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"Hausemaster, want to build a base together? Hausemaster. Hause, Hause... Hause..."

This page is dedicated to groups that existed on 2b2t but have not gained a lot of acknowledgement, disbanded very early, interacted with other groups, and/or did not do something of little significance to the server. Most of these groups are from the Rusher Period and after. In order for these groups to be removed and gain their own page, they must create something large, gain lots of recognition by a medium sized population of 2b2t, or at least 30 members (post Febuary 2018).

UPDATE (June 2018): A new rule has been implemented, all groups to be declared as a small group must have a minimum of 5 members in their group at the time of being added. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any less wouldn't be considered a group. This is to filter out cringy fagtions that are run by 9 year olds or retards that have no idea what they are doing.

UPDATE (June 16th, 2018): The first rule can be a bit flexible depending on circumstances. If a group is like ~25 and has an actual activity and history, it will get it's own page. Also, if an oldfag group that was predominant but had few members due to varying populations of the server, they will get their own page. ALL FAKE GROUPS WILL BE PURGED, DON'T MAKE SHIT UP. Also, (NOT NECESSARY) to further validate the existence of your group, a permanent discord link would be appreciated to help us prevent fake groups from plaguing the wiki.

UPDATE (June 17th, 2018): This is to emphasize on the fact that groups that have done major actions, builds, and contributions to the server will receive their own page,



A lot of this stuff may be incorrect and most of these are written based off of a few Reddit posts and asking around as these groups are hard to access information on. the propaganda spammed by their members. Feel free to edit any posts that seem incorrect because you may know better than we do. Also, make sure to make the groups in order of their founding. The groups closer to the top of the page are recent groups, while the ones closer to the bottom are older ones (for the most part). Please note that 60% of these are autistic and fagtions.


Years Active: 2017-2019 (original group)

Number of members when disbanded: 1 (record high: 4)

Former Bases: Arctic City, Avon City, Apollo City, an unnamed base, Patoha, and Amador.

Former Affiliations: Neutral (supportive of Youtuber related Incursions)

Skybound was a group that was founded in September 2017 by player Mancan76.

Skybound was a very small group, and at it’s peak, only hit 4 members.

History of Skybound

Early Days

Skybound was founded on the principle that Minecraft was better with friends. The group wasn’t really a group at this point though. It had one member, who lived at the Original Skybound HQ, then known as Arctic City. Arctic City was a small base, and was relatively close to spawn. It was meant as a landmark for travellers on the -X highway, only being a mere 100 blocks away from the highway, if you used a nether portal. In February of 2018, Mancan decided to pack up and move away.

Age of Growth

In early 2018, the founder of Skybound, Mancan76, started a new spawn base. It was farther away from spawn than Arctic City was, and was farther from a highway as well. This base was named Avon City. During this time, two players, joined the group. One of them was named StudmanGaming, while the other’s name was Squaresyrup. During the time that this base was active, the Sixth Incursion (Incursion VI) began. The three players that based at Avon City decided to participate in the Incursion. Upon the end of the Incursion, these three players spread apart. However, Skybound wasn’t over just yet. Another base was formed, this time tens of thousands of blocks from spawn. It was titled Apollo City. Soon after the founding of this base, the other players met here and based here. Another player joined the Skybound Group, though only very briefly. This player’s name was actually forgotten, however, we believe his name was “lionmaker23”, so that’s what he’ll be referred to here. This city was fairly large for only 4 players, however, it was mostly abandoned by the time that the Incursion VII (7) arrived.

Age of Stagnation

After the end of Incursion 7, Mancan76 decided not to return to Apollo City and to instead venture farther into the lands of 2b2t, on a different axis then the one he previously traveled on. A small rendezvous base was built about 60k from spawn, however, it was never named, and the coordinates have been lost. Another rendezvous base was built around the 95k mark, named Patoha. It is currently uninhabited. Finally, in November 2018, a new settlement was created, simply titled “Amador”. This base remained the current HQ for Skybound, until February 2, 2019.


On February 4, 2018, StudmanGaming left 2b2t, leaving Mancan76 as the only member in the Skybound Group. Because there were no members left, and no real base to return to after Amador’s discovery, Skybound was disbanded. The decision to disband was made on February 6, 2019, at 4:32pm CST. The group is not completely gone, however. If the opportunity ever arises, the group will be brought back from it’s hibernation.


This section details the five main bases that Skybound has built.

Arctic City
Arctic City in February 2018. In this image, Mancan’s house is visible, along with the Arctic Bunker behind it, and the Arctic Tower to the right.

This was the first base constructed by Skybound, and was founded by Mancan76. Being less than 20,000 blocks away from spawn, it was quickly discovered, however it was not griefed. This city became a temporary safe-haven for newfags, even though that was not it’s original purpose. However, because of it’s discovery, it was left in early 2018.

