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JoinedJune 1st, 2016
BasesMelon Hamlet
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
CurrentThe Society

SonEasterZombie is a 2b2t player notable for being the leader of The Society. He also has ran the 2b2t Census, and created multiple other 2b2t surveys he's shared on the subreddit.


SonEasterZombie joined 2b2t in June 2016 after watching TheCampingRusher's video "THE OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT." Due to the fact that he wanted a completely vanilla experience, he joined and was astounded by the destruction of spawn. Getting out of spawn on his first try, he walked north until he found grass, and planted it near a swastika he found. After he had enough food to not die, he dug a small shelter and built his first of many bunkers. He grew some 9x9 plots of wheat and carrots, and even a mushroom farm. It was only 8k from spawn and 250 blocks from the highway, but it lasted quite a while.

About 3 days after he joined, he decided to move from his temp farm. He gathered up some bread after seeing multiple signs be placed at his base, and got onto the overworld highway and started walking. He decided to make his new base about 26k from spawn, and built another bunker at bedrock (due to past factions experience). The ladder leading down was covered by a piece of dirt with a flower on it, so he named it 'Flower Base.'

Getting bored of playing alone, he decided to ask people in chat if they wanted to base with him. He got 2 responses, one from jared2013 and one from a player named Kurt. He didn't know who jared was at the time, so didn't invite him, so he told Kurt his coords and invited him to the base. After Kurt showed up, he built an extremely ugly autofisher and released the dozens of chickens that SonEasterZombie had bred in his farm.

Due to Kurt releasing about 100 chickens into the bunker, Zombie decided to walk on to another land. Still not using the nether, he walked on the overworld highway about 60k out from spawn and began construction of a winter bunker. This was later changed to '16-Bit Base' because he found out the -z coords for the base were the exact same as 2^16. The base wasn't occupied for long, because Kurt couldn't find any animals to breed at the base.

About 140k from spawn, Zombie built his final base with Kurt. His brother had started playing as well, and invited 2 other members. Zombie built a 9x12 farm tower inside a cove, and tried to focus more on the aesthetics of the base. Zombie named the group 'Prelude' because it was the start of what Zombie thought would end up being a community. However, that didn't happen.

With the addition of the queue in late June 2016 and TPS hovering around 4, interest in the server declined among the members. The other base members stopped logging on one day, and Zombie's brother was next. Eventually, Kurt took everything from the base and went his own way. The base was empty, the animals were slaughtered, and the banners created at the base were forgotten, and so ended Prelude.

During early November, Zombie played a bit of singleplayer, and then remembered 2b2t. He realized that he wanted to make a new base, so he walked until he found interesting terrain. He grinded for gear, put items in an echest, and /killed to spawn.

While at spawn, Zombie met a player by the name of d00pedbedrock, which was The_Grand_Lotus on an alt. Lotus explained Highland to Zombie, and as Zombie had missed the 11/11 dupe, and every other dupe before that, Zombie became friends with him and all of his friends. They memed around at spawn for a bit, eventually finding EvoRulz and Maxtorcd55's spawn base. Zombie eventually left the group a short while after joining due to disagreements, after Lotus got paranoid Zombie was a SpawnMason spy. Zombie also was frustrated by Lotus' constant spamming in chat.

Once Zombie returned from spawn, he decided to create a large base like Prelude. He settled on the idea to build a castle with multiple keeps, and named it Castle Kristallnacht.

Browsing the 2b2t subreddit one day, he found an article with ideas for bored builders, and got the idea to turn spawn into a more interesting place. He got into a discord and started planning with other people who had joined. The original group consisted of HappySeniorMan, Natester101, Alkahest_, _iwo, and Sudofox. Zombie went out to spawn and built a massive cube out of snow, and made a large farm inside of it.

Soon, everyone in the group came to the site, building lavacasts around the base to seal it in, as well to make it look already griefed. In the base's final form, it was made out entirely of easily gathered materials, and had an interesting look to it. Unfortunately, Zombie knew it wasn't going to last, and eventually, Pekee griefed it after flying around with an elytra (on its 10th day as a base).

Zombie continued building The Society, and eventually made it into a large group. He quit 2b2t around 2019 but came back April 2022.