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Sniper231996 is a 2b2t player from 2016 notable for founding a number of large group bases, and creating the 'Valinor Group.'

Approx. JoinedDecember 26, 2016
BasesMozukai Island, Potato Island, Flower Island, more
Alt. AccountsPatawette
CurrentValinor Group


Sniper is a 2b2t player from India, Mumbai who joined 26 Dec 2016 and made a few solo bases, before moving on to found large group bases such as Sniper's Peaceful Island, Snipertown (2b2t), Snipertown (Constantiam), and more. Sniper made 2b fanart over time, which he posted on the 2b2t subreddit, and made friends with all factions he came in touch with. While he is inactive on 2b2t as of 2020, he founded Valinor Group (both a base, a group, and a discord) in early 2017, and made connections with many players.

By Sniper231996

"The most beautiful treasure is the trusted friends you make here all over the world" -Sniper231996

Timeline :

Senpai Mansion

Valinor Discord - Still active (Private Discord)

Valinor 1 - was discovered so abandoned early 2017

The Mythological base Valinor - 2017 Apr - 2020 Oct- griefed by Jared2013 after trying 2 years due to Phobos exploit.

The Sniper's Peaceful Island - Griefed due to Autismbot aka SlappinBadKids leaking coords to Fr1kin

Sniper's Peaceful Island 2 - Griefed by Emperium because a faction put their banners on the base

Sniper Town 1 - Griefed by Fr1kin on Constantiam

Sniper Town 2 - Griefed by irrelevant new player

Sniper's Peaceful Island 3 - Griefed by irrelevant new player

Mokuzai Island - I was invited; I didn't Visit

Peaceful Island 4 - solo active base - 2021

Sniper also founded several large solo bases such as Mozukai Island and Sniper's Peaceful Island 2.


Old 2b2t base tour

"Equilibrium Group" drawing

Sniper's peaceful island 2 video (solo base)

Sato, thePOMPANO, fubster drawing

Sage_Mathias drawing

Jared and Pyro drawing

Emperium drawing

This is just a small sample of the large amount of media Sniper has made for 2b2t.