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Sky Masons
Isometric render of Sky Masons
Inhabitants0x22, 7___k, A97J, Babbaj, Banana_on_2b2t, Bobbers22, BottleCapBrony, bread_loafs, Breithan, brochacho6, _chiekn_, Chipoff, Cloverfrost, cpybara, connor16892, Constructor, DanDucky, DarkXL6, Dectonic, Dekto, digandbuilder, DocSmurf, Durkaaqt, Enigma_008, EntropyAnndroid, Finstaa, futsin1, Garden0fEden, Giganox, HaltAccount, hanscor, Harrissssonn, HawkedOnFonix, Hovecs, http_logan, HurtMercury, IronException, James_Luigi, Joey_Coconut, Jordanl666, karpo0, l_amp, leijurv, LordGalvatronMC, LordNo, Lunch_Katsu, Maker02, MeltMe, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, Mr_Pint, Negative_Entropy, Nekramite, NickHasBird, Nordic93, OffsetPanda701, OverFloyd, P529, Raaanch, RainAura, Rathause, rebane2001, Rezlin, RulesOff, Sage_Mathias, SilverEyes2b2t, smcz19, Steampunkjax, Tanaxis, terbin, TheFunnCubes, ThebesAndSound, Todarac, ufocrossing, Wailn, WarlordN1k, Warske, xrayessay, YoMoBoYo, Zaanga, ZippieDooDah
LocationX:827,065 Z:439,090
StartedJune 17th, 2020
LeakerUnknown member of SpawnMasons
GriefedOctober 5th - 6th, 2022
Griefersb11, Bezopasan, Dima788, Drathader, Franknificant, Gravixous, _handyman, HudEditor, Killet, maksitaxi, odpay, orsond, rfresh_, Sleuthy, Storm_Surge, Zetrax
World download
LinkNot Available

Sky Masons was a base established June 17th, 2020 by the SpawnMasons. It became known as 2b2t's 'biggest base', and fell during a grief later referred to as 'Skyfall'.



Following the destruction of COVID-2147, the SpawnMasons wanted to make their new base as secure as possible. They selected an area around (827 065, 439 090) where the biomes would be indistinguishable from each other while streaming the base. For example, they needed an area with no Desert or snowy biomes, so that biome-specific mobs like the Husk or Stray wouldn't spawn and give that away. They also needed an area without Extreme Hills, because rain stops at high Y levels in Extreme Hills, and an Enderman suddenly stopping teleporting in the rain would give away that the biome wasn't raining there. For around a month they used TNT-bombers to clear a 1024x1024 area all the way to bedrock. The project was halted however when server-side plugins disabled the TNT-bombers. The now massive hole in the ground remained largely inactive until May 2021 when new member ZippieDooDah began finishing the hole using baritone. He used multiple accounts at the same time to remove all the terrain. The initial dig was completed on September 11th, 2021. After this the SpawnMasons constructed their logo and representations of their skins at the bottom, turning the hole into a massive map-art. Soon afterwards they started constructing a sky base.

Sky Secure

Nerds Inc was aware of the base’s location due to the Nocom Exploit but refrained from destroying it due to overlapping membership and shared goals. Over time different players throughout the community were invited to build at the base. They were not allowed to travel to the base themselves but were given access to whitelisted proxy accounts that limited their in-game abilities. These accounts removed many aspects of the game that could reveal the base’s location, such as the coordinates and the bedrock patterns on the floor, which were spoofed from a different location. Even slimes spawning was hidden, since their appearance was dependent on specific ‘slime chunks’ which could be used to discover the real location. The proxies also spoofed random block rotations and disconnected players that left the hole or grabbed items such as TNT to possibly destroy the base, or bone meal since the flower pattern was tied to the real coordinates as well, or ender eyes that could reveal the coordinates through triangulation.


Due to the security measures that were implemented, the SpawnMasons were able to invite dozens of builders to come build at the base. The base first started in the middle, where a large main island was constructed. This island was also one that took the longest due to it being solid. After this, many other islands started to take form. The construction of the infamous Gringotts was also finished; it was also known as Sky Central Stash. This allowed builders access to all the resources and materials they needed. Some other notable builds were a Fire Nation Airship built by Negative_Entropy, SilverEyes, futsin1 and DarkXL6. There were a large variety of islands; everything from a giant swimming pool built by Breithan, a massive cathedral constructed by SilverEyes, and some spaceships built, like the ISS Camelot, constructed by YoMoBoYo. A giant BabbaJ Ghast appeared at Sky, which would spark a hellspawn of other player head ghasts. There were some large statues made at the base, one being a big Rusher statue, made by Breithan. In the end, over 78 individual players would contribute to the base.

Sky Masons Goes Public

In December 2021 they made the base ‘public’. From this time onwards, the base became a target of griefing groups. At times, the SpawnMasons released (willingly or accidentally) the offset coordinates, only for griefers to travel millions of blocks out and find nothing. One of these incidents led to the establishment of a small sky base over 20 million blocks out. During the base’s lifespan it was found multiple times. One time a base member constructed a mapart near the base, on top of an old ocean biome. The mapart was discovered by the basehunter karpo0, who followed the bordering chunk trail and found the base. Another time, the base was found due to a base member leaving a Nether Portal near the base open.

Sky Masons Streaming

After Sky Masons went public at the end of 2021, the base became a very widely known topic throughout the 2b2t community, however this was only grown by the starting of base tour livestreams on the Sky Secure Proxies. The First Youtube Livestream: Skymason Live Base Tour, was hosted by _m_o_t_h_r_a_ on May 2nd, 2022, with a live commentary from himself, Negative_Entropy, Joey_Coconut and LordNo as he toured the base. After this, Youtube livestreams and videos recorded at Sky continued regularly from a few different Spawnmasons Members and Sky Masons Guests until the bases destruction.


Around early October, a member of the SpawnMasons allegedly gave up the location of the base to the Fifth Column, who had been actively pursuing the base as a part of an ongoing feud with the SpawnMasons. As this attention towards the base increased, an older story regarding an in-real-life meetup between three SpawnMason members in January 2021 resurfaced. The incident involved the members: Ufocrossing, MrPint, and an underage female SpawnMason. This occured at a bar, where MrPint's band was performing. Different testimonies about how the incident unfolded caused a public discussion around the dangers of grooming and abuse of power. In defense, the SpawnMasons argued that there was no reason to believe a predatory situation had taken place and that the parents of the underage girl had been present most of the time.[1] The Fifth Column claimed that this event was the reason WarlordN1k decided to leak the coordinates to them, however WarlordN1k has never said that was his reason and there is no evidence for this. On October 5th - 6th 2022, After Bezopasan quickly managed to verify the location of the base on the recently opened test server without being spotted, the Fifth Column destroyed the base. They were accompanied by Storm_Surge - the leader of the griefing group Avolition - who joined 2b2t for the very first time for this event. It took this group of a dozen griefers over three hours to destroy most of the base. While the base was being griefed, 0Neb griefed the base on the test server, which took upwards of 30 hours. Afterwards, Bezoposan released a video containing recordings of conversations about the incident with members of the SpawnMasons. The 2b2t Times also made a temporary return to discuss the controversy.



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