Sniper's Peaceful Island

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Sniper's Peaceful Island
InhabitantsSniper231996, Sage_Mathias, ELVEng, Todarac, TheGrandLotus, Fluffbuck3t, BarrenDome, Auchzezt, Drachenstien, Toysoildier, zexesl2, FallsGreen, Offtopia, Herms, AutismBot, Drewbot9000, P529
Location-169308, 10325
StartedApril 3, 2017
GriefedJanuary 16, 2018
Griefersfr1kin, IamTUNA, jared2013, AutismBot
World download
LinkWorld Download (Griefed)

Sniper's Peaceful Island was a base started on April 3, 2017 by Sniper231996 and zexesl2. The base existed for about 8 months, and was inhabited by 13 players (including Myne1001, ELVeng, Drachenstein, Sage_Mathias and pYr01v1aniac). It was griefed on January 16, 2018 by fr1kin, IamTUNA, and jared2013, and was later griefed again by former base member AutismBot/Slappnbadkids. There were 2 bases called 'Sniper's Peaceful Island' ever built, consisting of the first base, called the 'Single Island,' which was unknowingly griefed by AutismBot and others.

Single Island (unnamed base)

After the first base, the 'Single Island,' was griefed, Sniper231996 did not know that Slappnbadkids was the reason for the base's grief. During that time, he did not tell TheGrandLotus, Fluffbuck3t, and others where the new base was. Auchzezt, another member, had also quit by this time. Sniper decided to choose an area close to 300,000, 0 in the Overworld, which was found surprisingly quickly by player ILikeTrains. The coords were leaked to Infrared, so Sniper dissolved the group and terminated all projects on the base, evacuating before a grief. According to Sniper, the base had multiple designs of large statues and terraformed terrain. Retronaux and other Infrared players arrived and placed signs at the base, but didn't grief it. Due to this, the Freelancers, Emperium, and the Vortex Coalition all arrived and griefed the base. Bloctagon from the Freelancers, and TheDark_Emperor on behalf of Emperium, both apologized for the grief. Emperium griefed the base due to a minor misunderstanding between Sniper and Emperor, but Sniper said his mind was elsewhere during this, as he 'abused ILikeTrains and Infrared for fucking the shit up.' He blamed himself for selecting to build the base so close to an axis and decided to start another base.

Sniper's Peaceful Island 2

Sniper decided to start the project after the stagnation phase post the grief of the Single Island. Sniper was making his way somewhere else and created a base as a replenishing area for him to carry on making his journey across the server. After digging through the nether, he made a portal and found an island with pigs and cows. Using his Wurst client, Sniper built Sage_Mathias' autofisher design out of cobblestone and a few of the first buildings near the base. Later, some skeleton riders had spawned around the autofisher building and Sniper managed to grab one skeleton horse. Being a 'One Piece' fan, he named him 'Bonekichi-Sama,' and is apparently still alive on the server. Sniper decided to have multiple islands with personal designs for the new base he was going to build, and wanted to use his personal design of spruce wood, concrete, and terracotta. Sage_Mathias was building with his wooden style of birch and acacia, and Todarac and Drewbot eventually built underwater massive builds. ELVeng built the largest structures at the base.

Sniper decided to not involve Fluffbuck3t in the group and chose a massive main island to build on the base. However, he canceled that and used biomefinder to map out a nearby sea, choosing an island to build on that was slightly smaller. Sniper arrived on his alt Patawette, preceded by Todarac and another player. After that, zexesl2, Sage_Mathias, Drewbot9000 and Sniper's main account arrived. Next, P529 came by the base and dropped shulkers by Sniper's bed, as zexesl developed the island. Sniper knew both P529 and ufocrossing, but decided to not invite ufo due to his negative perception of him. P529 did not build at the base, but later visited after around 6 months to see the growth of the town. Around this time, the base's name was chosen. While casually talking with zexesl2, a French 2011 2b2t player, the name 'Sniper's Peaceful Island' was chosen after zexesl said to Sniper, "Sniper, why not simply name it Sniper's Peaceful Island since it's both very peaceful and it's an island started by yourself?" The base began to expand, as Sage_Mathias found mycelium biomes nearby. He then made a forest in the sea, and built miniature islands nearby. While Sniper had taken a break due to real-life issues, ELVeng created a statue called Lucy, the largest build at the base.

