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This page is dedicated to groups that existed on 2b2t but have not gained a lot of acknowledgement, disbanded very early, interacted with other groups, and/or did not do something of little significance to the server. Most of these groups are from the Rusher Period and after. In order for these groups to be removed and gain their own page, they must create something large, gain lots of recognition by a medium sized population of 2b2t, or at least 30 members (post Febuary 2018).

UPDATE (June 2018): A new rule has been implemented, all groups to be declared as a small group must have a minimum of 5 members in their group at the time of being added. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any less wouldn't be considered a group. This is to filter out cringy fagtions that are run by 9 year olds or retards that have no idea what they are doing.

UPDATE (June 16th, 2018): The first rule can be a bit flexible depending on circumstances. If a group is like ~25 and has an actual activity and history, it will get it's own page. Also, if an oldfag group that was predominant but had few members due to varying populations of the server, they will get their own page. ALL FAKE GROUPS WILL BE PURGED, DON'T MAKE SHIT UP. Also, (NOT NECESSARY) to further validate the existence of your group, a permanent discord link would be appreciated to help us prevent fake groups from plaguing the wiki.

UPDATE (June 17th, 2018): This is to emphasize on the fact that groups that have done major actions, builds, and contributions to the server will receive their own page,


A lot of this stuff may be incorrect and most of these are written based off of a few Reddit posts and asking around as these groups are hard to access information on the propaganda spammed by their members. Feel free to edit any posts that seem incorrect because you may know better than we do. Also, make sure to make the groups in order of their founding. The groups closer to the top of the page are recent groups, while the ones closer to the bottom are older ones (for the most part). Please note that 60% of these are autistic and fagtions.

2010 - May 31, 2016 (PreJune) Small Groups

Note: As there was not any serious differences between the concepts of either a 'Small Group or a Base Group, both are listed for this Timespan

The Fellowship of the Diamond(2011)

Main Article: The Fellowship of the Diamond The Fellowship of the Diamond was is one of the oldest-known groups to be created on 2b2t. They tended to keep to themselves, many contemporaries allegedly did not even know the group existed. The group made several bases around spawn, most notably Tugboat Base. A few group members joined back for about a year starting in in March of 2015 after rediscovering 2b2t.

Brotherhood of Diamonds (2011)

Main Article: Brotherhood of Diamonds The Brotherhood of Diamonds is one of the oldest groups on 2b2t, even being described in early issues of THEJudgeHolden's comic. Their activities mainly consisted of distributing diamonds around spawn, and helping newfags.

The Vikings (The Dutch) (2011)

The Vikings, also known as the Dutch, were a raiding group in 2011. The group is known from an encounter including xcc2 , x0XP, and the Brotherhood of the Diamond.


Almost nothing is known about the group outside of their confrontation with x0XP and xcc2 at the NFE. They were called into the raid by their allies, #The Pyylandia. While initially being driven back and killed by the defenders of the NFE, they later griefed the base along with the Pyylandia.


  • Brotherhood of the Diamond - Enemies
  • Pyyland - Allied
  • NFE members - Enemies
  • Facepunch - Enemies

The Pyylandia

The Pyylaandia or simply Pyyland were a old Finnish raider group on 2b2t, existing during the Facepunch times. The group was notorious for its constant raids of the NFE.


Not much is known about this group due to time, however, what is known is that this group was a powerhouse as they had access to inventories of TNT. This made the group a formidable force to reckon with during those times. At one point, their allied group the Vikings lost two Pyyland members in an encounter with the NFE and Brotherhood of the Diamond in late 2011 and seeked revenge for their fallen. Pyyland dropped their griefs over a span of months in 2012, and in early 2013. After several attacks on the NFE, xcc2 and policemike55 decided to investigate how they were getting this much TNT. In the spring of 2013, Xcc2 and policemike55 eventually found out how they were creating the TNT, which turned out to be a gunpowder grinder in which the group would constantly be AFK at. The two eventually killed all the AFK members and blew up their grinder. This was the last mention of the Pyylaandia since.


  • The Vikings - Allied
  • Brotherhood of the Diamond - Enemy
  • NFE members - Enemies
  • Facepunch - Most likely hostile

Notable Members

  • Arthur_McGuire (Leader)
  • Fenster
  • Poersijn
  • Vaquera


Judge's Group (2011)

Judge's Group was a group founded in 2011. Judge's Group started when Offtopia and THEJudgeHolden started to save newfags from spawn and lead them to their new base called Oldtown. The group later built at Ravenholm, Ravendel, Rapture 1, Rapture 2, New Town, and The Drain. The group's members also participated prominently in 1 Million Base and Rapture 3.

Team Sun (2011)

The flag of Team Sun
StatusSemi-Active (On Constantiam)

Fairly unknown by most, Team Sun started in another server known as Spartan Empire when ibiq and his co-workers started a server with the purpose to bully Minecraft kids. They had multiple bases throughout the server until it closed and they jumped to 2b2t, announcing their arrival as “Team Sun”. When 2b2t declined in player count before the revival and era of Rushers, they moved to Constantiam.

ibiq founded the team on his server, regularly recruited new players for forced labour by pretending to be a girl, but also notable members balonypony and vishusburn, who then helped recruit Jazukai, coconut4 and anonam00se. Some other players who wish to remain unnamed are considered honorary aryans members.
Together they've built, killed and shitposted their way to fame, but the name of Team Sun has faded into obscurity.

In the absence of ibiq from Spartan Empire, Jazukai sought to retain team spirit by claiming the leadership for himself, in order to command more skilled players. This led ibiq to create Team Moon, which nobody cared about. Leadership of Team Sun has since fallen to balonypony.

As of 2016 coconut4 officially defected and is considered a traitor.

Imperator's Group (2012)

Main article: Imperator's Group

Black Flag Group (2013)

Valkyria (2013)

Main article: Valkyria

The Legion of Shenandoah (2013)

Main article: The Legion of Shenandoah

Gape Group (2014)

Main article: Gape Group

The Fursecutioners

Founded May 2015
Status Active
Bases ~5+ (Zootopia, Fürerville, Yiffington, The Land of Wolves)
Numbers ~10
Leader DemonElite119

The Fursecutioners are an amorphous group created in the wake of the Third Incursion by DemonElite119 . It is not a group in the sense of having a set goal or purposes, only that they are a group of people who enjoy basing together or engaging in bamboozles. The vast majority of its members are oldfags and midfags, such as Drewbookman , _Henry_ , Sun_Wukon , SnackyNorph , Rickenman , IamTUNA , AwesomeGuyMonkey , and others.

As the group is amorphous by nature, it's member count is frequently in flux, based on activities individual members are undertaking at the time, or server events such as incursions of which its members have played significant roles in. It adapts based on any given situation, with only a few individuals known to be core members of the group.

Much like its independence-oriented players, the group as a whole is independent and maintains no actual relations with fagtion groups. Every member maintains and exercises their own agendas as long as it does not adversely interfere with another's. The only time its members come out in force as a unified front outside of their individual or group bases is during spawn incursions.