Avon City
Avon City in October 2018, about 4 months after it became uninhabited. Mancan’s house, Squaresyrup’s house, and Studman’s houses are all visible. The pixel art belonged to lionmaker23. You can also see the unfinished Arctic Tower II near the nether portal. Inside of the obsidian structure was the entrance to our many mob farms.

Avon City was founded on April 5, 2018 by Mancan76. It was home to only him at first, however, over the next month, Squaresyrup, StudmanGaming, and lionmaker23 would find homes here. Once the Incursion VI began, this base quickly became valuable to a number of players because of it’s proximity to spawn. It was nowhere near as close as Arctic City was, however, it was close enough that one could make the journey from 0, 0 to the base in less than 2 hours. (This was only if you used a hacked client with some sort of auto-sprint or auto-walk.) While the base itself is really nothing special, what was special was what lied under it. There was an insane amount of dungeons under this base, and what was interesting was that none of them had been looted upon arrival to the land. As of June 1, 2018, 12 dungeons had been discovered directly under the base, with another 5 in the immediate wilderness around the base. These dungeons allowed for the quick creation of mob farms, turning Avon City into a decent place to stop, and farm for exp. Many Protection IV armor sets were made here. One thing to note is that all of these farms were underground, and were only active for a short while. In mid-June, Avon City was completely abandoned. According to the last known status of the base, it is still standing.

UPDATE: Sometime between October 2018 and February 2, 2019, Avon City’s map was overwritten with an Imperium mapart. After more investigation, the city was discovered undamaged, and still intact.

Apollo City

Apollo City was the next settlement founded by the Skybound group, on April 24, 2018. This time, the city was founded by Squaresyrup. After Incursion VI, the Skybound Group relocated here, now consisting of 3 members, after lionmaker23 left the group. Apollo City was very similar to Avon City, in terms of architecture and location. This settlement remained Skybound’s primary base and “capital city” until Squaresyrup, now known as “AutoClickher” chose to leave the Skybound group. After Incursion VII, this base was completely abandoned. As far as is known, this base is still standing.


Patoha was an extremely small outpost about 60k from spawn. As of January 12, 2019 it is still standing.


Amador was meant to be the next major Skybound settlement, however with the group having fallen apart and Studman wanting to explore, it never became what it was meant to be. Amador was founded during the Incursion VII by Mancan76, on September 29, 2018. Amador was much smaller than Avon or Apollo, and only had two buildings: a city hall, and Mancan’s house. Much of what was done here was just resource collecting, as the area was rich in resources. Sometime between January 15 and February 2, 2019, this base was discovered. It was not destroyed, and as far as we know, it is still standing.

Internal Conflict

There was no internal conflict with this group. The story that was once here was just that - a story.

Los Tritones

  • Foundation: August 2018
  • Dissolution: March 2019
  • Notable Members: CRAM, Saulcrackwolft, WAAAUU, LordVatu, Roku2846, Metalwebster, Metanol, NeilXP, LasserKatana, September22nd
  • Bases: Several
  • Peak Members: 32
  • Public Discord Server: server got deleted

Los Tritones was an active group on 2b2t and Constantiam, which main language is Spanish. Their principal actions involve PvP-ing at spawn, duping and building bases. Their banner is a blue trident with a black background. They had little relation with the 7th Incursion, as some of Public Discord members joined the Anti-Incursion (MiguelAngelPro).

Some 7th incursion members griefed one of their spawn bases in October 2018 and a battle started between the 7th Incursion and the group.

In March 2019, a conflict between the group and G4MEMODE fucked up the group and it no longer exists, altough the former members still have contact. they tried to infiltrate spies into the group, so G4MEMODE gave them a warning


  • UNIDAD: Allies
  • D.U.T.: Allies
  • Anti-Incursion (before disbanding): Allies
  • G4MEMODE: Neutral
  • Nethertea: Neutral
  • 7th Incursion (before disbanding): Enemies
  • Mayoners: Enemy

The Last Templar

Existed March 2nd, 2018 - January, 22nd, 2019 March 19th, 2019-Present
Status Attempting a Revival
Members 13
Bases 1-5

The Last Templar was a group founded originally by players Aurelius, GenderPretender (Licinius), and Cody784 (Adeodatus) with the intention of building and creating on the server. The group would also avoid greifing bases that took time to make.


The founding members of the group were originally apart of a small group known as FrostGard, which was lead by Vanex, during November of 2017. As the four players remained the only active members, they decided to build a base with plans of being larger than Wintermelon. Eventually, on March 2nd, 2018, Vanex decided to take a break from Minecraft, and so disbanded the group. Two days later, on March 4th, 2018, the three players reformed into the Last Templar, named this way in caution of another group named the Templars. This group would go on to join the United Group Embassy.

