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Inhabitants554255, AnimeTiddie, CamiiMC, crzychris, Dawnfall, edlska, FamilyPumpkin6, HURTLOCKERBECK, IronException, jalapeno690, Joey_Coconut, KingDeDeDong, LordGalvatronMC, MajorasEnd, Osmobyte, Phyxics, Ranlen, rrdrock, SaltedDefault, SilverEyes2b2t, smcz19, soopa46, Stair, LaziestToast, TheSpire
Location(-421900, 226050)
StartedJune 29, 2022
GriefedOctober 14, 2022
GriefersBackstreet Boys (AngeryFrog, Zd0lf, CrunchyHotSauce, digandbuilder, Franknificant, Steampunkjax, Waltss)
World download
LinkNot Available

Solaris was an Astral Brotherhood base situated in a Shattered Savannah Biome which was founded by HURTLOCKERBECK on June 29, 2022, and griefed on October 14, 2022 by the Backstreet Boys



Solaris was founded on June 29, 2022 by HURTLOCKERBECK, who was joined by Dekto a day after on June 30th, as well as 554255, havlin, and crzychris in the weeks following. While progress was slow at first, a number of builds were made utilizing a small stash of materials donated by Dekto. Builds from this time include Dekto's Horses, Hurt's Savannah House, Tower, and Stables, and 554255's Glass Eye. After the first few weeks, the base members started to become less and less active at Solaris, with most of them being promoted to the Lunarium rank in the group in late July. In mid-August, Joey_Coconut began inviting more Meteorites to the base, sparking the most active period for the base.


After the base's population doubled, many new builds began their construction, such as MajorasEnd's mountain fort, Osmobyte's water pillar, LaziestToast's jungle house, and the largest build at the base- AnimeTiddie's castle, which was occasionally used as a site for minigames amongst the base members. Joey_Coconut also built a network of retaining walls, roads, and bridges throughout the base to facilitate easier building and movement.


Solaris was griefed on October 14th, 2022 by the Backstreet Boys members AngeryFrog, Zd0lf, CrunchyHotSauce, digandbuilder, Franknificant, Steampunkjax, and Waltss.


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