The Unity (2014)

Unity Flag.jpg

The Unity was a small group that based at spawn and began in early 2014. Their task was to help out newfags out of spawn.


The movement was started by Akod in early 2014 when he founded the base which he named New Unity. It was less than 5,000 blocks out and was made to show new players that not everyone is hostile and that there could be safety within spawn. Anyone who found their way to it was sent off with an inventory full of items, food, weapons, and armor to help them on their journey out of spawn.

Rising Attention

It caught the attention of several large players, who joined and helped build up and maintain the place, which brought even more large players who would stop in from time to time. It was hit by griefers a number of times, but was rebuilt each time to show it would not fall so easily. That was true until mid 2015, when it was destroyed almost beyond recognition by a large player and was finally abandoned by those who stood for it.

Notable Members/Affiliates
  • Akod

June 1, 2016 - 2017 (Rusher Era) Small Groups


Existed: 17 July 2017 - Present

Status: Active.

Members: 13 to 7

Non-banner comparison
Volk'Krov Non-banner comparison

Volk'Krov was a group founded by Krov, a woman that began on the server in 2014, she lived in the outskirts of 2b2t and never returned to spawn as it was camped for some time. On the 7th of July, 2017 she created Volk'Krov, meaning; 'Wolf Blood', living in the outskirts alone until she ran into another player known as "Bronto1", they were both friendly enough to partner up and adventure together, she wrote 3 books of her travels and builds, her books passed on to another user known as Verxon72. Verxon72 was killed with the books in a shulker by a war between two other groups, the books are now lost & Krov has not been seen for two years. Bronto1 changed his name to "KyroThePyro" and is now actively seen on 2b2t.

In the time of Volk'Krov activeness members had three rules.

  1. Chat is not tolerated, therefore do not speak in public chat.
  2. Do not kill, unless attacked. Be wary.
  3. Respect coordinate leaks.

Main Goal

Volk'Krov is a group of discovery. Collecting books and getting them signed by each player about their journey. What they have come across, what they have gone through. 50 pages of their 2b2t life.

'The Group of 50P', Volk'Krov.

With books being collected, shulkers and enderchests over flowing, the base called 'Scarif' was created for storing books. Over 560 books from multiple players have been collected. 115 of those books have been lost.


[2017, November] Krov was rarely to be seen on the server, the chance that Krov and Bronto1 met was very slim. They met, they partnered as all seen above.

[2017, December] 'NF - New Foundation' was built, the main base for Volk'Krov. Which was simply, a simple house made out of dirt.

[2018, January - March] +Verxon72, +Felharth, +Plague822, +Krisperry43, +7 more. Scarif created.

[2018, May] The Veliq base was constructed in the outskirts. A simple outpost for those who want a peaceful experience.

[2018, July] Plague822 in contact with a friend from U.G.E, organizing a raid on a main base involved. Plague822 kicked from Volk'Krov.

[2018, November] Verxon72 killed with Krov's books. The Veliq base destroyed.

[2018, November - December] Krov last seen. Random players to members, there were 13 active members in the years of 2017 to 2018.

[2019] Majority of members left 2b2t for a few months, the decline in members began.

[2020] Two active members remain.

Constantinople: The Holy league's final base from March of 2017. This image was recovered by the last remaining member on the server (Redstoner) and is the only trace of the base.

The Holy League

Holy League Logo
Existed June 2016 – March 2017
Status Inactive
Bases ~10 (Oasis Town, Constantinople, several others)
Numbers ~40 at highest peak

The Holy League was a group with the intention to create an organized community on 2b. The group centered around Christianity but was not taken to a serious degree. The group started during the early days of the Rusher War, however, never really got involved in the conflict.

File:IMG 0021.PNG
Holy League Banner


The Holy League was started in June of 2016 by LiO and AndyCapped. Unlike many of the other groups at the time, the League did not participate in the Rusher War and instead kept to itself. While on the highway, LiO and Andy hired their first recruits. Eventually, they settled down and built their first base, Oasis Town. As the War raged on the group slowly accumulated members and built bases. Many of these bases were near the highways, and were later abandoned. The group also griefed two map arts, one made by doctrzombie and the other by AlphaComputer.

The group recruited keen newfags on reddit in January of 2017, that included Redstoner and a handful of others. They would be sent to the groups spawn base / recruit base around 100k from spawn before being then sent to constantinople. Other players such as Sniper231996 tried to join but were dismissed because of "religion".

Eventually, the group went inactive in March of 2017. The first "conflict" the group had was when LiO insulted Tim_mcnukepants of the 4th Reich, a week later. In retaliation, Tim, along with eenmom (0x22), Vel, and BibleBot blew up the League's incomplete, spawn community base, Constantinople. This was as far as the conflict went and the group went on to dupe a while before going completely inactive.


  • The group had mostly negative relations with other groups but no conflict ever arose other than the incident with the Reich.

Notable Members

  • LiO (Founder)
  • AndyCapped (Founder) (First Pope)
  • Mavidwaer (Second Pope)
  • Aaron
  • Pizzaman
  • Redstoner

Several other members

The Knights of Spawn

The Knights of Spawn is a small group of players founded by Pharaoh64 (formerly CadetDurina) on 6/1/2017 dedicated to helping players at spawn survive and preserving builds on the server. It was annexed by the The Emperium on about 6/16/2017, joining many of the other groups working in part for The Emperium. While under the control of The Emperium it worked to recruit new players to the group. Around October of 2017, it started losing its momentum as a group and is now considered inactive. Despite this, a few members are still fairly active in The Emperium discord.


Existed: 6/1/2017
Members: ~20
Status: Inactive
Bases: ~5


Head Knight (Pharaoh64)

Right Hand Knight (Liltinyten)

Knight (ZeeCraft, Killerboy555, Wildman8, Reddiamond1234)

Emperial (Ericudo, The Dark Emperor, rootbeerguy1212, morph_murph, Luminous Bambi, US_Valient)

Squire (Dur2na, KronosWild)

Page (Iceman7722, SirDerpsAlot, 420 Blaziken XD, )

The Turtles

Existed Summer of 2016
Status Disbanded
Bases Some newby bases
Numbers Unknown

The Turtles were a group that existed on 2b2t during the beginning of the Rusher War . Their leader was xTurtle, a notorious YouTuber who hacks on minecraft servers. He posted a video about 2b2t on June 17, 2016, and created an 11 video series on it. His team was composed of his fans and they supposedly created a few newby bases. Team Veteran completely eradicated the group by slaughtering most of his fans early on during the war. xTurtle also left 2b2t because he died in the End. The group was similar to Team Rusher as the group was completely disorganized.


Existed September 2016 - December 2016
Status Disbanded

Team Imperia is a small rather neutral team that has had roots since early June though has only become more known by its players in October and November 2016. The team's Founder aswell as leader is TheDeathDoctrine, aswell as his fellow friend and leader niftyrobo.

