base, from Nukkuh, who had logged onto his friend Kinorana’s account at the original location and had taken some screenshots. After quitting later, Nukkuh had given his whole screenshots folder to Llane. With this information in mind, Jacktherippa decided to relocate the group to Space Valkyria 3 V2. This process was interrupted by the 2018 April Fool’s temp map.


Following the grief of Space Valkyria 3 V2 in May 2019, Jacktherippa and co. returned to Space Valkyria 3, bringing HermeticLock and xcc2 with them. They also brought donkeys with them that Nerds Inc had missed in the grief of Space Valkyria 3 V2, and used them to dupe more materials to continue building the base. Llane was added to the base near the end of 2019.

Discovery, abandonment, and grief

Construction continued without incident up to May 2020, when Dogukanadal happened onto the location while en route to Space Valkyria 3 V2.[1] After posting various advertisements to sell the coordinates, and spreading information about the location of the base, he was confronted by AlphaComputer in game, and took down his postings about the base. The damage had already been done, however, and it was decided to abandon the base. Jacktherippa temporarily moved to Space Valkyria 4 with a few of the Space Valkyria 3 members before going inactive on 2b2t and shifting to streaming the continued construction of the base in a creative world in late 2020.[2] Deciding it was only a matter of time before the base was found and griefed anyway, Jacktherippa revealed that the coordinates on the creative world matched the location of the base on the real server. The base was subsequently griefed on 14 February, 2021 by Amin0Acid, Pyruuuu, digandbuilder, and smind.[3]


Space Valkyria 3 V2 is a large build modeled off of Space Valkyria 1, Deep Space 9, and The World that Never Was. It is built predominantly out of quartz, obsidian, and glass of various colors. The main core of the station is a round tower of various diameters containing small ‘mimics’ of some biomes, as well as various crop farms, and a room filled with paintings. It also contains a housing area, enchantment altar, and storage rooms. At the top of the tower, there is the disc park: a great room with trees, grass, plants, and flowers. It also formerly contained pig spawners and player heads, including those of popbob, Hausemaster, iTristan, CytotoxicTcell, and Jacktherippa. Centered around an end gateway, the main tower is surrounded by a gigantic torus of quartz and obsidian with various modules, 4 towers with elevators, and 4 observation towers. Inside the ring is a rainbow road made of stained glass. Beyond the torus, there are five levels of rings mainly made of quartz and obsidian. On the rings and under them are a sparse placement of builds.

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