As of recent, the group has been largely inactive and on the brink of disbanding.


  • Emperium - Allied
  • United Group Embassy - Former Member (UGE Disbanded)
  • Exodus - Allied
  • Astral Order - Neutral
  • Infrared - Enemies
  • Gay Group 666 - Hated

Group List

  • Aurelius (Founder) (Grand Master) (Pope)
  • Cody784 (Adeodatus)(Founder) (Master Prior)
  • GenderPretender (Licinius) (Founder) (Master Prior)
  • Dqwnzers (Knight) (Companion)
  • NotActuallyADad (Lars) (Knight) (Monsignor)
  • SalC1 (Monsignor) (Knight)
  • DopeyXin (Marcus) (Sergeant)
  • astrxllei (Aquila) (Companion)
  • xented (Argentum) (Companion)
  • InfernoPickaxe (Infernus) (Companion)
  • Scavenger_44 (Sapientia) (Companion)
  • MadNug_2 (Vitruvius) (Companion)
  • Mactonight (Titus)

Team Galactic

Team Galactic
Founder VillagerFilms
Existed August 31st-Present
Status Undergoing Revival
Bases 1
Numbers 9


Team Galactic is a new group of people that came together to make 2b2t a fun, memorable experience. They spend most time at their main base, however they plan on making more bases and having fun spawn events for the group, such as tournaments, concentration camps, building challenges, etc.

It was formed by VillagerFilms, a decently-known player who joined in 2017.



The Formation

As of September 7th, 2019, the group does not have much history. VillagerFilms, ever since he joined, had always wanted to create a group of his own. He joined the Infinity Incursion, as he was apart of the previous "8th incursion" run by jared2013 as well as jared2013's 7th incursion. He was inspired by the fact that there were so many groups he hadn't heard of, and decided to create his own.

Early Times

He started advertising in chat, and quickly people began joining. First member was CambionJudgement, followed by Chris_Cola and his friend, Mcry. The group began to take shape, and VillagerFilms and the group quickly began work on a new base named Gallia. It grew from there. However, Gallia was griefed quickly due to an autist leaking their coordinates. The base was griefed by 5K5K. Fortunately, VillagerFilms managed to heal relations with IIS (the group 5K5K was apart of.) They began a new base, labelled Gallia 1.5. However, due to it being too close to the portal and being close to the highway, that was also griefed pretty quickly. VillagerFilms called the first spawn event to get everyone together again on September 13th. It was successful, most participants enjoyed it. However, due to mass VillagerFilms' discord account getting deleted, the group fell into decay and ended. For now.

The Revival

In November of 2019, VillagerFilms got his account back and started to revive Team Galactic. He setup a base called "Solaria", and it is being worked on right now. The timing was perfect, as many bases had just fallen, meaning that many people were looking for a new base - Solaria would work for many homeless Infinity Incursion members. The group is currently working on reviving to it's former numbers, and some of the original members returned as well, although will most likely not be as active.


Currently, they have one active base, a small base named "Solaria". It will grow as more players join.


Infinity Incursion - Ally [And half the members are from the Infinity Incursion]

Rising Sun


The House of the Rising Sun, or simply just Rising Sun, is a purge-neutral group on 2b2t mostly made up of newfags and middlefags. Their banner is a simple redesign of the Japanese naval flag, with yellow stripes instead of red.

The banner of the Rising Sun


As the majority of the self-proclaimed members of the group have not escaped spawn, there are no stereotypes attached to this group, and they are relatively unheard of among older players. Even the earliest sightings of the group date back only as far back as May 2018. Despite this, their goal has been stated as non-aggressive, and rather to 1) build a 'vast' network of small farms and checkpoints along the z0 highway both in the overworld and in the nether and 2) repair and maintain certain public works infrastructure such as The Southern Canal. Whilst the group is willing to build farms to players who can get far enough (50,000+ Overworld), the members have a respect for the history of the server and will not interfere with any purging.


The central base/seat of government for this group is Copper Ridge, which is under construction in a mesa biome. Their previous main base was abandoned in July of 2019, and its status is unknown. They have two small auxiliary bases, Tunnelbase Alpha in the nether, and Birkenau. Sidenote: Birkenau is presumed griefed as of the Purge.


There are believed to be ~12 concurrent members of the Rising Sun, although there is no official discord or other external online gathering. The Rising Sun allows new members with open arms, and there could be many members who are unannounced to leadership. There are only five confirmed members:

  • carbomb1998
  • redstonestew
  • coolkitty858
  • OPI3000
  • MRMEG4


Existed: 5/22/18-???
Status: Disbanded
Bases: 2
Numbers: 11

Trojan Condom was a group that attempted to take down other groups who harbor new players, through insiding, shitposting, griefing and whatever they can do in their power to take them down. They work on moderate sized build projects and they are currently working on a base called the Tenth City of Troy, and will soon start a build project named Liberty. They would like to become a condom that can trust each other and share exploits, dupes, etc; with each other without worrying about it getting leaked. They hoped to form a strong bond with each member in the condom.