Imperia Banner


Team Imperia officially began in October when TheDeathDoctrine's team, The Anarchists, and niftyrobo's team, The Inalegie, merged together to form Imperia.

Not much is currently known about the Anarchists, but the other half, The Inalegie, originally started in September when a Newfag named niftyrobo started a team called The Epists. The Epists started a base in spawn, but was later abandoned to form a base called PRAWN base. niftyrobo met TheDeathDoctrine when he bought a map from him, starting the friendship. The Epists went on to rename themselves The Inalegie, and let in more members like Crystalinqq, DemonCrown, and Nourdica. PRAWN base was griefed by AutismBot in late October when PeterRichards gave him the coords after finding the base by chance.

December Coup

The December Coup was a successful break of multiple members after the group involving disputes over a member in the group resulting in members to leave and create Team Malaria. The coup was spearheaded by players Crystalinqq and Flyinqq.

Imperia's Disband

Imperia disbanded on December 12, 2016. The reasoning for the sudden disband was due to the December Coup and the heavy loss of members leaving to join other groups. TheDeathDoctrine and Niftyrobo officially met the night of the 12th to discuss the future of the group and chose to discontinue the group.


Imperia was revived about 2 weeks after it's disbanding but died again.


  • The 4th Reich : Imperia is enemies with The 4th Reich for griefing Wrath Outpost and being a bunch of edgelords
  • The Vortex Coalition : Imperia is enemies with The Vortex Coalition
  • The Blind Eye Clan : Imperia attempted to ally the Blind Eye Clan, but failed due to the team disbanding
  • Yamerockers : Imperia is allied with the Yamerockers
  • The Peacekeepers : Imperia is allied with The Peacekeepers, but hate their banner
  • Team Aurora : Imperia is highly annoyed by Team Aurora for being a bunch of violent faggots

V Fawkes

Existed June, 2016 - disbanded shortly after the Rusher War
Status Disbanded
Bases 1
Numbers ~5

Team V Fawkes was a group founded by lakililo, that formed just as the Rusher War started. The group kept a low profile by avoiding fights and remaining neutral. However, they did conduct small rusher raids and a few suicide bombings at spawn. Their group presented a lot of symbols related to Anonymous, V for Vendetta, and Guy Fawkes. Their motto was "We Seek, locate, annihilate. We are united by one, divided by zero...!". The group only made one base and the members eventually begun to leave and lost contact with each other. Their main channel was owned by cityboss1, who eventually moved on from V Fawkes and founded the Asylum, even using the symbol and banner fron V Fawkes for the Asylum.


  • Team Rusher - The V Fawkes attacked a few Rusher bases but were never an active participant of the War.
  • The group remained neutral with the rest of the groups throughout the war.

Imperialists V.2

Numbers somewhere in 20 to 30s counting inactive members about 15 are constantly active building bases and spreading influence

Imperialists are a 2b2t and other anarchy playing team that is pro incursion and pro vetrain and the leader and founder is 2b2tRiotPolice who is a junefag who joined because of rusher and facepunch forums in 2016.

Members: 2b2tRiotPolice MinyTale blakebein brokengriffin trdavis25 jonah_ CobaltDistortion Exect PappyDaddy Hitdox Cloverfrost_ blakebein _Mr_Owl_ woodywooby Alliances: Unidad and the group is in uge


2b2tRiotPolice/JoeSSKing first joined several groups on server called 1b1t and joined 4b4t to make a group called the government which died after a betrayal in the base and a fight with withers which JoeSSKing went on to create a group with about 7 members on a server called no rules but played other servers also but went against a group ruled by racistbot which used the flag of the white banner neutralists the federation got smaller after there main base at the border got destroyed and then they went on and on the Fourth of July the two teams signed a treaty and celebrated America but JoeSSKing insists he ended the war then the federation was renamed the imperialists and now plays multiple servers. Over time JoeSSKing changed his name to JoeSSImperial and became more serious about anarchy and started learning about it well but after his name change to 2b2tRiotPolice it's almost as if it is a different person.


Paranormal Banner
Existed ~November, 2016 - Early 2018
Status Inactive
Bases ~5
Numbers 12

Paranormal was a PVP group founded by ImmortalYogurt and RobMaster21, with several bases and few members, with their main base being Celestia. The ranking system wens as follows: (leader, member, trusted member, and recruit). They were operated in conjunction with the Peacekeepers, although they separated themselves from the Peacekeepers as a result of drama stemming from being insided.


Peacekeepers - Satellite

Singularity - Allied

The Emperium - Neutral

The Spawn Masons - Enemies

The Vortex Coalition - Neutral

Notable Members

Team Malaria

Existed December, 2016 - February, 2017
Status Disbanded
Bases 3-5 dupe stashes and normal bases
Numbers ~7

Team Malaria was a group whose goal was to be feared at spawn. The group split from Team Imperia


Team Malaria started when members of Team Imperia, Flyinqq , Sextinq , and Crystalinqq , split off due to arguments with Imperia hierarchy some time in December, 2016. The group moved on to attack anyone at spawn. The group decided to attack VoCo's Gamma Base when they managed to inside the base thanks to the help of CokeQueen360 . Luckily, all valuables were retrieved before the grief. In retaliation, VoCo sent one of their members, Salamander , to pose as an insider and give coordinates to CokeQueen's dupe stash to members of Malaria. Salamander posed the coords as actual VoCo bases and so Team Malaria ended up griefing their own team member's base.

Eventually, stability in the group did not last long as Flyinqq and Crystalinqq had an argument with Sextinq and split off to create Team Coca Cola . Sextinq continued to lead the group until they were insided by RusherIsAutistic and a lot of their items were lost. The group eventually withered away as former members got bored, lost hope, and/or joined other teams and eventually disbanded sometime in February of 2017.


  • Team Malaria was a democratized group where no action was taken without proper agreement between all the leaders and the highly ranked members.
  • Team Malaria was also known as Team Disease, or Team Herpes for various reasons.


  • Team Aurora - Team Aurora are enemies with Team Malaria.
  • Team Pepsi - The relation with Team Pepsi is undecided.

Notable Members

  • Sextinq (Founder) (Leader)
  • Crystanlinqq (Founder) (Defector)
  • Flyinq (Founder) (Defector)
  • thesheergenius
  • Mauiboydmc (Defector)
  • uglykids
  • CokeQueen360
  • RusherIsAutistic (Traitor)
  • GlowskiBroski
  • irongolem43
  • Ebola__Chan
  • __MrGnome__
  • FlabMuncher
  • L33T
  • SmokingSenpai
  • Pinkstonjb

2017 Small Groups


Years Active: 2017-2019 (original group)

Number of members when disbanded: 1 (record high: 4)

Former Bases: Arctic City, Avon City, Apollo City, an unnamed base, Patoha, and Amador.

Former Affiliations: Neutral (supportive of YouTuber related Incursions)

Skybound was a group that was founded in September 2017 by player Mancan76.

Skybound was a very small group, and at it’s peak, only hit 4 members.

