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style= World download available.

Someone took their sweet time to save it for posterity.

Sniper's Peaceful Island [ 3rd April 2017 - 16 January 2018]

"Back when we had started this name was suggested by a guy named Zexesl2, a french 2011 player. We were casually talking as always and this guy just says out straight,"Sniper, why not simply name it snipers peaceful island since its both very peaceful and its an island started by yourself?". Well back then I had just accepted and now as this is a 13 and more member base its about time to express its existence, the memories which are linked with it and all the members who are a part of this base."

"Back when I had started, I was making my way somewhere and this base... was like a replenishing area for me to carry on with my journey which is still on and incredibly amazing. So here I am just digging in nether.. digging... digging... digging.. made a portal... below an ocean, made another portal.. fuckin GG!!! an island with pigs and cows. Back then I had wurst client and God bless Sage_Mathias for his autofisher design, I made that and made a small cobble wall around it. Later, some skeleton riders had spawned around its vicinity and I managed to grab one skeleton horse. Being a 'One Piece' fan i named him'bonekichi-sama', he still lives to this day as I type this tbh. Moving on lets talk about a random day, I'm moving on ahead I called on P529 at my base since he had speed hack probably timer on pig or horse.. and P529 came and dropped me a bunch of Shulkers. like 12-14. Before I packed up and left I called upon a guy named Zexesl2. Zexy and I met randomly through a really fucked up incident. When I say fucked up I mean, here I am saying I got terminal cancer in chat, trying to seek sympathy and stuff from people, being an attention seeker and a good convincing guy I managed to convince Zexy that I have cancer and Zexy messaged me on skype, later he added me on facebook. Now by this time I had told him that who I was and how I am gonna leave and all and Zexy came to the Island. we developed stuff like I made some decorative stuff like developed the autofisher and made a small map spot and mapped the island. Zexy was on the other hand, took a render, made a dual zombie grinder, skeleton grinder, birch farm , oak farm , super simple fast growing farms. He was really good at farms and still is.

Here is a render from the time we had just begun:

17807187 149134805614367 1221309622 n.jpg

This is the render from when Brother P529 had come by and dropped shulkers by my bed and zexy had began developing the island already:

This is a picture of when Zexy had just started making them farms and was multplying the trees:

About P529 and UFOcrossing , these both guys were pretty new for me back then,

despite knowing each other I for some reason thought that,

"UFOcrossing was into boys and was a griefer" for God knows what reason,

so I had called brother P529 alone.

He did come by and dropped the shulkers, he later visited this place like after 6 months or so to see the phenomenal growth but it was totally not expecting this many number of players to be living here lol.

The Pic is of brother P at the island. God bless him for he's helped so many in our times.

Moving on ahead, the major part of island became active during the phase of June 2017 to August, during this period I met two players called ELVEng and Auchzezt, ELVEng was a wanted guy by cops and was a big strong guy IRL whereas Auchzezt was just a little lonely traveller on 2b2t. ELVEng later went on to become a major part of highland and participated in many projects while DieloTai ( Once a GrandMaster { Top Highland Rank} ) was a part of it. He and Auch also participated in the South Canal Corp when it was upto 100k and househousehouse1 (Jeff Wilkins) began griefing it and ThebesAndSound asked the aid of fellow mates to modify and repair it (can't confirm if he really asked help or people just joined). Sage_Mathias had been on 12 June 2017. He was like visiting on an Alt account. Later fellow mates like Drachenstein and DrewBot9000 came on and went away after some time, they come and go and jsut dig out the portal as they wish.

During this time Slappn and I had a trade in which I gave him

direct invite to the Island and a rare book which had its coords in it and

Slappn being an old friend came and payed his respects sinerely.

Heres a few pictures while modifications were happening over time to the island. Modifications in the form of massive landscape changes both necessary and essential for area and space effective allocation.

Auch had come quite some time ago before ELVEng and while Auch had come by he mainy deicded to make an ocean gape similar to offtopia's drain but not necessarily copied it. He just ran out of creativity and made a nice old alpha style hut (Home but it looks like a hut). ELVEng came in contact with us like he wanted and elytra and me and others took the gamble and called him only to know that he's a grand architect like us and me made a big concrete sandstone birch fort style build. Hes currently making a big boat.

Then came Lotus , Fluffbuck3t and Drach Child ( like he's a way nice guy but C and D alphabets rhyme while reading somehow so let's call him Drach Child) so these guys were invited next, I didnt trust lotus and fluff over this tbh but they came and left us lots of stacked goodies. Before them all ToySoldier was here, he also recieved lots of gifts from Lotus. Toy Boy made only one but master build. A big sanctum with its own aura and speciality.

Lotus build.jpg

Images from top to bottom (4 images) : 1. Interior of Lotus's home; 2. Build of Lotus and Fluffbuck3t ;

3. Build of ToySoldier 4. Myne1001's south canal memorial and auch's inprogress lighthouse

Myne1001 had coords of island since he was a part of the main Valinor group. Then was the addition of barrendome and along with it was drewbot9000. I personally didnt know drewbot9000 but if sage mathias trusted him I directly added him into the group and gave coords. He also hasnt build anything so far. He's got space allocated already.

Barrendome made, concrete colour changer, afk skeleton farm , afk fish farm , smooth stone generator and brought us all lots of gifts and a shulker of coals for fluffbuck3t. You might remember his chirstmas video in which he mentions a shulker of coal for fluffbuck3t.

These are around Nov - Dec 17. ELVEng had made a stable and I made a melon pumpkin kinda road and a residential area. You can see that in the Drewbot9000 background. Zexesl2 made an underground railway after experimenting and Ice boat speed transport. I made two squiggles statues for herms. Just like that, for fun.

This is the beacon on the island. Behind it is a mass carpet duping station and its got farms on all floors except the ground floor. Because on ground floor is carpet duping apparatus. Theres even a region for growing purpur plants.

This is the residential area:

2017-11-30 20.51.48.png

The rest will be periodic renders from old to latest uptil 26 Dec 2017. Thank you very much for reading. Latest members to be added will be Herms, Offtopia or anyone else. This topic will be voted in the closed group.

Members so far: Sniper231996 (Founder) , Sage_Mathias ( Valinor Founder) , FallsGreen , Pyro1v1aniac , Myne1001 , Zexesl2 (Founder) , Auchzezt , ELVEng , TheGrandLotus , Fluffbuck3t , Drewbot9000 , Toysoldier , Barrendome , Drachenstein , P529 , Patawette (my alt ), Slappnbadkids , [Herms , Offtopia can be added or may not be added]. TYSM for reading.

The base was destroyed on 17 January 2018.

Blown up peaceful island.png

Here is the world download link of the latest world download :

The above two images are the first two images of the peaceful island.

The island was destroyed by: its actually given in detail with a wdl link here:

Oremongoloid and TheNiggerof2b2t found the peaceful island, aka Fr1kin , IAmTuna and Jared2013.

I've no idea how they found it but probably via like umm.. the coordinate exploit or someone traced it back to the island over world or someone leaked coords, but it was honourable to let it blown up by respectable oldfags. The coords were [-21160 X -1260Z Nether] . Thank you for reading.

Unexpected Edit: The base was griefed by Autismbot and his friends just for lulz. I feel terrible writing this but I fucked up calling slappn without knowing he was a 4thReich Member. But what is done is done. Zexy , Auch, Toy barely play. I barely play... but hey it was a grand time and much a relevant base. Thanks again.