Trojan is an invite only group as well as the discord. The only way to get in is to be invited by the leader, Jumpinqq or miggers. That is not easy because you need to be on good terms with their allies. You also must know Jumpinqq as that is the only way you can get in. The condom is supposed to be uninsidable, meaning there is a lot of precautions in measure to make sure no one leaks coordinates, and condom secrets.

Ranking Scale:

  • Praetor
  • Consul
  • Legate
  • Tribue
  • Centurion
  • Legionary

Group Relations:

Unidad 2

Founded June 13th 2018 - December 1st, 2018 (Claimed by Exodus Member)
Bases 3
Status Inactive (Basically Disbanded)
Notable Members YotoGamer (leader and founder), Dr (leader), 2b2tRiotPolice/Neogene (member), LegionY (member), retwah (member), UltimateMacaroon (member)
Numbers ~5-10
Banner Currently they do not have one
Unidad Logo.

Unidad 2 is the product of a split in the original Unidad. During the split, founder YotoGamer and Dr.Andrew decided to renovate their group and many members were kicked (the majority of them were inactive and members of Exodus). The roles were recreated and all the channels were pruned after 2Bot deleted everything, as he was given Admin rank for unknown reasons on the Unidad discord.


  • Team Infrared - Neutral
  • Exodus - Enemies
  • VoCo - Friendly
  • SIG - Friendly
  • Highland - Neutral
  • Emperium - Neutral/Friendly
  • The Asylum - Friendly
  • The Soviets - Friendly


Founded June 13th, 2018 (Group was rebranded after split with Unidad.) - October 3rd, 2018
Bases ~8
Status Disbanded (Discord an archive for their group)
Numbers ~15

Around early April, 2018, YotoGamer went inactive. The group begins to get insided, and after a big argument about the groups inactivity, PepperX_ polls for active members and creates a new discord in late May - early June. In early June, 2018, YotoGamer returned and steps down from owner, giving ownership to PepperX_. After which Dr. Andrew causes a fight between YotoGamer and after a long and not so civil discussion, YotoGamer and Dr. Andrew split off from Unidad and remained in the original Unidad Discord. In the discussions afterward, Unidad members voted and decided to change their name to Exodus. Since most of Unidad's active membership stayed with PepperX_, no bases or friends were lost.


  • Infrared - Neutral
  • VoCo - Friendly
  • SIG - Friendly
  • Emperium - Alliance
  • Member factions of the UGE - Friendly
  • The 6th Reich (morph_murph's group) - Alliance


The Templars were a small group from 2016 who built a large Templar designed castle on the server. Their legacy has been lost to time. Despite the similarities in name, they were not related to the Last Templars.

Holy League


Originally known as the Visionary Organization, Visionary was a group founded and lead by the player Sinatra. The group was known to have directly opposed the Emperium, and was wiped out as a result, with its capital destroyed and its discord deleted.

Team Nethertea

The 5th Reich

The 5th Reich was a group allied to Gambino's Crusade and was an opposing party to the 7th Incursion.


Existed : December 2017 - January 2018 (Azerian Federation) Februrary 2018 - Present (Azeria)

Status : Hiatus

Leaders: TheHylian13 (founder), Dragonworm (Azeroth), Jensen (Azeroth), HattyTheGreat (Celestial)

Banner: (outdated)

Logo : none as of right now


Azeria is a group built off of the dead Azerian Federation. Founder TheHylian13 picked up the pieces of the Federation and tried to build a better group. Fresh Members, (Initiates if going by Federation lingo) were now Illuminated rather than initiated. Members are simply referred to as Azerian. Above and beyond members were promoted to Hyperion, and the best of the best become Celestials. Azeroth is for leaders only. Azeria has a logo for each rank, but the group itself uses the Azerian design.

--Last Updated 2/8/2018. subject to change

The Church of Cthulu

Church of Cthulu Banner

The Church of Cthulu was founded by the youtuber Barrendome.


  • They occasionally build ocean themed bases.
  • They are a very small group (based on player count).
  • Their banner depicts Cthulhu.
  • They are trying to grow.
  • It is possible that a new leader might arise called KuddlinKittenz. She might be the new head disciple.