History of Skybound

Early Days

Skybound was founded on the principle that Minecraft was better with friends. The group wasn’t really a group at this point though. It had one member, who lived at the Original Skybound HQ, then known as Arctic City. Arctic City was a small base, and was relatively close to spawn. It was meant as a landmark for travellers on the -X highway, only being a mere 100 blocks away from the highway, if you used a nether portal. In February of 2018, Mancan decided to pack up and move away.

Age of Growth

In early 2018, the founder of Skybound, Mancan76, started a new spawn base. It was farther away from spawn than Arctic City was, and was farther from a highway as well. This base was named Avon City. During this time, two players, joined the group. One of them was named StudmanGaming, while the other’s name was Squaresyrup. During the time that this base was active, the Sixth Incursion (Incursion VI) began. The three players that based at Avon City decided to participate in the Incursion. Upon the end of the Incursion, these three players spread apart. However, Skybound wasn’t over just yet. Another base was formed, this time tens of thousands of blocks from spawn. It was titled Apollo City. Soon after the founding of this base, the other players met here and based here. Another player joined the Skybound Group, though only very briefly. This player’s name was actually forgotten, however, we believe his name was “lionmaker23”, so that’s what he’ll be referred to here. This city was fairly large for only 4 players, however, it was mostly abandoned by the time that the Incursion VII (7) arrived.

Age of Stagnation

After the end of Incursion 7, Mancan76 decided not to return to Apollo City and to instead venture farther into the lands of 2b2t, on a different axis then the one he previously traveled on. A small rendezvous base was built about 60k from spawn, however, it was never named, and the coordinates have been lost. Another rendezvous base was built around the 95k mark, named Patoha. It is currently uninhabited. Finally, in November 2018, a new settlement was created, simply titled “Amador”. This base remained the current HQ for Skybound, until February 2, 2019.


On February 4, 2018, StudmanGaming left 2b2t, leaving Mancan76 as the only member in the Skybound Group. Because there were no members left, and no real base to return to after Amador’s discovery, Skybound was disbanded. The decision to disband was made on February 6, 2019, at 4:32pm CST. The group is not completely gone, however. If the opportunity ever arises, the group will be brought back from it’s hibernation.


This section details the five main bases that Skybound has built.

  • Arctic City
Arctic City in February 2018. In this image, Mancan’s house is visible, along with the Arctic Bunker behind it, and the Arctic Tower to the right.

This was the first base constructed by Skybound, and was founded by Mancan76. Being less than 20,000 blocks away from spawn, it was quickly discovered, however it was not griefed. This city became a temporary safe-haven for newfags, even though that was not it’s original purpose. However, because of it’s discovery, it was left in early 2018.

  • Avon City
Avon City in October 2018, about 4 months after it became uninhabited. Mancan’s house, Squaresyrup’s house, and Studman’s houses are all visible. The pixel art belonged to lionmaker23. You can also see the unfinished Arctic Tower II near the nether portal. Inside of the obsidian structure was the entrance to our many mob farms.

Avon City was founded on April 5, 2018 by Mancan76. It was home to only him at first, however, over the next month, Squaresyrup, StudmanGaming, and lionmaker23 would find homes here. Once the Incursion VI began, this base quickly became valuable to a number of players because of it’s proximity to spawn. It was nowhere near as close as Arctic City was, however, it was close enough that one could make the journey from 0, 0 to the base in less than 2 hours. (This was only if you used a hacked client with some sort of auto-sprint or auto-walk.) While the base itself is really nothing special, what was special was what lied under it. There was an insane amount of dungeons under this base, and what was interesting was that none of them had been looted upon arrival to the land. As of June 1, 2018, 12 dungeons had been discovered directly under the base, with another 5 in the immediate wilderness around the base. These dungeons allowed for the quick creation of mob farms, turning Avon City into a decent place to stop, and farm for exp. Many Protection IV armor sets were made here. One thing to note is that all of these farms were underground, and were only active for a short while. In mid-June, Avon City was completely abandoned. According to the last known status of the base, it is still standing.

UPDATE: Sometime between October 2018 and February 2, 2019, Avon City’s map was overwritten with an Imperium mapart. After more investigation, the city was discovered undamaged, and still intact.

  • Apollo City

Apollo City was the next settlement founded by the Skybound group, on April 24, 2018. This time, the city was founded by Squaresyrup. After Incursion VI, the Skybound Group relocated here, now consisting of 3 members, after lionmaker23 left the group. Apollo City was very similar to Avon City, in terms of architecture and location. This settlement remained Skybound’s primary base and “capital city” until Squaresyrup, now known as “AutoClickher” chose to leave the Skybound group. After Incursion VII, this base was completely abandoned. As far as is known, this base is still standing.

  • Patoha

Patoha was an extremely small outpost about 60k from spawn. As of January 12, 2019 it is still standing.

  • Amador

Amador was meant to be the next major Skybound settlement, however with the group having fallen apart and Studman wanting to explore, it never became what it was meant to be. Amador was founded during the Incursion VII by Mancan76, on September 29, 2018. Amador was much smaller than Avon or Apollo, and only had two buildings: a city hall, and Mancan’s house. Much of what was done here was just resource collecting, as the area was rich in resources. Sometime between January 15 and February 2, 2019, this base was discovered. It was not destroyed, and as far as we know, it is still standing.

Internal Conflict

There was no internal conflict with this group. The story that was once here was just that - a story.

The Brotherhood of Iron

Existed November 2017 - February 2018
Bases JunkTown, Vault 13 and a few outposts around spawn.
Status Disbanded


WitBlue (Founder), ByAntoinerGy (Founder), 2b2tandchill/SleepyGhost (Leader), mouhou/hime-sama, Linn, ElTitoOxy, axelcar
Numbers ~10

The Brotherhood of Iron (or BOI for short) was a small group founded by WitBlue and ByAntoinerGy right after ElRichMC uploaded his video on 2b2t. Their goal was to unite Spanish and English speaking players and focus on build projects together.


WitBlue met ByAntoinerGy in his first day on 2b, they added each other in Skype and decided to meet in a small outpost around 10k from spawn. They had big dreams for this newly found server so they decided to create their own group and recruit some other spanish speaking players. Out of the two, WitBlue was the only one who could speak English, this lead to him trying to socialize with the community and finding himself at the Penny Dropper, there he found 2b2tandchill and mouhou, who both agreed to join the Brotherhood.

They went from outpost to outpost recruiting spanish players at spawn until they settled around 1mil and started building JunkTown. They needed more recruits but the spanish newfags weren't experienced enough to reach 1mil by themselves, so they also created Vault 13 close to spawn in order to gear them up for their journey to JunkTown.

The group collapsed due to inner conflict, WitBlue stopped playing for a couple of months too and this killed the group for good.

Order of Lucifer

Existed Summer of 2017
Status Disbanded
Bases ~5
Numbers ~15-20

The Order of Lucifer was a splinter group of the Peacekeepers after an inside conducted by the Emperium.