The major part of the island was active during June to August 2017. During this period, Sniper got to know ELVEng and Auchzezt better. According to Sniper, ELVEng was a large man (6'+) and wanted by police in real life, while Auchzezt was just a normal 2b2t player. ELVEng later went on to become a major part of Highland, a former 2b2t building group, and participated in many projects while DieloTai (once a Grandmaster, the top Highland Rank) was a part of it. He and Auch also participated in the South Canal Corp. This was when it extended to 100k and househousehouse1 began griefing it and ThebesAndSound asked the aid of fellow mates to modify and repair it (Sniper can't confirm if he really asked help or people just joined). Sage_Mathias joined the base on June 12, 2017, visiting on his alt account. Later, fellow basemates like Drachenstein and DrewBot9000 came on and went away after some time; they came, went, and broke the portal in the nether to cover their tracks. During this time, Sniper and Slappn had a trade where Sniper gave him a direct invite to the Island and a rare book with the Island's coords. Slappn, being an old friend of Sniper, came and paid his respects. Auchzezt had came to the base a time before ELVeng and the others, and decided to make an ocean gape similar to Offtopia's Drain. Eventually, he ran out of ideas and built another Minecraft Alpha- style hut. ELVeng came in contact with the group at this point and made a large, concrete, sandstone, and birch-style fort. Before the base was griefed, he was making a large boat.

After this, Lotus, Fluffbuck3t and Drachenstein arrived at the base. Sniper didn't trust Lotus and Fluff, but they left him lots of shulkers and other loot. Before all of them came, Toysoildier also arrived at the base, and he as well recieved gifts from Lotus. Toysoildier made only one build, but it was extremely large, a sanctum with 'its own aura and speciality' (according to Sniper231996). Myne1001 also built a south canal memorial, and Auchzezt built a lighthouse.

The next base member was Myne1001. Later, BarrenDome joined the base with Drewbot9000. Sniper didn't know Drewbot, but Sage trusted him, so Sniper allowed him in the group and gave coords. He never built anything, but had space allocated and slightly worked on other builds around the base. BarrenDome built a concrete color changer, an AFK skeleton farm, an AFK fish farm, a smooth stone generator, and brought the rest of the base gifts and a shulker of coal for Fluffbuck3t.

Around November 2017, ELVeng had made a stable, and Sniper built a road with melons, pumpkins and a residential area. Zexesl/zexy made an underground railway after experimenting, as well as an ice boat "speed transport" system. Sniper made two statues for Herms, the last basemate added. The base also contained a mass carpet duping station and farms on all floors of a large building besides the ground floor (the duping station). A region for growing chorus flowers was also added. As of the base's grief, the members contained Sniper231996 (the founder), Sage_Mathias, FallsGreen, pYr01v1aniac, Myne1001, Zexesl2 (the co-founder), Auchzezt, ELVeng, TheGrandLotus, Fluffbuck3t, Drewbot9000, Toysoldiier, BarrenDome, Drachenstein, P529, Patawette, Slappnbadkids/AutismBot, Herms, and Offtopia.

Render of the base by Myne1001


The base was destroyed on January 17, 2018, by OreMongoloid and TheNiggerOf2b2t, alternate accounts of fr1kin and IamTUNA, and jared2013. It was found with a coordinate exploit, and then was later griefed by AutismBot and his friends 'for the lulz.' Sniper later regretted inviting Slappn to the base as he didn't know he was a 4th Reich member. As of 2020, nearly all of the base members have long since quit 2b2t. A story about the grief by Sniper is available on reddit (deleted, but viewable using ceddit or removeddit). The coords can be visited, as the portal to the base was at -21160 X -1260 Z Nether.

Photo of the base
Base after fr1kin, TUNA, and jared's grief