Team Inferno

Founded ~Late October 2017
Bases ~5 (Paragon, Inferno HQ, other small bases)
Status Disbanded but formed new called Infrared
Notable Members Retronautx (current leader), Rustbound (ex-member/leader), IHackedWalmart, Killet, Metrez, AkexAddict, JoSaZa, Frrost_Bite, HackingClient, I_Love_Autism (ex high-ranking member), SmackAttack86
Numbers ~20


Team Inferno was founded by a player named Rustbound in late 2017. Inferno grew slowly, mainly recruiting new 2b2t players. Notable players who were friends of Retronautx (current leader) joined the group as well, including IHackedWalmart, Killet, and Metrez. After a few months, Inferno continued its growth, but a conflict occurred with Rustbound which caused him to leave Inferno and left the group with player Retronautx in control. A player by the name of I_Love_Autism (ex-Inferno member) was responsible for the original Inferno HQ 's destruction. In early December 2017, a cold war between Inferno and their formally allied group, The Church Of Eden, broke out. However, this war was resolved approximately one week later. There were no battles fought. In late December 2017, the Valley of Wheat 2 (a spawnbase of Inferno's) was griefed without warning. Signs were found by one of Inferno's members claiming that VoCo was responsible, but this was proven false. Closely after, a large majority of Inferno bases were griefed due to insiders from Emperium. Retronautx then proceeded to ban ThejumpyBlazeftw and Racewizard, the supposed insiders. This group was later reformed into Infrared.


  • Team Rainbow - Allied
  • The Emperium - Ex-allies, later enemies
  • The Church Of Eden - ex-allies
  • Highland - ex-allies later enemies
  • Spawnmasons - enemies
  • Voco - ex-allies later enemies
  • UGE - ex-allies later enemies

The Brotherhood of Iron

Existed November 2017 - February 2018
Bases JunkTown, Vault 13 and a few outposts around spawn.
Status Disbanded


WitBlue (Founder), ByAntoinerGy (Founder), 2b2tandchill/SleepyGhost (Leader), mouhou/hime-sama, Linn, ElTitoOxy, axelcar
Numbers ~10

The Brotherhood of Iron (or BOI for short) was a small group founded by WitBlue and ByAntoinerGy right after ElRichMC uploaded his video on 2b2t. Their goal was to unite Spanish and English speaking players and focus on build projects together.


WitBlue met ByAntoinerGy in his first day on 2b, they added each other in Skype and decided to meet in a small outpost around 10k from spawn. They had big dreams for this newly found server so they decided to create their own group and recruit some other spanish speaking players. Out of the two, WitBlue was the only one who could speak English, this lead to him trying to socialize with the community and finding himself at the Penny Dropper, there he found 2b2tandchill and mouhou, who both agreed to join the Brotherhood.

They went from outpost to outpost recruiting spanish players at spawn until they settled around 1mil and started building JunkTown. They needed more recruits but the spanish newfags weren't experienced enough to reach 1mil by themselves, so they also created Vault 13 close to spawn in order to gear them up for their journey to JunkTown.

The group collapsed due to inner conflict, WitBlue stopped playing for a couple of months too and this killed the group for good.

Map Art Mesa

Founded February 3rd, 2018 - Present
Status Active
Members 3
Bases 1
Founders RussianMinecraft, Jordan666, Emery_

This group is small, with only one base this group is still active. This is a mostly closed group meaning there is almost 0 chance we will accept new members.

Team Map Art Mesa very dedicated on making map art if the title of the group does not suggest that.

Security is our top priority.

Team TopKek

Existed As of 2017-Present
Status Active
Bases 1 in progress
Numbers 20-30

Team TOPKEK is a team that has existed on 2b2t since sometime in 2017, it was founded by ProxyCake and some of the elite members consist of players such as Camoka1, FaithStyle, dae1250, RMextreme, maanus10, and a few others. Team TopKek hasn't done much on 2b2t yet, but they do have an active discord channel. Recently there have been new members such as FaZe_Keem, AmericanTHOT, KekistanMat, and many more. Some teams have tried to start war with Team TopKek but has failed, Many, MANY, times. There is a BIG future for Team TopKek as long as they recruit new members and try to stay active.

Team Malaria

Existed December, 2016 - February, 2017
Status Disbanded
Bases 3-5 dupe stashes and normal bases
Numbers 7 -10

Team Malaria was a group whose goal was to be feared at spawn. The group split from Team Imperia


Team Malaria started when members of Team Imperia, Flyinqq , Sextinq , and Crystalinqq , split off due to arguments with Imperia hierarchy some time in December, 2016. The group moved on to attack anyone at spawn. The group decided to attack VoCo's Gamma Base when they managed to inside the base thanks to the help of CokeQueen360 . Luckily, all valuables were retrieved before the grief. In retaliation, VoCo sent one of their members, Salamander , to pose as an insider and give coordinates to CokeQueen's dupe stash to members of Malaria. Salamander posed the coords as actual VoCo bases and so Team Malaria ended up griefing their own team member's base.

