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Approx. Joined2011
PastValkyria, CancerChan

SnackyNorph joined 2b2t in 2011. He created Snacky's Library and was later an active member of The Lands. He was later the main suspect in the Aureus City griefing due to his associations and relation with the autistic CancerChan. He later quit 2b2t due to this incident as he was isolated.

Early Days

SnackyNorph joined 2b2t in 2011, and was a part of the Facepunch Republic. He settled with a player who goes by the name of "AWarGuy" on the Facepunch forums.[1]

"I wish Snacky didn't hate me so much. He seems like a cool guy."
―Phagocytic on April 1, 2012[1]

Sometime during the time of Valkyria, he built his Library, which was burned to the ground by Zach3397. It was rebuilt but then destroyed for a final time by OreMonger in May of 2014.

Aureus City incident

During the Rusher-Era and the influx of new players, one of those new players known as CancerChan formed a close relationship with SnackyNorph by pretending he was a girl. Taking advantage of SnackyNorph's desperate need for female attention and intimacy, CancerChan catfished SnackyNorph into basing together and forming a relationship that was borderline autistic internet boyfriend/girlfriend-like relationship, even with exchanges of nude photographs of each other (CancerChan used nude photos of his ex-girlfriend). The two would form a couple of bases together, with at least one or two of them being dupe bases from the 11/11 dupe event.

SnackyNorph planned on taking his newfound 'female' companion on a tour of the places he bases or notable locations and had planned on taking CancerChan to see Spartan512's pony map (whose destruction solidified Spartan's permanent retirement from 2b2t). SnackyNorph, set on a course to another base he shared with DemonElite119, pointed CancerChan in the general direction of where to go, without revealing exact coordinates to the map or Aureus City.

This, however, did not stop CancerChan from finding Aureus City. CancerChan, fueled by a hatred for Fit and his shenanigans with Team Veteran which he viewed as further fueling the roleplay war TheCampingRusher and Fit were carrying out for Youtube attention, would go on to bait and social engineer his way to Aureus City via means of poking at CainesLaw, a notable oldfag and founder of the base. CainesLaw inadvertently confirmed a general location for the base and its coordinates, allowing CancerChan to leak it to the general public. This put CainesLaw, and Fit, whose museum was located at Aureus city, into full panic mode.

Thanks to SnackyNorph's general association with CancerChan and their constant portrayal as an e-couple, SnackyNorph took much of the blame for the incident which was further fueled by Fit when he put a video out about the destruction of the base, laying full blame for it at SnackyNorph's feet. This led to the loss of most of SnackyNorph's 2b2t companions, and he would exile himself from other bases he was occupying.

This all culminated with Snacky having virtually no friends left on the server, save for a few although he would later turn on at least one of them for dubious reasons. CancerChan has since leaked an entire Skype conversation with SnackyNorph, as well as two photographs of him, one of them revealing his penis.