Prussian Empire

File:IMG 0017.PNG
Prussian Empire Banner
Existed Sometime in 2017
Status Semi-active
Bases ~5
Numbers ~10
File:IMG 0013.JPG
First Generation Flag (left) Second Generation Flag (right)

A splinter group of Highland founded by Scythe8252, LuigiBro74, ItsJaxo, and supeR after they were looked down upon by upper ranking members and their base was griefed by Highland members. The four went off to create the first generation of the Prussian Empire. The group currently has had 2 generations. Also, the group is a bit autistic.

The first generation was active for a few months, building a few castle like builds and later disbanded, with not much done. The second, however had more activety, starting with an apparent inside attempt on the Emperium and Scythes' small castle getting "cucked by ThejumpyBlazeftw" on March 14th, 2018 in retaliation. The group then allied with the Last Templars, which the alliance really isn't serious, and the Guild, which was later crushed by the Emperium, Highland, and the Asylum. They later participated in the 6th Incursion, not being part of the actual Incursion group alliance and eventually went off to join Armorsmith's autistic Armorstate alliance.

2018 Small Groups

Team Nethertea

Team Nethertea is a group of players dedicated to tracking down and killing FitMC. The group was founded April 17th 2018 by FloatTea, leadership was passed on to WitBlue later the 23rd of January 2019.

Phase 1:

FloatTea joined 2b2t shortly after AntVenom's video on the server, so she could be considered an ant. She then made her famous video where she declared war to Fit and started Team Nethertea. It took her a few months but she managed to track Fit down on stream and come face to face with him in the middle of the 7th Incursion. OPWolfy and digandbuilder were getting ready to help FloatTea kill Fit, as he had let them join him in his spawn patrol stream thinking they were there to help. Unfortunetly digandbuilder sent coords to Armorsmith for no reason at all, causing him to show up and making Fit leave and stop the stream out of fear of getting killed live by him again (Armorsmith had made Fit log during the 6th Incursion). FloatTea left the server and her YouTube channel shortly after to focus on her real life goals.

Phase 2:

After obtaining the FloatTea account December 19th 2018, WitBlue told FloatTea he would take on the task of killing Fit himself, to which she approved. This lead to Team Nethertea being brought back by him the 23rd of January 2019.

The Excursion

Existed 2018-2019
Base The Cesspool
Status Disbanded
Numbers ~50 At Peak

The Excursion was a group of players who where focused on two main goals:

  • The destruction of Lowdown69
  • Finding the farlands.

They fought alongside The Church Of John during the Lowdownian Wars. The Excursion lasted from December of 2018 to April of 2019. They where successful in aiding the end of Lowdown69 and his followers during the Lowdownian Wars, but never found the farlands. The Excursion contained around 50 Members at its peak, mostly newfags tired of Lowdown69's Egotistical and God Complex filled chat messages.

Some Notable Members:

Reverened - Creator of The Excursion

Daemon__ - Council Member of the Excursion

Happysnackers - Council Member of The Excursion

REDMONSTER_GAME - Council Member of The Excursion

FamilyPumpkin6 - General of The Excursion

Moust4che - General of The Excursion

Coopaloop - General of The Excursion

Linuxmaster - General of The Excursion

2019 Groups


A group created on March 3rd of 2019, but its orgins go back to December of 2016 when the leader Freedom2b2t created the group freedomfighters which had 3 members in it, The confederacy grew over time during those months to continue helping new people. All high command was saved from spawn and it how the discord got its 120 discord members. At its peak this group had a whopping 20 members. This group saved over 300+ new people from spawn and freedom personally saved 120, this group got into many wars with the groups listed as enemies and lost mnay bases and loot and it was eventually disbanded in mid august due to the leader having much stress in his life.


Gulag: Enemies

Teutonic Order:Enemies

Team Rainbow:Enemies

Back Street Boys:Enemies




1.Make the server new people friendly

2. Help new people become integrated into this server

3. Destroy Spawn fags groups

Notable Member:

Freedom2b2t: Leader

Captain: Co-leader and first recuited

Hellman: Co-leader


Lonely: admin

Motion(adzfoofie): admin

Wofty: admin

that_tree_dude: member

SeXy Dolph: member

DidAnOopsie: member

DavidPrydain: member


Stashes: All destroyed

Richmond: unknown status

Outpost: destroyed

Team Godmode

Team Godmode was created in early April 2019 after the pig godmode exploit was found by player Satisfaction, Satisfaction with the help of Paralusion recruited several players to help pioneering the exploit. One of the members recruited known as Steve3 created a client that allowed easier access to the exploit and added more features such as teleporting small distances. Using the exploit a player known as Robearttt found a new dupe method that was shared with the group, however this dupe has since been patched. The most recent player to join Team Godmode is Rusherfag/Chantele who joined 9th April 2019. The players would regularly go to spawn and troll newfags and spawnfags while in the exploit godmode and vanish by killing them and stealing their shulkers. Godmode went inactive eventually, and one of the founders (Satisfaction) decided to a start up a new team, Point Zenith.


Joining Team Godmode is very difficult, it is invite only and not anyone can join no matter your server rep, even famous player jared2013 contacted Team Godmode hoping to join but his request was declined in a group vote. Many people have also asked to join such as The 12 year old W4RN1NG

Exploit Leaked

The exploit was accidentally leaked by player Finstaa when he sold the dupe to someone who used the dupe to find out how the exploit worked and how to do it, however the client used for the exploit is still private

The Client

The client was created by player Steve3, the client allowed the exploit to be accessed a lot easier and added other features such as teleporting small distances and client side creative mode. The client is regularly updated and new features are always added and can only be accessed by members of Team Godmode.


  • Satisfaction
  • Paralusion
  • Steve3
  • Finstaa
  • Robeartt
  • EatMyMinecraft
  • Hausevult
  • Rusherfag


Existed May 15th 2019 - Present
Status Active
Bases 4
Members 25


2K2R was founded on May 15th, 2019 by Mirdov_M_Kron and Lu_Seed. There has been a small influx of Korean players since the November of 2018, when Kron first found out about the server through Fit. There is currently one active main base, one smaller active base, and 2 abandoned bases. Currently a new base is being built with coords over 1 million away from spawn. The new base is meant to be one of the biggest bases in 2b2t, with huge amounts of terraforming being done at the site.


2K2R had made its first alliance with VoCo on May 31st, though after some collisions between an Emperium member on the server, the relationship was mostly fragmented. The admins of the group have decided to stay neutral afterwards unless provoked.

Team ElRichMC

Existed June 20, 2019 - No2
Status Disbanded
Bases ~1 Toledum
Members ~ 35-40

Team ElRichMC is a new and a spanish team, created by Sanfrancisco11 in 20 of June, in 2019. This type of group that Sanfrancisco try to do them many times, for example, he made the spanish community (Dissapear) and Folcado (Active, but died). But he tries to make other team, with the hastang #TeamElRichMC and this name. In the first days, he made spam of his discord server and, in only 4 days, more than 35 spanish players enter to his discord.