Eventually, stability in the group did not last long as Flyinqq and Crystalinqq had an argument with Sextinq and split off to create Team Coca Cola . Sextinq continued to lead the group until they were insided by RusherIsAutistic and a lot of their items were lost. The group eventually withered away as former members got bored, lost hope, and/or joined other teams and eventually disbanded sometime in February of 2017.


  • Team Malaria was a democratized group where no action was taken without proper agreement between all the leaders and the highly ranked members.
  • Team Malaria was also known as Team Disease, or Team Herpes for various reasons.


  • Imperia - Imperia are enemies with Team Malaria
  • The 4th Reich - The relation with The 4th Reich is undecided.
  • The Vortex Coalition - The Vortex Coalition are enemies with Team Malaria.
  • Yamerockers - The Yamerockers are neutral with Team Malaria.
  • The Peacekeepers - The Peacekeepers are enemies with Team Malaria.
  • Team Aurora - Team Aurora are enemies with Team Malaria.
  • Team Pepsi - The relation with Team Pepsi is undecided.
  • Singularity - Singularity is an enemy with Team Malaria

Notable Members

  • Sextinq (Founder) (Leader)
  • Crystanlinqq (Founder) (Defector)
  • Flyinq (Founder) (Defector)
  • thesheergenius
  • Mauiboydmc (Defector)
  • uglykids
  • CokeQueen360
  • RusherIsAutistic (Traitor)
  • Ebola__Chan
  • __MrGnome__
  • L33T
  • SmokingSenpai
  • jimmy_808


Existed September 2016 - December 2016
Status Disbanded

Team Imperia is a small rather neutral team that has had roots since early June though has only become more known by its players in October and November 2016. The team's Founder aswell as leader is TheDeathDoctrine, aswell as his fellow friend and leader niftyrobo.

Early Days

Team Imperia officially began in October when TheDeathDoctrine's team, The Anarchists, and niftyrobo's team, The Inalegie, merged together to form Imperia.

Not much is currently known about the Anarchists, but the other half, The Inalegie, originally started in September when a Newfag named niftyrobo started a team called The Epists. The Epists started a base in The Flatlands, but was later abandoned to form a base called PRAWN base. niftyrobo met TheDeathDoctrine when he bought a map from him, starting the friendship. The Epists went on to rename themselves The Inalegie, and let in more members like Crystalinqq, DemonCrown, and Nourdica. PRAWN base was griefed by AutismBot in late October when PeterRichards gave him the coords after finding the base by chance.

December Coup

The December Coup was a successful break of multiple members after the group involving disputes over a member in the group resulting in members to leave and create Team Malaria. The coup was spearheaded by players Crystalinqq and Flyinqq.

Imperia's Disband

Imperia disbanded on December 12, 2016. The reasoning for the sudden disband was due to the December Coup and the heavy loss of members leaving to join other groups. TheDeathDoctrine and Niftyrobo officially met the night of the 12th to discuss the future of the group and chose to discontinue the group.


Imperia was revived about 2 weeks after it's disbanding but died again.


  • The 4th Reich : Imperia is enemies with The 4th Reich for griefing Wrath Outpost and being a bunch of edgelords
  • The Vortex Coalition : Imperia is enemies with The Vortex Coalition
  • The Blind Eye Clan : Imperia attempted to ally the Blind Eye Clan, but failed due to the team disbanding
  • Yamerockers : Imperia is allied with the Yamerockers
  • The Peacekeepers : Imperia is allied with The Peacekeepers, but hate their banner
  • Team Aurora : Imperia is highly annoyed by Team Aurora for being a bunch of violent faggots


Yamerocker Insignia

October 30th - November 6th, 2016

November 11th, 2016 - December 26th 2016

Bases KekTown
Status Disbanded
Numbers ~30

The Yamerockers, originally MLClan but disbanded and then rebooted as this ##### name, or wamarockers because of shitposts, was a group created by MasicoreLord as a break off group from VoCo and to be with friends. Many people joined the group just for the meme and the group got so shitposted that it died.

Yamerocker Banner


Vendetta Logo
Existed November 28th, 2016 - Present
Status Merged with Peacekeepers
Bases Vendetta Base
Numbers ~7

Vendetta was a group on 2b2t that was founded by Cerealboxkiller. This group fused with the Peacekeepers.

