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FoundedSeptember 2017
DisbandmentFebruary 6, 2019
Bases6 (Arctic City, Avon City, Apollo City, an unnamed base, Patoha, and Amador)

Skybound was a group that was founded in September 2017 by player Mancan76. Skybound was a very small group, and at it’s peak, only hit 4 members.


Skybound was founded on the principle that Minecraft was better with friends. The group wasn’t really a group at this point though. It had one member, who lived at the Original Skybound HQ, then known as Arctic City. Arctic City was a small base, and was relatively close to spawn. It was meant as a landmark for travelers on the -X highway, only being a mere 100 blocks away from the highway, if you used a nether portal. In February 2018, Mancan decided to pack up and move away.

In early 2018, the founder of Skybound, Mancan76, started a new spawn base. It was farther away from spawn than Arctic City was, and was farther from a highway as well. This base was named Avon City. During this time, two players, joined the group. One of them was named StudmanGaming, while the other’s name was Squaresyrup. During the time that this base was active, the Sixth Incursion (Incursion VI) began. The three players that based at Avon City decided to participate in the Incursion. Upon the end of the Incursion, these three players spread apart. However, Skybound wasn’t over just yet. Another base was formed, this time tens of thousands of blocks from spawn. It was titled Apollo City. Soon after the founding of this base, the other players met here and based here. Another player joined the Skybound Group, though only very briefly. This player’s name was actually forgotten, however, we believe his name was “lionmaker23”, so that’s what he’ll be referred to here. This city was fairly large for only 4 players, however, it was mostly abandoned by the time that the Incursion VII (7) arrived.

After the end of Incursion 7, Mancan76 decided not to return to Apollo City and to instead venture farther into the lands of 2b2t, on a different axis then the one he previously traveled on. A small rendezvous base was built about 60k from spawn, however, it was never named, and the coordinates have been lost. Another rendezvous base was built around the 95k mark, named Patoha. It is currently uninhabited. Finally, in November 2018, a new settlement was created, simply titled “Amador”. This base remained the current HQ for Skybound, until February 2, 2019.

On February 4, 2018, StudmanGaming left 2b2t, leaving Mancan76 as the only member in the Skybound Group. Because there were no members left, and no real base to return to after Amador’s discovery, Skybound was disbanded. The decision to disband was made on February 6, 2019, at 4:32pm CST.


  • Arctic City
Arctic City in February 2018. In this image, Mancan’s house is visible, along with the Arctic Bunker behind it, and the Arctic Tower to the right.

This was the first base constructed by Skybound, and was founded by Mancan76. Being less than 20,000 blocks away from spawn, it was quickly discovered, however it was not griefed. This city became a temporary safe-haven for newfags, even though that was not its original purpose. However, because of its discovery, it was left in early 2018.

  • Avon City
Avon City in October 2018, about 4 months after it became uninhabited. Mancan’s house, Squaresyrup’s house, and Studman’s houses are all visible. The pixel art belonged to lionmaker23. You can also see the unfinished Arctic Tower II near the nether portal. Inside the obsidian structure was the entrance to our many mob farms.

Avon City was founded on April 5, 2018 by Mancan76. It was home to only him at first, however, over the next month, Squaresyrup, StudmanGaming, and lionmaker23 would find homes here. Once the Incursion VI began, this base quickly became valuable to a number of players because of its proximity to spawn. It was nowhere near as close as Arctic City was, however, it was close enough that one could make the journey from 0, 0 to the base in less than 2 hours. (This was only if you used a hacked client with some sort of auto-sprint or auto-walk.) While the base itself is really nothing special, what was special was what lied under it. There was an insane amount of dungeons under this base, and what was interesting was that none of them had been looted upon arrival to the land. As of June 1, 2018, 12 dungeons had been discovered directly under the base, with another 5 in the immediate wilderness around the base. These dungeons allowed for the quick creation of mob farms, turning Avon City into a decent place to stop, and farm for exp. Many Protection IV armor sets were made here. One thing to note is that all of these farms were underground, and were only active for a short while. In mid-June, Avon City was completely abandoned. According to the last known status of the base, it is still standing.

UPDATE: Sometime between October 2018 and February 2, 2019, Avon City’s map was overwritten with an Imperium mapart. After more investigation, the city was discovered undamaged, and still intact.

  • Apollo City

Apollo City was the next settlement founded by the Skybound group, on April 24, 2018. This time, the city was founded by Squaresyrup. After Incursion VI, the Skybound Group relocated here, now consisting of 3 members, after lionmaker23 left the group. Apollo City was very similar to Avon City, in terms of architecture and location. This settlement remained Skybound’s primary base and “capital city” until Squaresyrup, now known as “AutoClickher” chose to leave the Skybound group. After Incursion VII, this base was completely abandoned. As far as is known, this base is still standing.

  • Patoha

Patoha was an extremely small outpost about 60k from spawn. As of January 12, 2019 it is still standing.

  • Amador

Amador was meant to be the next major Skybound settlement, however with the group having fallen apart and Studman wanting to explore, it never became what it was meant to be. Amador was founded during the Incursion VII by Mancan76, on September 29, 2018. Amador was much smaller than Avon or Apollo, and only had two buildings: a city hall, and Mancan’s house. Much of what was done here was just resource collecting, as the area was rich in resources. Sometime between January 15 and February 2, 2019, this base was discovered. It was not destroyed, and as far as we know, it is still standing.

Notable Members

  • Mancan76 (Founder)
  • StudmanGaming
  • Squaresyrup
  • lionmaker23