The Teutonic Order

Existed July 10th 2019 - Present
Status Active
Members ~20
Bases unverified

The Teutonic Order is a group founded by Takeouts due to the influx of Taiwanese players and the activity of the newly founded 8th incursion by the well known player, Jared2013. The early stages of this group were primarily leaking Taiwanese bases on their discord server, and letting the community do the rest. This group was created as the revision of Gambino’s Crusade, when Takeouts got explicit permission to build upon the group. The main purpose of the group is to improve 2b2t, depending upon it’s circumstances. Promotions are primarily earned by building monuments/bases for the group once trusted. Members are also rewarded for recruiting new members. Like most active groups on 2b2t, it is highly reliant upon its public discord server.

The Teutonic Order has existed since July 10th 2019 and has been active ever since then. It is also famous for bedtrapping a British Fortnite Autist (also VoFag) known as Goujon, or otherwise GayJew.

After that the Teutonic Order kept griefing VoCo events/bases, and doing various events themselves, at the 7th of march the group took a purge of members and renovated the ranks.

Foreign relations

The Gulag (Allied)

The Emperium (Allied)

Archivision (Allied)

The Backstreet Boys (Hostile)


Team Galactic

Founder VillagerFilms
Existed August 31st 2019-Present
Status Active
Bases 1
Numbers 40

The Galactic Empire is a new group of people that came together to make 2b2t a fun, memorable experience. They spend most time at their main base, however they plan on making more bases and having fun spawn events for the group, such as tournaments, concentration camps, building challenges, etc.

It was formed by VillagerFilms, a decently-known player who joined in 2017.


The Formation

VillagerFilms, ever since he joined, had always wanted to create a group of his own. He joined the Infinity Incursion, as he was apart of the previous "8th incursion" run by jared2013 as well as jared2013's 7th incursion. He was inspired by the fact that there were so many groups he hadn't heard of, and decided to create his own.

Early Times

He started advertising in chat, and quickly people began joining. First member was CambionJudgement, followed by Chris_Cola and his friend, Mcry. The group began to take shape, and VillagerFilms and the group quickly began work on a new base named Gallia. It grew from there. However, Gallia was griefed quickly due to an autist leaking their coordinates. The base was griefed by 5K5K. Fortunately, VillagerFilms managed to heal relations with IIS (the group 5K5K was apart of.) They began a new base, labelled Gallia 1.5. However, due to it being too close to the portal and being close to the highway, that was also griefed pretty quickly. VillagerFilms called the first spawn event to get everyone together again on September 13th. It was successful, most participants enjoyed it. However, due to VillagerFilms' discord account getting deleted, the group fell into decay and ended. For now.

The Revival

In November of 2019, VillagerFilms got his account back and started to revive Team Galactic. He setup a base called "Solaria". The timing was perfect, as many bases had just fallen, meaning that many people were looking for a new base - Solaria would work for many homeless Infinity Incursion members. The group is currently working on reviving to it's former numbers, and some of the original members returned as well, although will most likely not be as active. Eventually, Solaria was griefed. Soon after, VillagerFilms gave admin permissions to a player named Ar3s so he could help with the server in VillagerFilms' occasional absence. Ar3s would form Four Corners, the next Team Galactic Base that, so far, is one of the largest ones yet. Four Corners was their farthest base yet, so many had high hopes for it. Those hopes were accurate, as it grew very large, however out of nowhere it was griefed. No one knows who griefed it.

The Great Boom

After a few bases, a user by the name of xZEFx joined the group. With money to spend and a commitment to the group, he started to pay many people to advertise the server. Around this time also, the current members got a sudden interest in the group again and became active. As a result of ZEF's payments, Team Galactic had a sudden boom in new people joining the discord server. A large amount of them applied, and the member count of the Team Galactic spiked. Also around this time, the leaders decided to change the theme of the group because the current theme was rather generic. They decided to go with a Star Wars theme, as that fit the "Team Galactic" name. As a result, they renamed to the Galactic Empire and changed the role names to fit the theme, making the leader "Sith Lord", the co-leader "Darth", etc. A few bases went by, while the group kept growing and growing. Also, ties with Infinity Incursion were tightened further due to a Galactic-Infinity joint base.


The first Galactic Empire base was Gallia. It did very well until an autist leaked the coordinates and it was griefed.

The second Galactic Empire base was Gallia 1.5, but that didn't last very long.

The third Galactic Empire base was Solaria, which lasted longer and did better than Gallia 1.5, but it too was eventually griefed.

The fourth Galactic Empire base was Four Corners, their farthest and biggest base ever to this day. It was griefed after a while. The griefers are unknown.

The fifth Galactic Empire base was Galaxia.

Galactic Empire does not have a solely galactic base at the moment.

Spawn Events

The Galactic Empire occasionally has spawn events for the members of the group to keep people interested and together. So far, they have had 1 spawn event, which did really well and most participants enjoyed it. Another one is being planned.


Infinity Incursion - Ally

2020 Groups


Active: Early February 2020-Present

Number of members: ~18

Bases: Zisteau I, Zlossea, Point Donkey, Point Tortoise

Founded: February 2, 2020

Notable Members: Prankware, TheRedFenix, Rex1258,PitBoss21, Noah3j


  • Avalonian Republic/ The White Lotus Society-Allies
  • Team Trees-Allies
  • The Viper Clan-Allies
  • Literally everyone else: Neutral

Zisteau tries to remain as neutral as possible, however, that is not always the easiest thing to do.

Early Days

The early days of Zisteau consisted of February 2020-Early March 2020. Prankware intended to use an old spawnbase from November of 2019, and originally planned to call the base "Padotown". However, that plan was quickly abandoned because the spawnbase was, well, a spawnbase. To add on to that, the spawnbase was extremely close to the +X highway. Prankware made a discord for what was at that time still a group with ~3-5 members. He traveled out to ~300k overworld to build what was going to be Zisteau 1. Zisteau 1 started out with big intentions, and as the group slowly grew in numbers, those plans got bigger and bigger. After hearing about the newer Donkey Dupe, Prankware started heading to spawn and making outposts along the way, one of which he called "Point Donkey", as it was his only source of donkeys at the time. This was useful, as the dupe active at the time was a variation of the many donkey dupes. Prankware then made a base with a skeleton grinder to use as a Team Trees spawnbase. However, Prankware's interest with 2b2t started to dwindle. The session ID exploit was also in use at this time, which didn't help. Meanwhile, karpo, one of the members of the group, was still traveling to Zisteau 1, and TheRedFenix and PitBoss21 continued work on Zisteau 1. Prankware then announced that he would abandon Zisteau 1 due to it being too close to spawn. He traveled out via nether to around 600k overworld, but he got distracted IRL and got disconnected. When he logged back in, he was dead. This annoyed him extensively, as he had dropped many of his valuables and he didn't have much resources left. This was when he got notified by Noah3j that he was going to dupe some stuff for Prankware to get going again. So, Prankware headed to the coordinates Noah gave him, (which were near spawn)with barely anything.