V Fawkes

Existed June, 2016 - disbanded shortly after the Rusher War
Status Disbanded
Bases 1
Numbers ~5

Team V Fawkes was a group founded by lakililo, that formed just as the Rusher War started. The group kept a low profile by avoiding fights and remaining neutral. However, they did conduct small rusher raids and a few suicide bombings at spawn. Their group presented a lot of symbols related to Anonymous, V for Vendetta, and Guy Fawkes. Their motto was "We Seek, locate, annihilate. We are united by one, divided by zero...!". The group only made one base and the members eventually begun to leave and lost contact with each other. Their main channel was owned by cityboss1, who eventually moved on from V Fawkes and founded the Asylum, even using the symbol and banner fron V Fawkes for the Asylum.


  • Team Rusher - The V Fawkes attacked a few Rusher bases but were never an active participant of the War. 
  • The group remained neutral with the rest of the groups throughout the war.

Imperialists V.2

Numbers somewhere in 20 to 30s counting inactive members about 15 are constantly active building bases and spreading influence

Imperialists are a 2b2t and other anarchy playing team that is pro incursion and pro vetrain and the leader and founder is 2b2tRiotPolice who is a junefag who joined because of rusher and facepunch forums in 2016.

Members: 2b2tRiotPolice MinyTale blakebein brokengriffin trdavis25 jonah_ CobaltDistortion Exect PappyDaddy Hitdox Cloverfrost_ blakebein _Mr_Owl_ woodywooby Alliances: Unidad and the group is in uge


2b2tRiotPolice/JoeSSKing first joined several groups on server called 1b1t and joined 4b4t to make a group called the government which died after a betrayal in the base and a fight with withers which JoeSSKing went on to create a group with about 7 members on a server called no rules but played other servers also but went against a group ruled by racistbot which used the flag of the white banner neutralists the federation got smaller after there main base at the border got destroyed and then they went on and on the Fourth of July the two teams signed a treaty and celebrated America but JoeSSKing insists he ended the war then the federation was renamed the imperialists and now plays multiple servers. Over time JoeSSKing changed his name to JoeSSImperial and became more serious about anarchy and started learning about it well but after his name change to 2b2tRiotPolice it's almost as if it is a different person.

Order of Lucifer

Existed Summer of 2017
Status Disbanded
Bases ~5
Numbers ~15-20

The Order of Lucifer was a splinter group of the Peacekeepers after an inside conducted by the Emperium.

Prussian Empire

File:IMG 0017.PNG
Prussian Empire Banner
Existed Sometime in 2017
Status Semi-active
Bases ~5
Numbers ~10
File:IMG 0013.JPG
First Generation Flag (left) Second Generation Flag (right)

A splinter group of Highland founded by Scythe8252, LuigiBro74, ItsJaxo, and supeR after they were looked down upon by upper ranking members and their base was griefed by Highland members. The four went off to create the first generation of the Prussian Empire. The group currently has had 2 generations. Also, the group is a bit autistic.

The first generation was active for a few months, building a few castle like builds and later disbanded, with not much done. The second, however had more activety, starting with an apparent inside attempt on the Emperium and Scythes' small castle getting "cucked by ThejumpyBlazeftw" on March 14th, 2018 in retaliation. The group then allied with the Last Templars, which the alliance really isn't serious, and the Guild, which was later crushed by the Emperium, Highland, and the Asylum. They later participated in the 6th Incursion, not being part of the actual Incursion group alliance and eventually went off to join Armorsmith's autistic Armorstate alliance.

Occalan Empire

Lifeisgood72's group


Existed June 2016 - July 2016, June 2017- August 2017
Status Disbanded
Bases ~5 (16bit base, Prelude base, Kristallnacht Castle)
Numbers 1-5

Formerly a group started by SonEasterZombie and PapaBlades, the group is disbanded now as every member has quit. It should be noted that SonEasterZombies personal banner is the same as the Prelude Banner.

Team Equinox

Existed Sometime in June as an idea - July 8th (Peacekeeper reform)
Bases N/A
Status Reformed as Peacekeepers
Numbers (Idea) Unknown (Peacekeepers) 54

Team Equinox, aka Team Neutrality, was an idea for a team during The Rusher War that was leaderless. It was supposed to be the "neutral" side of the war and its goal was to sabotage and attack both Rushers and Veterans.The only known member was ArcaniumIchor who posted the idea on the 2b2t sub reddit. The team (Or the idea of the team) was eventually reorganized as the Peacekeeper group by PandasauceYT.

The Turtles

Existed Summer of 2016
Status Disbanded
Bases Some newby bases
Numbers Unknown

The Turtles were a group that existed on 2b2t during the beginning of the Rusher War . Their leader was xTurtle, a notorious youtuber who hacks on minecraft servers. He posted a video about 2b2t on June 17, 2016, and created an 11 video series on it. His team was composed of his fans and they supposedly created a few newby bases. Team Veteran completely eradicated the group by slaughtering most of his fans early on during the war. xTurtle also left 2b2t because he died in the End. The group was similar to Team Rusher as the group was completely disorganized.

