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Early Days

"New growth cannot happen without the destruction of the old."
Approx. JoinedSeptember 2016
CurrentInfinity Incursion, TeamNoTrees, The Quarantine, Bakery, Shortbus Caliphate, Brownmen, The Gulag

SoiledCold is a player that joined in September 2016, after seeing a video by Poke[1]. In the early days SoiledCold did nothing of note. Skipping to 2017 SoiledCold would just build farms at spawn and helping other new players, even creating a group, the Red Cross. Due to the low queue in 2018 SoiledCold was able to play more on the server with friends and eventually joined VoCo. SoiledCold used VoCoins to purchase items and would even sell some items for a short amount of time.


During 2019 SoiledCold took the red-pill and became anti-newfag after the long queue made it harder for him to join the server and after a player he helped insided him. Ever since then SoiledCold made new projects that would always be anti-newfag. SoiledCold needed for players for his projects to work, so he created the SGA. With the SGA he was able to build more bases and do more projects at spawn. One of SoiledCold's and SGA's biggest project was TeamNoTrees after SoiledCold saw a new player at spawn able to get tools and armor after walking only a few hundred blocks out. SoiledCold later got mentioned by FitMC[2] and БУЛДЖАТь[3], both videos together got 4.65 million views.


  1. Was a 2b2t wiki staff.
  2. Was a mod on r/2b2t_uncensored.
  3. Former Moderator on 2b2t Media Archive, was demoted for inactivity.
  4. Was a former mod for the 2b2t Museum, until the server went down.
  5. Was a part of Sato86's pedolarpers video project.
  6. Working on Browncoin
  7. SoiledCold is one of, if not the first, to buy Prio with CryptoCurrency