A group photo taken by prankware. To the right is Pitboss21.
Zisteau 1

Zisteau 1 was active for a short period of time until Prankware officially decided that Zisteau 1 was too close to spawn to be safe. This was supported by the fact that Zisteau 1 had an open nether portal and was roughly only 8k blocks away from a nether highway. There was never anything huge or outstanding at Zisteau 1, except for the housing, specifically TheRedFenix's House and Prankware's unfinished house. The base had a large amount of planning put into it, and a fair few of those plans are being implemented into Zlossea, the group's next planned base. Some of those plans include :

  • Banner Museum
  • A spleef arena
  • Aqueducts
  • Horse Roads
  • A large storage facility made mostly out of quartz
  • A large gold farm

Zisteau 1 in it's final days. The large acacia and terracotta house belongs to TheRedFenix. Prankware's House cannot be seen in this screenshot.
Donkey Duping Hype

When Prankware arrived at the coordinates Noah gave him, he met F-00, and 7 others. They were a group of people who just wanted to dupe their items without being autistic or dumbasses. Prankware hastily slapped together a kit comprised of random kits he had seen around the end portal, and duped the supplies he had left. However, nothing good lasts on 2b2t, and a 12 year old kid named CarlosOX came and griefed the duping outpost. However, the kits survived and Prankware made a new duping base. He got donkeys from Rex1258 who was also duping at the time. He duped Zisteau and Team Trees supplies, and he had PitBoss21 and FonicsMC help him out with duping. One night straight after Prankware retrieved his second donkey for his new dupe base, (Point Tortoise) he stumbled upon a small stash owned by bebeli555. While Prankware already had a good amount of items to dupe, he now had even more to dupe. He didn't have enough inventory space to store all the loot from the stash, so he told PitBoss21 to retrieve what was left. The next day, Prankware re-branded and enhanced the kits he stole and prepared them for duping. This made Zisteau significantly more wealthy, and now they wouldn't have to stretch their resources nearly as much anymore, which was a concern that he had during the Zisteau 1 days.

The RustCat Situation

The RustCat situation is a fairly small event that happened very early in Zisteau's Life span. After RustCat posted a shitty image of an omegle chat involving RustCat insulting a stranger for playing Fortnite, calling the stranger multiple racial slurs in the Team Trees Discord, Rex1258 promptly deleted it and stated that he wouldn't tolerate that sort of shitposting in the Discord. Prankware added onto that, stating "We should create a shitpost/memes channel tbh", to which Rex responded with "Honestly I won't even do that because I want this server to be as non-toxic as possible.", and Prankware agreed. Shortly after. RustCat cut all ties with Prankware, Zisteau, and Team Trees. The reason why this is mentioned is because RustCat is one of the Founders of Zisteau, but has been wiped off every message board that highlighted RustCat due to said incident.

Growth and Traveling

Around the time of the Donkey Duping Hype, PitBoss21 was making an effort to bring his friends who played Minecraft to 2b2t. He later planned to invite the friends that come to 2b2t to Zisteau. Also, post duping hype Prankware stayed at spawn for a few days and recruited the new players he came across.

Avalonian Relations

From the very start of Zisteau's existence, it has been allied with the Avalonian Republic. This is mostly because of Noah3j, the founder of the Avalonian Republic, being good friends with Prankware. The Avalonian Republic provided Prankware with ample resources during the Donkey Duping Hype. Rex1258, an important member of the Avalonian Republic, was also Vice President in Zisteau until TheRedFenix took his role. Prankware regularly talks in the Avalonian Discord with other members such as elijah204, _abattoir_, and several others.

The Knights of Millstone

The Knights of Millstone group was created on the 8th of April, 2020, by DWW0517, linus (formerly known as PitGuide), and SkillfullyDumb. The group was created after the three founders met up while escaping the spawn of 2b2t. Once travelled out far enough, they created the first base of the group, "The Palace of the Trusted." A couple of weeks passed before Cheddardog32, ManInAClan, and a few other people joined, this calls for the creation of their Discord server, originally named, "The Dark Knights." The growth of The Dark Knights was slow at first with a gradual incline, this remained until DWW0517, the group leader, created a Reddit post on the r/2b2t_Uncensored subreddit advertising the group with the Discord server's invite link. This caused a big boom in the group's population as the Reddit post hinted towards handing out free items to new players. Before the server had the huge growth in popularity, since it was a small group of people, everyone trusted eachother and so there was only one base for the entire group. This base was The Palace of the Trusted, but once lots of people began to join the group, there wasn't enough time to get to know everyone enough to give them the coordinates to the base. This called for another base, one specifically made for members to stay at until they were trusted enough to move to the main base. After a new member base was established, "The Town of Millstone," the official name of the group was changed to "The Knights of Millstone."

The Opposition

The Opposition is a highway repair group allied with The Emperium. They claim to have a very strict application system. It was founded by Meat_Canyon in May of 2020, after he decided to help fix the disrepair of the highways. The group experienced a near death in late May, when the group discord was hijacked and vandalized, among other breaches.


The group was founded on May 11th by Meat_Canyon as a highway repair group. He, along with some affiliates, quickly went to work in growing the group, even allowing almost everyone who wanted to join in. This eventually stabilized. On May 15th, the group decided to release a virtual currency known as ToCoin, which is backed by 2b2t items.[2] This currency is a knock-off of VoCoin, an earlier currency released by the Vortex Coalition. In late May, Meat_Canyon's account(s) where hacked, including his Minecraft and Miraheze accounts. Their discord was also vandalized on May 28th, 2020. The wiki article for the group was then removed for a short while, following all the vandalism and the (hacked) owner of the group telling wiki admins that the group had disbanded.

External Links


Twitter (yes, really)



The Kingsman, founded by Breadl, is a group with 2 different divisions within it which are to fit every players' play-style. There is a set director to run each division. The group is currently presumed to be inactive.


  • Spawn Division- The Spawn division did not have a solid core purpose, as one meaningful enough to stand was not been put in place. But what they did at spawn is make spawn-bases fill them with builds, loot, and members, of course, then they would purge dupe stashes all around the spawn area and bring the material's back to one of our spawn bases. With that we go to spawn, they were mostly neutral until provoked and hang-out and work on small side-projects.
  • Base Division- The base division is more simply put, the builder group, when someone wants to join this straight away they will have to fit the criteria and be an above-average builder. The bases are abstract for now but in the future will most likely have a solid theme.

Influential Kingsmen

Anti Bedrock Society

The Bedrock Hammer And Sickle with its builders.
The Bedrock Hammer And Sickle with its builders.

The Anti Bedrock Society was a movement founded by Armorsmith's Followers with the goal to destroy the Bedrock Comet at Ziggy Town.

