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Not to be confused with one of the bases of the New Facepunch Republic, the SBA (or Spawn Base Alpha)

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FoundedJuly 20, 2019
Members~300 (6 Groups)

The Democratic Group Alliance or DGA is an ongoing alliance between almost a dozen semi-active and active groups.


The Democratic Group Alliance (DGA for short, formerly Small Groups Alliance) was first thought of by SoiledCold and was made on the 20th of July, 2019. At first the group was more of a meme but as more people joined, SoiledCold saw potential in the group and started contacting more and more groups. The total discord member count is around 700 and the total group member count is ~80 (rising everyday). On August 17th an old leader, Finn_Fry, Along with 2 other Everflame members, decided to raid and destroy the discord server. He had wanted to secede from the DGA for a while due to "gay ASF values." On Octomber 9, 2019 after a month of inactivity SoiledCold called from reforms. He planned to bring back the hype from the beginning days and make the group more democratic. SoiledCold created the idea of "3 Houses 1 Rule".

House 1 - This will be all the population of our discords. When they vote they will be voting on if the idea passed to House 1 should be done. (If it is a base or something private it will not come to this house)

House 2 - This will be the democratic senators of each group. We would have to decide how many senators each group gets. They will be voting if the idea from House 1 is possible

House 3 - This will be the group of leaders. We will be making the ideas to give to House 2.
The new SGA banner

Voting Format

The old DGA made its decisions with all the group leaders gathering and making votes on decisions, the reason for this is because every group in the alliance have different amount of people and SoiledCold didn't want some groups to be way stronger than others in the alliance for obvious reasons. The new DGA voting is called "3 Houses 1 Rule" which is above. DGA *leaders* vote for a Prime Minister who stays in power for 1 month and will:

- Make sure the leaders do there part.

- Group doesn't go inactive

- Creating new ideas for the DGA


  1. DGA Capital - The DGA Capital was like Wrath outpost for the DGA. Only the Red Cross, Bannering, Teamnethertea, and Benfe2003 group went to leave there mark. But do to inactivity of the other leaders it soon got "grieifed" by Finn_Fry and The boss 24611.
  2. Base Unity - Was started during mid September by the player named Monsterkarate and was first started for the group team nethertea but evolved into a group base. There was one grief attempt by an unknown player and was saved by the now inactive player Yotogamer and Monsterkarate.
  3. #TeamNoTrees - This is a project to destroy all trees, dirt and grass from 0,0 to a radius of 10K. The operation was in the first phase and planned to move on to Phase II as of November 28, 2019. The group moved onto phase III in March 15, 2020.

Groups in the Alliance

Former Members of the Alliance