Team Eternity


Team Eternity is a neutral group and was formed by Ultimate21Alex. Their main purpose is to back up groups or help groups during major conflicts. Their major ally is Infrared and neutral with Vortex Coalition.

The idea of Team Eternity began during the Rusher War but it wasn't created until the 6th incursion ended. After this Ultimate21Alex recruited fellow players to join and thus creating Team Eternity.



The name 2K2R comes from the frequently used 2*2* form, together with KR, meaning Korea. The name was first suggested by one of the group founders, Lu_Seed.


2K2R was founded on May 15th, 2019 by Mirdov_M_Kron and Lu_Seed. There has been a small influx of Korean players since the November of 2018, when Kron first found out about the server through Fit. There is currently one active main base, one smaller active base, and 2 abandoned bases. Currently a new base is being planned with coords over 1 million.


2K2R had made its first alliance with VoCo on May 31st, though after some collisions between an Emperium member on the server, the relationship was mostly fragmented. The admins of the group have decided to stay neutral afterwards unless provoked.

Existed May 15th 2019 - Present
Status Active
Bases 4
Numbers 11



Team exodus was created in May 2019 by ImagineWagons and Sago after splitting from Dungannon (now disbanded).


Emperium - Allied

Team ElRichMC

Existed June 20, 2019 - No2
Status Disbanded
Bases ~1 Toledum
Members ~ 35-40

Team ElRichMC is a new and a spanish team, created by Sanfrancisco11 in 20 of June, in 2019. This type of group that Sanfrancisco try to do them many times, for example, he made the spanish community (Dissapear) and Folcado (Active, but died). But he tries to make other team, with the hastang #TeamElRichMC and this name. In the first days, he made spam of his discord server and, in only 4 days, more than 35 spanish players enter to his discord.

Prelives' Followers

Prelives Followers is a group of "worshippers" dedicated to fullfilling the goals of their leader, Prelives. The group was created on June 18, 2019 and has gained over 200 discord members in the first month. The idea of the group came to mind, after the founder of the group Lunin, thought it would be funny to create an Armorsmith type group surrounding a shit-poster on the 2b2t subreddit. The group received its first set of core members later that day, consisting of cookiedragon234, iAmKneecaps, Tigermouthbear, Papa_Xanax, and Prelives himself.

The Red Kingdom

The Red Kingdom is a group created by joeylonglegs in November 2019. Their goal is to establish order while still having anarchy. The group is enemies with chezhead's New Facepunch Republic and declared war on them on December 1, 2019.


New Facepunch Republic: Enemies

Vortex Coalition: Enemies

Emperium: Neutral

The 4th Reich: Neutral

Spawn Masons: Neutral

Existed: December 1, 2019-Present
Status Active
Bases 1: Fort Fireplace (griefed)
Members 5 (so far)

Notable members:






Fort Fireplace Griefing

When joeylonglegs revealed that he had declared war to Ancans, he was upset. Ancans had been hiding that he saw a post on reddit that leaked the coordinates of fort fireplace. The next day Ancans and his real-life friend AdrianAE1910 griefed the base. In the middle of the griefing, joeylonglegs logged onto the server seeing tnt everywhere. He then saw Ancans. joeylonglegs attempted to kill Ancans. They had an epic battle but in the end, Ancans ended up killing joeylonglegs. joeylonglegs told the other base mates and they were shocked.

PopBob's Nukes

PopBob's Nukes previously known as The Gapple Group is a group dedicated to griefing stashes from people who sell items to people who have wronged them.

Members: sonnyismario (xSuperDev) spelare FutureB1 (Departed)

Their discord currently has 10 people in it and is developing a hack client called ChocolateClient.

Stashes Griefed

Carl Phelmans outpost and stash

Some random kids stash Hideout with shulkers


A group created on March 3rd of 2019, but its orgins go back to December of 2016 when the leader Freedom2b2t created the group freedomfighters which had 3 members in it, The confederacy grew over time during those months to continue helping new people. All high command was saved from spawn and it how the discord got its 120 discord members. At its peak this group had a whopping 20 members. This group saved over 300+ new people from spawn and freedom personally saved 120, this group got into many wars with the groups listed as enemies and lost mnay bases and loot and it was eventually disbanded in mid august due to the leader having much stress in his life.


Gulag: Enemies

Teutonic Order:Enemies

Team Rainbow:Enemies

Back Street Boys:Enemies



Basically anyone for helping new people we were for.


1.Make the server new people friendly

2. Help new people become integrated into this server

3. Destroy Spawn fags groups



Notable Member:

Freedom2b2t: Leader

Captain:Co-leader and first recuited

Hellman:Co-leader, good dude






SeXy Dolph:member



Stashes: All destoryed

Richmond:unknown status