The project started from experimenting with Bedrock breaking methods at the End Dimension. El_Nigre, RusherFag, Mc_Ren, Buller, MuminPredater, TashNB and BigGirlXOXO contributed and created a hammer and sickle made out of Bedrock by using an improved version of the Piston bedrock-breaking method. This hammer and sickle would later be removed by SkullerG.[1]

Battle of Ziggy Town:

Main: Ziggy Town § Battle of Ziggy Town

After experimenting more and making the bedrock-breaking method public, and with support by players from Team WAO, the Anti Bedrock Society was ready to attack the Bedrock Comet. Back in the day, another group by the name of "The Klansmen" sent its members to attack the comet as well, and they didn't get along with members from the Anti Bedrock Society. The Klansmen sent the Infinity Incursion to kill Armorsmith and Mc_Ren and stop them from destroying the comet. This resulted in a battle over the last bedrock block in the comet which would be known as the "Battle of Ziggy Town".

Many PvPers such as WomenAreObjects, Komilia, Guntherrr, Violonty, and Mc_Ren participated in the battle, which lasted for over 7 hours and resulted in tens deaths to both sides. It was one of the largest fights in the server's history. Eventually, Team WAO took over the Bedrock Comet and allowed the Anti Bedrock Society to break the last block of Bedrock at the comet.


After the destruction of the Bedrock Comet, several YouTube videos were made about the topic including some by the YouTubers Big Man Tyrone and TopStrix. The Anti Bedrock Society attempted to delete the Bedrock Dam but failed once Team WAO betrayed them and they were no longer able to fight back against the Klansmen and the Infinity Incursion.

The Battle of Ziggy Town.
The Battle of Ziggy Town.

Eventually Hausemaster patched the method they were using and the group was disbanded.

KOS Assassins

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A screenshot of KOS members, some on alts, at spawn.

The KOS Assassins were originally a group of players brought together by DrEnderPickles(Bezopasan) in 2015, though a new iteration of the since defunct group has risen under the same leadership. The new KOS Assassins are currently a spawn PVP group, which reformed to battle the Snake Platoon's creation.

Early History

In early 2015, during the Third Incursion, the Legion of Shenandoah was absorbed by Valkyria, leaving all members in disagreement to fend for themselves. In an autistic fit of rage, Bezopasan, (formerly known as DrEnderPickles), swore vengeance on Sato86 and warned him that a team of elite killers known as The KOS Assassins are Rising. After failing to originally gather members, DrEnderPickles was attacked by the Valkyrians at spawn and he abandoned the server for many years. Although, during 2018, he returned and slowly gathered the forces, but by then the threat had passed and there was no enemy worth getting revenge on.

New Beginnings

By 2019, DrEnderPickles had amassed a team of strong pvpers from across the server to take out the newly founded Guardsmen at their home base. The group was able to kill many members and aggravate the Guardsmen by distracting them from making any progress. The battle culminated with the group performing a hit on the group during an initiation at Aureus City. Tomad was able to kill multiple members with one crystal, but because Fit butchered the information, many members decided to jump ship due to a lack of clout and recognition gained from the attack. This resulted in a massive information leak to Emperium, and many members changing sides. Dismantled and fractured, it was up to DrEnderPickles to find new members who could be trusted.

During the attacks on the Guardsmen motherland, DrEnderPickles met other YouTuber, Jakethasnake52, and formed a close friendship with him and his friends. After the original core group fell apart, DrEnderPickles made a base called The Batcave with Jakethasnake52, smeek_, and WiderThanEurasia, as well as others. Although, after Jake found out that both DrEnderPickles and smeek_ were not straight, he began attacking them personally, which created tension in the group, and ultimately caused it to split. DrEnderPickles adopted all of Jake’s former friends into a newly formed KOS Assassins, with an all new roster and with an all new mission.


Jakethasnake52 Bedtrap

On August 27, 2020, KOS Members smeek_, DrEnderPickles, WiderThanEurasia, and GayAustralia showed up to a Jakethasnake52 base after an insiding mission had been completed by DrEnderPickles and Wider. The grief resulted in Jakethasnake52 being bedtrapped, alongside other base members. The grief and bedtrap was recorded and posted on the DrEnderPickles YouTube channel.

Jakethasnake52 bedtrap how?
b11 moment
Slimey Korn

Members smeek_, WiderThanEurasia, HURTLOCKERBECK, and b11 made a good band.

No Cane No Gain

No Cane No Gain
No Cane No Gain group logo (𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭)
June 18th, 2020
Thrashin, AlphaFlame__, BallCheese69, Jifyy, PraiseNed69, HEELYMASTER, SmokingOnVonPack, Zeroboy7

No Cane No Gain is a group initially created by Thrashin. It was created on the 18th of June 2020.

Foundation and First Base

No Cane No Gain's members first base began construction on June 18th, 2020. It's name was The Oppidum. The Oppidum was frequently worked on throughout the summer of 2020.

Jifyy and AlphaFlame__. Taken July 9th, 2020.
Screenshot of a couple No Cane No Gain members. Taken July 9th, 2020.

Downfall of The First Base

During late August—early September of 2020, The Oppidum was griefed and left in ruins. Although the No Cane No Gain members knew it was going to happen eventually, they did not return to the server for awhile.

The First Resurgence

As of February 15th, 2021, Thrashin and AlphaFlame__ have both returned to the server to start playing again to start a second base. SmokingOnVonPack and Zeroboy7 have since joined the group during the return.

The First Resurgence
August 2017
November 2017

The Guild was a group created by SmackAttack86 and OldFreeWilly. The Purpose of The Guild was to build a new Spawn Base every day and to have fun.

Also known as The Eye of Proxima, this strange triangle represents The Guild.

The Guild


Originally, The Guild was a secret group which very few players knew of. After certain plans within the group fell through, SmackAttack86 (one of the more disliked members of the group) quit and sent rather threatening messages to many of the remaining members. SmackAttack86 ended up rejoining the original Guild later so he could continue to benefit from classified information.

Believing that the original group had been disbanded, SmackAttack86 set up his own version of The Guild, using the same name in an attempt to draw relevancy to himself. This reincarnation of The Guild was led by OldFreeWilly, who worked closely with SmackAttack86. Supposedly, this clone group had been around a few months before it was made public, though evidence shows that this span of time was only 10 days. During this time it housed only a few members and no bases. Almost as soon as SmackAttack86's Guild came to light on October 1st, about 20 players tried to join it, although most of them were trolls and insiders. SmackAttack86 and OldFreeWilly thought up a plan to keep insiders in The Guild, but in a position where they could not do damage. They realized that if they flagged players who seemed suspicious and only sent them on petty tasks to retrieve items and deliver them to random coordinates and never promoted them, then they could waste the time of insiders, while giving them a false sense of belief that their attempt would be successful. Later though, Smack realized that this plan let in to many insiders and not enough loyal members so he scrapped the insider policy.

The System

The default rank in The Guild's discord was Void. Void doesn't represent The Guild in any way and you only have access to #the-void which is just a general chat. People were initiated into The Guild via an interview with any Grandmaster ranked member.

  • Guilder
  • Elite
  • Knight
  • Dragoon
  • Grandmaster
  • Celestial Dragon

Players of Interest

Allied Groups

Enemy Groups